Thursday, November 10, 2011

Change my name ... move to Coeur d'Alene

Direct link/World Star Hip Hop

I couldn't put it off any longer, no. Turning away, ignoring? After posting the link (in below/previous post), near two weeks ago. Finally, I mustered the courage (to watch).

Me, now at a crossroads ... fully aware that I am in fact unable to sustain my current path, unable to continue. If I'm going to survive the flames of hell. Now that they are lit, are growing ... rising ever more. Poised to consume all measure of calm. All measure of reason.

As the world is forced to deal with global death, and the massive global destruction that the caliphate now brings. And will bring ... for many a year (as sick deviant Buraq Hussein, rapidly fans the flames here at home, in America). I know not when evil will be dispatched, nor how may years ... the rivers of blood will flow?

Yes, I could in fact make Aliyah ... and move to Israel [for all the freakin good it would do (never say never elmo)]. Or (at long last) bob me proboscis, change my name ... and move to Coeur d'Alene (oh joy). But superficially, Arizona's looking like the play (no daylight savings time!). And yes ... you better freakin believe ... concealed carry.

(Now) making do with the (Cali legal) hardware I (currently) fly, when out and about [and would have been more than sufficient, to fend off the bug sh*t, seen in the vid (it ain't the meat, it's the motion)].

More than happy to do the time, in the face of sulfuric evil (yeppers ... talk is cheap). Though certainly, I am not looking for trouble. But there is NO F*CKING WAY that woman's face. Gets punched. To the ground. In my presence. Sorry (but do feel free to try ... go right on ahead ... mudderhubbard).

I'm quite tempted to take a break, and walk away from this virtual insanity, that now comes a calling [every second, of every day (this is the first time I've powered up the computer, in ten entire days)]. And pay a bit more attention to the atomic. And what I need do. To survive. Because obviously, the L*rd's packed his bags, has already gone ... on vacation. Though I'm thinking maybe sometime next year, he'll take a timeout from his vacation? And pop into the cozy bar ... overlooking the beach, for a peek. At next year's Presidential debate (on the tele). Say between Herman Cain, and Khalid Sheik Obama (though I have not given up on Congresswoman Bachmann, not a whit). Whence Mr. Cain slaps that fookin stanknasty maggot ... back to the pile of excrement. From out which it slithered and crawled.

Enjoy your break L*rd.

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It's already a little too much for me.

Addendum, Friday, 5:00 a.m.

YouTube direct link/URL

Addendum, Friday, 8:00 a.m.

Bachmann speech interrupted by 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters

(30 second commercial precedes the 1:49 vid).

How many times I said .... things are only going to get worse? How many times have I said ... this will not end well? Well guess what mofo's ... things are going to get worse. And this will not end well. Looking at the vid, it's more leaves of tea, to be read. A looking glass into the future. My advice?

Get on a war time footing ... NOW. Jettison the dead weight. All of it. Get your affairs in order. Hell's a comin. You can run. You can (try and) hide. You can even pretend (it ain't at our doorstep). Won't change a f*cking thing. Evil just is. And it most certainly is here. What you do? I know not. I do know things will get ugly. In ways hideous ... yet to be revealed. In manner and form that only pure evil can muster. And yes, I would be lying. If I said I wasn't afraid.


Blogger Ronbo said...

Elmo, my friend, I am taking your advice and that from Glenn Beck to relocate from The People's Republic of Seattle to Kalispell, Montana and link up with Patriots.

Of course, when the almost inevitable civil war breaks out in conjunction with the Super Depression full of worthless paper dollars, and the barbarian Leftists surround Kalispell to attack us in overwhelming numbers, we hope to die with our boots on just like General Custer did many years ago in southeastern Montana.

Say what you will about old Cuss, but he was brave enough to attack 5,000 Indians with less than 300 troops.

You're welcome to join us! Just drive to the Red Roof Inn in Kalispell and join up on any Sunday at 2 p.m.

11:06 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks for the invite! Tempting. I never was too into the complete, total breakdown meme. But this sh*t, well ... it's getting out of control. The totality. Everywhere. Everything.

I know with certainty, I won't continue to be here, in L.A.. So the question is, when? I've booged/jetted a million times. But this time ... when I do go, I'm never comin back. Ever.

Haven't spent much time, in contemplation where. Or of course, preparation for such. But that will change.

I've had enough. Enough of the insects who pray on the weak. For amusement. Enough of the mind f*ckers ... ramjam qualifying for Indy. On the city streets [during bumper to bumper/rush hour (like they're f*cking going anywhere?)]. Enough.

Custer fool(of bravado)? Don't know. But I think it might be entertaining, to see Eric Holder (currently vacationing in the Caribbean, on the taxpayer's dime!), call Cus a coward, to his face [sh*t Eric ... try it to my face ya cunt (fook, I'll show ya lazy too)].

8:05 AM  

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