Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm gonna go out on a limb here .......

Gunmen storm city hall in biblical Bethlehem
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades members demand jobs

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Palestinian gunmen briefly seized Bethlehem city hall, overlooking the Church of the Nativity, on Tuesday in a jarring interruption to Christmas preparations in the traditional birthplace of Jesus.

Masked gunmen carrying assault rifles appeared beside the glittering star set up on the roof ahead of festivities. About 20 gunmen from Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades ..... firing several shots in the air and forcing workers out. They demanded money and jobs for about 320 members.

Hmmm, no jobs? That couldn't have anything to do with the ceaseless murder and slaughter of the citizens of your neighbor Israel. Where 70% of what once was the foundation of your previous economy, lay? No ..... that's not it

The episode revived memories of a five-week standoff between the Israeli army and a band of gunmen who took over the Nativity church in 2002.

Well, maybe if the Palestinians just opened more tourist agencies? Then their problems would be solved.

Addendum; 10:54 a.m.

Tehran, Iran, Dec. 20 – Iranian State Security Forces raided a residence in the northern city of Noshahr over the weekend, arresting some 20 men and women who had attended a co-ed party, according to an email sent to Iran Focus from the area.

The detained individuals have been handed over to the judiciary in the province of Mazandaran to face prosecution for attending the mixed-sex party. Co-ed parties are banned in Islamic Iran. Thousands of teenage boys and girls were arrested last year for taking part in similar parties. Some were flogged in public.

11:36 a.m.

Navy's Newest Carrier:USS William Jefferson Clinton CVS1

11:59 a.m.

5:35 wmv animated Iranian children's video (MEMRI). Fast load. Bizarre really doesn't even begin to describe. Me, I say give 'em 72 hours to get the f*ck out of the country. Before it's leveled and glowing in the dark. That's just me .... a different breed of neocon. Via http://no-pasaran.blogspot.com/

Addendum; 3:25 p.m.

Tookie, gone but not forgotten.

"He was, like, the most Crip-ness" (all quotes out of context).

Monday ..... Some remembered Stanley Tookie Williams as a hero ..... "I wanted to pay my respects" ..... a 23-year-old gang member who identified himself only as Cat. "..... he's innocent. "My heart goes out to him. I can't sleep at night. Maybe I'll be able to sleep after I see him."

..... a long line that stretched out the door of the mortuary ..... They slowly walked by the open white casket, where he lay in a gray suit and gray striped tie, his gray beard closely cropped.

"He was, like, the most Crip-ness," said Bruce Ball, 36, a former Crip who goes by the name cika. "He was one of the first. I'm retired, but the Cripping is still in my heart. Of course I'm going to come and see my boy."

"I grew up looking up toward Tookie," said Mike Graham, 35, a Crip who calls himself Big Maniac and met Williams while serving time in San Quentin. "He was a legend. We're putting to rest a legend.

Crowd Gathers in L.A. for Williams Funeral

LOS ANGELES Dec 20, 2005 — Celebrities ..... motivational speaker Tony Robbins ..... Stanley Tookie Williams ..... funeral Tuesday that drew hundreds ..... Under heavy police presence, mourners including gang members flashing hand signs waited in line to enter the 1,500-seat Bethel AME Church.

Vendors sold T-shirts with Williams' picture, and a large TV (was) set up in the parking lot ..... "It's nine-fifteen on twelve-thirteen and another black king will be taken from the scene," Snoop Dogg told mourners, reciting a poem about the execution .....


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