Monday, November 14, 2005

The Politics of War

Was rather enjoying this WaPo column, seeming to have nice flow, and possess good balance. Sure, I was a little surprised, but I soldiered on. And then of course there it was, the come from behind garrotte (as expected).

The Politics of War By Fred Hiatt

President Bush can lash out at the Democrats, as he did Friday, but ultimately they are mostly exploiting public opinion; he is largely responsible for shaping it. And had he been more honest from the start about the likely difficulties of war, readier to deal with them and then more open in acknowledging his failures, the public likely would be more patient.

Earth to Fred .... oh never mind [sure actually (now that you mention it), I do remember Dub saying we'd all have second homes in Iraq, on lake warm titty. And the Iraqis would become like our long lost brothers. Many even coming to L.A., and dominating the music industry (no less). Bush lied, the music died!] They pay you for this malarkey Fred?

A true wartime president, Lieberman said, would reach out regularly to congressional leaders of both parties. He would explain strategy, admit mistakes, be open to suggestions.

Don't quit your day job Joe.

It isn't a football, it isn't a game,it isn't nicey nice. It's a f*cking war you clowns. I'd spell it for you but, I wouldn't want to be indicted by the special prostituter.

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