Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why the Rush to Suck Ahmadinejad's D*ck?

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Haven't even begun reading the link. It's from Spiegel online, nonstop purveyors of Bushitler, Rommelsfeld, and Goehrice. Yes, I admit I found a spot of overt antisemitism when traveling in Germany some twenty years ago. Some of it quite comical. Didn't bother me. I much rather took to heart all of the young Germans I then knew back home, here in the U.S.. Who had moved on to another age.

I guess I'll go ahead and read the link, waste some time. Sh*t maybe even deconstruct the Tinkertoy creation, or ..... not? Bottom line, when the rush to demonize the U.S. overwhelms any all semblance of reality. Then we have to accept that a new world has arrived. One borne of not understandable idiocy. Shallow transparent memes transplanted for thought, idea, and understanding.

We, the U.S. and Israel are in ZERO hurry to bomb Iran. We're both doing a little diplo song and dance, knowing it will do no good. As it already has. Simply putting on the good face, a little performance, an atomic play called connect the dots, for primary gradeschoolers. An attempt to educate one or two, or three.

There is nothing hip, slick or cool about America hatred. It only exposes the empty craniums of its believers. Even America's self-haters. Painting Ahmadinejad as a victim? More of the same. The world, and however many of seventy million Iranians who do not want to be consumed in his fire? Deserve better. They however will not get it. Waiting for a revolution in Iran, same as waiting for the tooth fairy at forty eight years old. It's possible, sure. Just not very likely. Unilateral is the game plan. Is the eventuality. Just as Iran won't waste a single part of a single second. Pushing the button, declaring launch, sending death and destruction outbound. When practice makes perfect and the missile is on the pad, that rocket motor will light. As day follows night.

We're in no hurry because we do not like the job with which we have been tasked by Iran. Death and destruction on a major scale. We've been hand delivered an invite by the golden glowing one from Tehran. We wish it were not so. We wish things were different. But wishing, or deflecting, or even fictionalizing it, will not change it.

Only Ahmadinejad can change unfolding events. Only he has the power to prevent the coming aerial bombardment of numerous Iranian uranium processing, enrichment, and manufacturing facilities, and assorted military support locales. No one else. Not millions of peaceniks, liberals, progressives and greens here at home. Nor countless apologists for militant radical Isalm across the globe.

The day is not important. Tomorrow? Next week? Iran's president has made perfectly clear his thoughts, his intentions. Why anyone would be surprised when disgust is expressed at the sight of so many pulling on Ahmadinejad's wang with their lips? Is beyond me. If I had both the keys and the codes? I'd give him seventy two hours to stand his nuke program down. And then I'd launch. Without a whisper of regret.

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So ..... put that in your bong and smoke it ..... shoot, maybe even drop some e-tab Let's get this party started, I don't see any reason to wait.

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Yeah, what he said ...... a nice tidy (but granite thick) piece from The Brussels Journal: 'Wars, Symmetric and Asymmetric, and Non-Peace' By George Handlery.

I'm not quite sure how to summarize the post. I guess he's hoping there will be a change in the perception, and the rules of current warfare? Accounting for the nature of the beast that abounds and threatens us. A monster that knows no limit to beastial slaughter. No rules. Seeing the Geneva Convention's restrictions as more of a how to guide. Hiding behind our attempt to employ its mandates. Our respect for the foundational civility of our existence. Me, I've stepped out of the confines of hoping, long war is understatement, I see only perpetuity. Not the end of life, of living. Just that terror is now our constant companion. We are all targets. As I've already said above, this morning. What are we waiting for?


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