Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Associated Press: All the News That's Fit to Smell

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It's easy to sit on the sidelines and plink away at Reuters, AFP, AP, sex workers at the Ole Gray Lady, Auntie Beeb, and the L.A. Daily Dog Trainer. Too easy .... one doesn't really even have to aim. That some/many at these establishments even believe they are reporting news, rather than propagandizing?

'Suspected suicide blast kills seven in Russia'

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia - (AP) A suspected suicide bomber killed seven people, including a high-level police official, in a southern region of Russia on Wednesday.

Suspected, gosh I love that word. Yeah you could argue they are saying they aren't sure what type of attack/device was used. But the ever present reality is that they would have us believe that a bag of evil fairy dust was somehow misplaced. And has been/is now being sprinkled about the world.

Ingushetia’s Deputy Interior Minister Kostoyev, two of his bodyguards and four civilians
(oops) were killed when a sedan packed with explosives blew up. Kostoyev, a target of attacks in the past, had been traveling in an armored car.

Ingushetia, next to war-ravaged [war bad, war no good, war caused by evil rich white people (only; see Booosh)] Chechnya in southern Russia’s North Caucasus, has been plagued by militant (never terrorists or murderers. Ever. Just good leetle militants. Harmless really) attacks.

Poverty, corruption and religious persecution have fueled anger at the authorities (oooh, the authorities. Run away, run away) in the North Caucasus, an ethnically mixed strip of republics, most of which have large Muslim populations.

Being poor now a license to murder. Us being just a little upset at Islamist death and destruction, and criticising Muslims for these insidious acts? Makes them want to do it more. Oh those poor, poor blameless folks, whatever have they done to deserve this? Mind's a boggle.

The region is troubled by violence in some cases linked to the persistent conflict in neighboring Chechnya, where two wars have been fought in the past 12 years between federal forces and separatist rebels who increasingly have espoused extremist Islamic ideology.

Increasingly? Hmmmm. Increasingly. I guess this is just the prelude. Nothing to get excited about. I mean what's a few hundred dead people in a theater, or in a school filled with children? After all, they haven't even gotten started yet, right, this is just the beginning. Nothing really to worry about, why in no time at all we'll be used to it. They're just being nice to us, we should be thankful.


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