Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yesterday's LP playlist.

I don't spin platters everyday. A good month would be twenty to twenty five days, out of the thirty total. Occasionally I'll power up and change my mind (sometimes just not in a mellow mood).

1) Leona Anderson. "Music to Suffer By." (on Unique/RKO).
What's not to like? The World's Worst Voice has a special charm all her own. How can one take themselves, or even a particular day seriously after giving this sublime earslpitting romp a spin?

2) Django. Djangologie 8, 1938-39 (EMI/Pathe re-issue).
Xln't sounding 78 transcriptions. I've got five or six of the eight (there maybe more total in the series?). I don't recognize any of his major or familiar works here. But I haven't gotten through the others on a regular basis to say how this one compares. We'll call it passable?

3) Frank. In the Wee Small Hours (early grayback Capitol).
Nakedly honest painting of the Chairman, on the cover. Frank is just plain cool. Maybe not the very first Superstar ..... but he defines the term. And yes, he had some less than stellar musical periods. Strange to listen to the music your folks listened to when you were a toddler. Hey, who cares .....

4) Waits/Gayle. One From the Heart/Soundtrack.

5) Brothers Gibb. Odessa (non velvet jacket).

6) Paul Simon. 1st solo/'Parka' (goldback SQ Columbia).

7) Squeeze. Eastside Story.
The 80's wouldn't have been unbearable without 'em. But it sure was a nice way to start the decade off. Almost saccharine pop rock, with enough hooks and turned phrases to open a fishing tackle shop. But now a chestnut.


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