Saturday, May 20, 2006

Snark! Snark! There's a snark in the water!!

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'Blast Wounds Palestinian Intelligence Head'

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - A bomb blast seriously wounded the Palestinian intelligence chief at his headquarters Saturday, in what security officials called an assassination attempt against a key ally of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

A bodyguard was killed and nine other people were wounded in the explosion in an elevator shaft of the heavily guarded compound. The attack came at a time of growing friction between Abbas and the Hamas-led government over control of Palestinian security forces.

Because It Was There

'Man Takes Police Station Gumball Machine'

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. - While waiting for his friend (Zachary Peek) to be processed on a drunken driving charge Friday morning at the Rotterdam Police Department, 21-year-old Adam Jewett picked up the gumball machine in the lobby and walked out the door with it. A dispatcher watching the surveillance system saw Jewett carry away the gumball machine. He (then) told the officer processing Peek [Patrolman Stephen Dixon] (who then) found Jewett in the parking lot with the gumball machine.


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