Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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Reading the following AFP story, wherein the words Islam, Muslim, Allah, or Mohammed are not mentioned. At all. Even once. Can be extremely hazardous to your health. You have warned!

'Teen at origin of French youth riots arrested in fresh unrest'

Rioters hurling rocks clashed with police in the rough suburbs of Paris for a second night running. (The) fresh wave of rioting spread from nearby Montfermeil, where gangs attacked a police station, set ablaze cars and rained stones down on public buildings. Police said four officers were wounded while protecting the Montfermeil police station from a hail of missiles. Four other officers, visibly rattled, managed to get out of their car, in front of the Bosquets public housing estate on the border of the two towns, just before the youths set it on fire.

A day earlier seven officers were injured following the first outbreak of clashes late Monday, when Montfermeil's town hall and mayor's home were attacked and a gang of 100 masked youths patrolled the suburb. (Last year's) riots quickly snowballed in high-immigrant districts, fuelled by local youth anger at racial discrimination, a lack of educational and employment prospects and police harassment.


On 24 March 1975, 50-year-old bricklayer Alex Mitchell of King's Lynn in Norfolk, England, kicked the bucket while roaring with laughter at one of his favorite television shows, the comedy programme The Goodies.

Flush Twice, It's a Long Way to Paris

'Extremists terrorize Jews in Paris'

Members of an extremist group marched through a Jewish quarter in central Paris shouting anti-Semitic slogans over the weekend. Shoppers in the historic Marais neighbourhood, one of the busiest districts in the Jewish area of Paris, were left in shock early Sunday evening.

More than 20 members of the Tribu-Ka group walked up and down the crowded Rue des Rosiers shouting at families and performing Nazi salutes, threatening and intimidating them. "They screamed out 'Death to Jews!'" one witness told EJP.

Tribu-Ka's leader is Kemi Seba, formerly known as Stellio Gilles Robert, a former member of Nation of Islam in Paris who has previously been indicted for racist incitement.

11:35 a.m.

Don't be fooled by the title of this JPost link (or any other pronouncments of same?).

'US agrees to enter multilateral direct talks with Iran's gov't'

Iran Focus has the complete text of her speech, I wouldn't even bother with the newspaper story ( I haven't). But I do recommend reading Condi's words, entire.

'Full text: Rice's statement on Iran-U.S. nuclear discussions'

On the printed page, her words are quite stately and presidential. Clear, concise, plain. For all to see. This is Iran's last chance to comply or we're gonna shove a large boot up their ass. This speech a turning point. There is no going back. But then Dear Reader, y'all already know that ..... World War III Began Yesterday, October 26, 2005. But the World Did Little Note.

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