Tuesday, May 02, 2006

F*ck Agence Fran├žaise de Presse

Another day, another steaming pile from AFP ('German hostages freed in Iraq after three-month ordeal')

First line, first paragraph: Tue May 2, 2:11 PM ET

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Two German hostages were released in
Iraq after a three-month ordeal as the US military said its troops had killed 10 foreign "terrorists" in the war-ravaged country.

Yep, those good, fun loving kidnapping murderers released two men [out of over four hundred kidnapped, and however many decapitated (for amusement, and genuflection to Allah)]. Such nice men. But, AFP isn't done yet, No Sirreee, uh uhn, nope. In the same sentence bringing good news that two human beings survived the insect horde breakfast. We get the U.S. killing some poor innocent terrorists. In the now transparently pathetic quotes.

Way to go AFP!

6:09 p.m.
My kind of guy.

'Man moons New York during newscast'

A reporter for New York's WNYW-TV delivered her news with a full moon as a backdrop -- and not the kind that shines in the sky. Correspondent Lisa Cabrera was giving a live report from New York's Union Square Sunday night about the planned immigrant boycott when a man walked behind her and dropped his pants. The man's bare behind was in full view as the unaware reporter gave her closing remarks.

Yeah, sure. I know not all of yah have done such. But, of course I did once in my teens, out the window of a moving vehicle. Afterwards? I realized how really stupid and juvenille it was. Doesn't mean I don't find the above story funny. Quite.

WalMart, and China responsible for drop in crime in Scotland

'Cheaper electronics equals less burglary'

EDINBURGH, Scotland, May 2 (UPI) -- The plummeting price of electronic goods has fueled a dramatic drop in home burglaries in Scotland. There were 71,995 housebreakings reported to police in 1995-96, The Scotsman reports. Less than a decade later, that number had dropped by more than half to 34,959 in 2004-5.

In an era when DVD players are on sale in supermarkets for less than $50, the market for stolen televisions, DVD players and similar items has dried up, the newspaper said.


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