Monday, November 14, 2005

Jordanian soldiers seduced by Al-Qaeda ‘aided’ suicide attacks

A NATIONWIDE hunt for the accomplices of suicide bombers who blew up three hotels in Amman, killing 57 people, has led to the arrest of at least 10 members of the Jordanian armed forces, triggering worries that Al-Qaeda has infiltrated the Arab army most closely allied to the West.

Security sources said they believed the bombers were Iraqi, but that they had received help from Jordanian soldiers who had been seduced by radical preachers secretly aligned with Zarqawi.

Since starting this blog three weeks ago, I've watched very little televison. And almost no television news. A function of time, I don't know that it is a plus or a minus (?). But, last night I watched the footage of the captured female suicide bomber.
I simply do not have the words to decsribe the revulsion I felt. Honestly. It's as if the gates of hell had been left unattended for only a moment. And this slime just seeped out, unnoticed.

Send her back.


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