Thursday, December 15, 2005

gosh .... do I feel stupid.

So, earlier I'm hanging out on the blogosphere (sometimes you've got to actually feel the fleas bite and suck). And I was really surprised when that wise ole sage, that emperor of the blogosphere Jiffypoop. Exposes the shallow emptiness of his existence. And lies, to cover up his more than rude behavior. I get all excited ..... oooh, oooh I've got the goods, the ability to expose Jiffy as a liar. A counterfeit. An uncouth fraud. Man, I was all set to slime my bested buddy on the internet, Jifffypoop.

I'm scanning the appropriate comments thread, that contains that one link. The proof. And it's not there ......... wtf? Oh yeah, son of gun, I had asked the host of the site to remove the post and link. The direct link to Jiffypoops site, and a specific comments thread. Where Jiffypoop himself belittles some nice folks (particiapting in his comments thread). People who were being both nice, and sincere in their discusssions of then Oozing Sore Media. Back in the day, when there was still a tiny little bit of civility left in the affair, on this side anyway. And where other posters in the thread, slime folks who aren't actually there.

Anyway, I posted the permalink to that thread at that time, to show people where I was hangin at, what the level of discourse was over at Jiffypoops. And what does Jiffypoop do? He changes the default on the link. It no longer goes to the comments thread. But instead, to an image that some like myself, found disturbing. A few hours later. Jiffypoop changes the default back to the normal permalink. But by then, I had already e-mailed the site's host, asking him to remove my post (containing the link).

Not wanting anyone to think I would make a post, intentionally linking to such an image. Well, tonight Jiffypoop denied ever doing such, and since my post no longer exists. I can't outright post his name above in the title, while calling him a liar. Which I had already done, in a previous draft (before I found that the link no longer exists).

The moral of the story? Well, myself I won't be cowed by anyone on the blogosphere. Spelled n o b o d y. But the lesson learned ...... something about a dog and fleas. Yeah, that was it. Let them fleas infest the sphere? And there will be even more oozing sores. Watch where you lay.


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