Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pajamas Media live blogjams Christmas Eve.

Live, I said live right? From our blogjam studios around the world, and in outer space, including Mars, Pluto, and Yur (Our) Anus.

Well anyway .... let's begin shall we? O.K., let's begin. Right, I said that already. We seem to be having some technical difficulties at the moment (would some one turn on the dang TV please! Thank You.)

O.K. .... we're back. Sorry about that, now where were we? Right, here we are at Pajamas Media brand new Intergalactic Blogjam Studios (IBS for short), bringing you coverage of Christmas Eve like never before.

We're receiving reports that sometime soon, Santa will exit his house at it's secret North Pole location, and then proceed to the reindeer barn. We'll have further reports in a minute, right now we're going to cut away to a member of our crack G70 team [will one of ya change the channel for me (click), Thanks]


Hi, I'm a member of Pajamas Media, and I'm here live blogging Christmas Eve. Me, a member of Pajamas Media.

Thank You for that report, member of Pajamas Media.

O.K. .... back once again. Yes, it's starting, Santa is leaving the house and heading for the barn. Holy Xmas folks!

And now, a word from our sponsor: Axis of Arsehole

And now back yet one more time, after that short commercial announcement, here in our IBS studios, where we, Pajamas Media, are live blogging Christmas Eve. That's right, us .... Pajamas Media.

We're now going to breakaway, and go to our European correspondent for some astonishing yurrip newz. Europe .... hello Europe? Are you there?

Yes, Blogjam Master B, back at ya Babe!

Heidi hi you ho! Europe, wow. Europe. Holy blogjammin'. Europe. Wow. Pajamas Media folks, it doesn't get any better than this.

Just now, we are receiving a report that there may be a change in the line up for this evening. As far as the leading or running order of the reindeer, of Santa's sled. Come in Lapland .... Lapland do you read? Over? Lapland here Blogjam Master B, with this live blogjam report on Santa's reindeer.

Well folks was that amazing or what. Pajamas Media once again sets the blogospheric bar even higher ... whew! Until next time, this is Blogjam Master B, signing off.

Get Well Arik.

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