Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lotta Nada

Many disparate topics on display around the blogosphere. Hitch vs. Cole ..... sad/funny. Cole is an idiot (hyperbole aside). Sad because he doesn't know it. Funny because I'm sure he's enjoying all the attention his idiocy is bringing.

Moose Sowie not being fried? Supermax is guudenuf for me (not your average prison stay). Yeah, would have been nice to give him his vurrginz. CTB's best point is the insect horde possibly attempting to trade future kidnap victims. Not good. 'Moussaoui Verdict Shows Terrorism Planners How to Cheat Death Penalty' By Andrew Cochran

The Germans giving the bug squad money? How do you spell doomkoff? Dummkauf? Dumkauph? (Get a clue Angela). 'Germany likely paid ransom for hostages-Iraq envoy'

Run away, run away ..... 'French Leader: Don't Fight Iran'

PARIS - French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said Thursday that military action is not the solution to the international standoff over Iran's nuclear program. "My conviction is that military action is not the solution."

Call me paranoid (you know you want to). 'Intel Unveils Mobile Personal Computer'

AUSTIN, Texas - The head of the world's largest chip maker on Wednesday unveiled a mobile personal computer designed to provide affordable learning for students around the world. Intel Chief Paul Otellini said the $400 machines - code-named "Eduwise" - will feature built-in wireless and will be able to run Windows or Linux.

Many high-tech companies, including Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Microsoft, have announced similar initiatives in an effort close the digital divide between developed and developing nations.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Nicholas Negroponte's nonprofit One Laptop Per Child association hopes to begin providing $100 laptops to millions of children in China, India, Egypt, Brazil, Thailand, Nigeria and Argentina by early 2007. Tentative designs call for a machine that uses one-tenth of the power of conventional laptops, a 7-inch screen and the Linux operating system. The project's partners include Google and AMD.

Me, I still haven't gotten around to reading a certain futurist's take on warfare as practised not in the past or present. Possibly it at least touches upon the actual data transmission? Witnessed by the successfull DOS attacks last week pinging from Saudi Arabia, against a number or righty bloggers.

(Call me paranoid) .... But I see this as the possible beginning of the stockpiling of ammunition in an ideological crossfire. There are plenty of poor folk right here in the U.S. of A. And somma ya complain about Mexican immigrants getting an education? Weapons are only going to get us so far in the centuries battle hence, against Islamists. We're going to need every brain we can muster.

'Kinder, Genlter Islamofascism' [Michael Ledeen] (But don't forget to kill the Jew!).

Make up your own snark (hey, it ain't like I'm getting paid).
'Manila mothers set world record for simultaneous breastfeeding'

Life's a b*tch, and then you don't die.

'Killer executed the hard way'

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) -- A double murderer was put to death in Ohio Tuesday but not until after one of his veins collapsed, causing the condemned man to sit up and tell his executioners, "It's not working," officials said.

Spokeswoman Andrea Dean said the execution was delayed about 90 minutes because technicians had trouble initially finding a site in Clark's arm for the intravenous line carrying the chemicals. Then shortly after the poisons were supposed to have been pumping into his body, she said, he sat up saying, "It's not working. It's not working."

Outside the Beltway linked with OTB Caption Jam/Other Humor: Anechoic Room has notta lotta say.

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