Saturday, December 17, 2005

I hate linking to my local paper.

Stories appearing in the atomic version are nearly impossible to find. And often are not even presented online. And ..... sometimes they don't stay live for very long. And (yep, there's more), the pages load poorly/slowly (heavy pop-ups/pop-unders?). So, having said that, let's proceed, shall we?

I'm always fascinated by tales of Your Number's Up. Random passing of life. Never knowing if by some strange twist of fate, today is your last upon earth. Not that I ever worry about it, just that I try to go through life without false construct. Living in the moment, in the real world. So, when my time is finally up, whenever that my be, I will have lived my fair share of it. Why I get passionate about things and people I don't even know (Dennis the Peasant). Life may be too short for cheap wine. But it's far too precious to be proximal in it, to lies.

Best friends to the end.

Jurgen Hapke - a burly 6-foot-4 commercial painter ..... didn't hesitate to help his friend when he was accosted by a knife-wielding assailant. The 65-year-old Burbank man was killed early Wednesday when he tried to help Helmut Mende, 71, who was attacked as the pair worked outside a Beverly Hills bank.

Mende said he and Hapke had finished painting the three-story Wells Fargo Bank building in the 9300 block of Wilshire Boulevard and were taking down their equipment at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday when he saw an older-model car pull up and a man get out.

Assuming the man was going to the ATM, he didn't pay any attention until he felt something hit him, hard, in the back. He fought off his attacker, who had a large kitchen knife, wrapped inside a newspaper. Mende was stabbed in both arms, and then fell to the ground. Hapke rushed over, screaming at the man. The assailant stabbed Hapke in the chest. He staggered a few steps and fell.

I haven't even gotten through this one yet. I of course found it disturbing, but what got my interest? Is that obviously (without having even read it), someone spoke up. Someone said something. Someone acted in the public interest. To save lives. Mostly though, I posted it because it brought to mind all this infinite crappola that wafts 24/7 eternally. From the left. And could not help but feel that they will cry out that somehow the murder plotter's rights, or privacy were violated. Any minute now I expect the ACLU to step in and defend them on those grounds.

Arrests cited in Columbine-style attack plot.

LANCASTER - Two high school students were arrested on suspicion they planned a Columbine-style attack next Valentine's Day at Quartz Hill High School in retaliation for being teased for their "Goth" appearance.

The boys, ages 15 and 17, who had been on probation in connection with a 2003 assault in which a 14-year-old boy was sodomized with a metal rod, had acquire bomb-making instructions off the Internet and detonated practice bombs in the desert, authorities said.

Addendum; 1:59 p.m.
Saddam finds redemption .... via David's Medienkritik.

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Missed him by that much ....


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