Monday, November 14, 2005

A Year Later, Arafat Mourners Are Subdued

(NYT) RAMALLAH, West Bank, Nov. 11 - One year after Yasir Arafat died and was buried in a tumultuous funeral, the crowd was far smaller and the mood subdued today at a commemoration service next to the former Palestinian leader's grave.

I first spotted this over at Taranto, and was going to add some/even more snark. But then I realized actually, that even though that pustule is no more. We still lose. The most serious of the prognosticators were right/correct. Peace if it ever comes, whenever it comes, is a looong way off.

Still it sure is nice not to see, hear, or read his name. I didn't read the NYT's article. In fact I almost never read their sh*te anymore. I'm guessing it was a loving ode to his memory. In fact I'd bet .....


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