Friday, December 23, 2005

F*ck Google.

This is a really cute post/fun thread that I found by searching (MSN Search), for: "F*ck Google." See, a couple of days ago, I was completely delisted from the main Google search engine. Gone. Invisible. Never even existed. Searching for: "Anechoic Room." And, also Googling for any of the topics that used to bring me ten to twenty percent of my daily site traffic (Tookie Williams, Cause of the French Riots, etc.). No longer shows the links to the posts that brought those hits. Gone.

Now Googling the url: shows links to sites that have previously linked to a post of mine. But, in order to go/get to Anechoic Room via Google. One has to click on the site, that contains the link. Then find the link, then click. In that fashion, "via" Google. One can eventually get to Anechoic Room. Pretty cute aye?

Of course, when I first discovered this little quirk, I was ..... shall we say a tad miffed. I mean wtf? Poking around the web showed that some commercial sites indeed are delisted for page rank alteration. O.K., fine. But what about me? One could easily predict that an e-mail inquiry would go unanswered. Sh*t, why even bother writing? Well of course the prediction is factual. $140B market cap, and they sh*t on the very people who not only use their site, like it, but had integrated it into their computing/desktop. Finding it quicker/faster/easier to google a site by name, than to open the bookmarks tab, and hunt for it's url.

No more. Elmo now lives in a Google-less world. F*ck Google.

Addendum; Tuesday, December 27, 6:20 a.m.

Once-brotherly image turns Big Brotherly

USA TODAY - SAN FRANCISCO — Opponents long ago painted Wal-Mart, Microsoft and a handful of other behemoths into a rogue's gallery of too-powerful corporations needing government restraint. Now, a brash upstart with a "don't be evil" mantra may soon join them: online search giant Google.

The above is a fairly good current overview of Gaggleme with a spoon. Not a short instant read, but balanced and worthwhile. And lead to Google Watch which was worth a visit also.


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