Thursday, December 01, 2005

"I need 6 to 10 midgets to attend an event for approximately one hour"

..... Layla, I don't know any midgets for your party. But I'm hosting a halloween party and would like to hire some midgets myself.

..... Did you have any luck finding midgets for hire. I too am interested in hiring some midgets

..... I find it amazing how many people are looking for little people for parties, Im just looking for one for a childs party

..... I need between 12 and 15 midgets (serious applicants only) to join a circus that I am starting. Here is what I need:

..... I too am looking for the midget type for a bash being held in scotland, britain.

..... Seeking a maximum of 2 dozen professional midgets. A generous payment will be negoiated upon contact and references. Must be able to work Thursdays and Sundays. Must have a good attitude and be flexible.

Who knew?


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