Tuesday, May 23, 2006

G*d Forgive Me

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'Mavs Beat Spurs in Game 7 to Advance'

I said a little while back in comments over at Discarded Lies, that if San Antonio repeats? And Nick Van Exel finally gets a ring? Then solid irrefutable proof, tangible ..... that G*d does in fact exist. Will have come to be in the atomic world (obviously what I know about religion, wouldn't fill a thimble).

So, I guess it's fair to say that Nick isn't going to get a ring, and that it's my fault. Being that we all know the big guy has a rather robust sense of humor. Hey Nick, I'm Sorry! [Then again, it ain't like Nick lit any post season fires (who you gonna call?)].

Tell me something I don't know.

'Is Google Purging Conservative News Sites?'

(Not that I'm claiming to be a news site) Just try the following search for the two word term: "Anechoic Room." On either MSN, Yahoo, or of course masters of their deranged egomaniacal domain, Google. (And yes, most certainly Google News is different from Google Search).

I don't recall exactly, how many months back I discovered that I'm completely invisible online in the world of Google. And, I can't tell you why (sure, I can guess). Somewherz around a 140 billion market cap, and they don't bother to answer email inquiries. Nice biz model, take the world, answer to no one. Is Google evil? You bet, their practices are disgraceful, putrid even. But what truly sets the fat lil bloated cockroaches Sergey and Larry apart, from all the other life forms on this planet? All the other animals flittering about in their day to day existences, do not pronounce their belief in their own beneficence. Descended from on high, both giver and gift to humanity. Brin and Page haven't a clue that they are bugs. Nothing disturbs their total self deceit. Ever onward wafts the stench of them.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to be Google free. Yes, some effort is required initially. After all MSN and Yahoo's engines have their own shortcomings and quirks. But with practice, the word Google is banished forever from one's personal repertoire [with the added benfit of a better night's sleep (honest)]. In a perfect world mutations of good will won't come hand in hand with rapid/exponential technological change. But this is the way things have become, the way they are. Knowing is the first step. One does NOT have to surrender their self, their person. Nor even place themselves upon an altar. Just say no little web searcher. Just say no. And unlike Nancy's admonition to the chillin of da woyld. Dis one hyar actually dooze woyk. Bellee dat.

[One should also be alarmed by any Google forays into computer language, software, operating systems, desktop, platforms, hardware partnerships (UMD), and any ownership or control of the pipe (wifi WAN's). The finest example of Google smell is of course is their gatekeeping over at The Study of Revenge].


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