Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Cannibal Caliphate's Piece de Resistance

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So many bodies piled up in World War II. In the fields of Europe, on islands in the Pacific, in Russia. Yet through all the carnage, the depravity inflicted by the Nazis on their captives, strikes an eternal dark chord.

A new day dawns. Today, this minute, this very second. A darkness beyond all reason, beyond any measure. Mohammed's butcher shop is now open for business. Serving up a dish fit for a prophet.

'The Killing of Atwar Bahjat'

Some escapees from the crematoria have been known to utter a phrase or thought, that G*d had then taken a holiday. Where ever G*d may have been in those days of light dimmed to naught. We will not depend upon him to fight Islam's insects. We will chase back the Muslim monsters. We will send Mohammed's mutants back to the recesses of hell from which they came.


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