Sunday, March 26, 2006

How much would you pay to kill a member of Al Qaeda?

'Al Qaeda Tested Poison Beer, Burger Plot'

CBS - LONDON An al Qaeda terrorist ... told accomplices to sell beer (injected with poison) at soccer games, or poisoned hamburgers from street vending stalls ... Waheed Mahmood claimed during a meeting in Pakistan that he had already tested the poison plan ... (according to Babar). Babar, plead guilty to several terrorist offenses in New York, said the plan was raised by Mahmood during a meeting at (a) Pakistani home, outside Lahore in 2003.

Babar, claimed Mahmood said "you could get a job in a soccer stadium as a beer vendor. You just put poison in a syringe, inject it in a beer can and put a sticker on it, which would stop it leaking, and hand them out." He said he also suggested getting "a mobile vending cart selling burgers, just poison those. You could set up a shop on a street corner and sell poisoned burgers and then all you have to do is leave the area."

Each day goes by, and more foogin stupid libs blather on about Dubya, and Cheney, conservatives, Ben Domenech, Berzerkeley baby studies, and whatever doodie comes out of Kos' butt. Prattling on endlessly about the golden light of magnificent enlightenment that they bathe in ..... G*d's gift to humanity. Without which we could not see our way in the dark. Well you stupid mother f*ckers. Militant radical islam IS the darkness.

The question is .... can it be defeated? I'd like to think so. But more importantly, will it? The assault on truth, and reality by the brain dead left has been rather effective of late. Long term, there is no telling what they can do. But the taste for infidel blood by the insects of Islam will never be quenched in my lifetime. Whether or not future generations submit, or rail against? I do not know.

To American service personnel fighting the good fight, in moments dark and despaired. In noise and confusion. In heat, and smoke, and horror, and blood. Squish one of them bugs for me .... will ya.

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5:45 a.m.

Brokeback Media/Springtime Edition/Love is in the Airwaves: Bill Maher & Michael Ware version.

8 minutes, thirty eight seconds: Windows Media Player (very high quality video).

Time Magazine's Baghdad bureau chief Michael Ware, has been drinking. Bill Maher is simply drunk on his own ego, as usual. Together this heartfelt romance will leave you teary eyed. And with a longing in your loins for libs. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is not required to watch the gauzy scenes of foreplay, but will definitely help bring this warm love story into sharper focus, as Bill and Mike slowly get it on.

Rated XXX for onscreen brain farts, intellectual pud pounding, and other assorted wastes of words and network airtime. With the ability to make most any reasoned watcher of the left and media, squirm in their swivel chairs. This short is the winner of six International Hurl Awards. Now playing at an internet website near you (concept via Rubin).

6:25 a.m.

Winds of Change sees Bill and Mike, through a more serious prism however.

The Mudville Gazette's Open Post


Blogger DBCooper said...

Forget killing a member of Al Qaeda, this is too small a task. I want to see us melt one city in the Sunni Triangle.
These slimy cockroaches understand one language most clearly, and that is the language of violence. For far too long now we have been seen as weak. The truth is we are crippled by political correctness. We need to revert back to the attitudes the great leaders of the 1940's held.
The Japs were just as ferocious with their fanatical belief system of fighting to the death. We knew we would lose hundreds of thousands of good American men trying to defeat that regime. Did we cower? Did we check with world opinion? HELL NO! We melted two cities, women, children, and all. It was that act that made the fanatics understand we were boss. They subsequently bowed down.
These radical Muslim fanatics invite death. It is their reward. So to fight them the way we are now is only fueling their drive to kill the infidel. Although they are dying like cockroaches over there it is acting as a catalyst for recruiting new Al Qaeda members. We kill 200, 400 join.
Here is my point, we must ratchet it up a notch or twelve. We must raise the stakes in this poker game. Raise it to a level these 7th century knuckle dragging carpet pilots can't afford. That is the nuclear card. PLAY IT. Send 'em a care package from 40,000 feet. Send 'em 2 or 3. Then see how many of these "brave" warriors join this silly gang "Al Qaeda." They will pee their pants sure as I enjoy a relaxing ballgame on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Remember, Japan was a formidable enemy. They had an Air Force, Navy, and a ferocious army. These stinking pajama wearing camel jockies are nothing close to formidable. They used our airplanes to sneak attack us. (Still makes me murderous mad to even think of it) Al Qaeda is a joke. The only reason we haven't put an end to this nonsense is politcal correctness. Our leaders are too scared to "OFFEND" the world.
How about those offended on 9/11/2001?
They understand violence, so let's get violent.

7:23 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Even not very long ago, Japanese soldiers have been found hiding out, alone in the bush, on an island in the Pacific. Refusing to surrender. After four decades.

While one could theorize that victory is something Muslims might understand, in their "honor" societies? The militant radical Islamic bugs however, know only those 72 skanks waiting for em in Allah's barnyard brothel. I have no doubt that Israel maintains a nuclear option, when it comes to Iran (maybe they will surprise us soon?)

Americans are stuck in front of their flat panels, watching American Idol. While Mo is droolingly putting in a shift it at the bomb factory.

Is it beer-thirty yet?

8:02 AM  

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