Saturday, September 05, 2015

Hey Hildabeast ... go f*ck yourself!

All the way up, with a red hot poker. Seems the Beast, is in the Caribbean, with her gal-pal. Swilling Mai Tai's. Mowin' lawns. Maybe ... even doing "charity" work. For her "foundation"? Had the misfortune, of seeing the Beast [my eyesight did eventually return (praise G*d)], on CNN, yesterday.

The sulfur cloud spewing machine, back. To her (not really) old tricks. In this case, it's railroad boxcars. Again. With a pushed implication, that we (you and me gringo). Want to hunt down, and deport, Puerto Ricans. Ghastly stuff. And yet, merely the banality of true evil (and this morn, I see it mentioned ... well ... nowhere).

The Country cannot sustain this ... this madness. It cannot. It won't. Something WILL give. Something WILL break. As it is breaking now. Breaking ... apart. Yes, torn apart, by King Pigsh*t.

[And yes, I truly am gratefull. She didn't regale us, with any of that pinche gringo Spanglish. That Jeb, is ever so proud of (to him, O.G., means aw shucks)]

As diff ..

Trump, Trump, and more ... Trump (can we do it 'til we're blind?). We don't swing pneumatic/automagic hammers here (is there a point?). No secret, Trump's not my candidate.


Anyone, who picks up the gauntlet. And helps us, to destroy the GOPigs?

IS * MY * FRIEND * !

Word. And, needless to say, I've got his (my friend's) back (as is evident, in the content posted here, the last few weeks). His front. And his side. Though he doesn't need my help, doin' just fine. He's got plenty of help, from the GOPigs. Most all of whom, are now in the hospital/ICU. Receiving treatment, for multiple gunshot wounds. To their feet (here's a hanky pigs).

Yes, Cruz is the man. Always has been. Always will be. For me [just like, he's always been there, for us (Thank You L*rd)]. And, like I said, I don't need to pound that/other nail, over and over (again, and again). Just the way things are. Strange though they be. Most. Strange.

Linkitude ... (in no particular order)

'Saudi king meets Obama amid concerns over Iran deal'

"Saudi Arabia says it's happy with Obama's assurances"

You should be able, to quite easily read between the lines on that one. Though yes, it's possible I'm wrong (stranger things have happened, aye). It might just boil down to the money/F-16's? (Money for nothing, and your chicks for free). Saudi's ... weakened financially (taking all the hotel rooms? Feather/string).

And Barry is still holding the big barbed club (c'ya Kike's!). I still think, for once ... Barry's gettin' zoomed (we'll pray I'm right. Yes we will). But yes, still possible. Our sweet Dear Utterly Deranged Supreme Leader. Was successfully able to appeal, to the Saudi's base/inbred instincts ... killing da'Jews. Job number one. Being more important ... than staying alive (Golda Meir, please pickup the yellow courtesy phone).

Nothing has changed (via Lucianne)

At approximately 4:30 a.m. in the morning on September 5, 1972 in West Germany (still September 4 in the U.S.), Palestinian “Black September” terrorists took Israeli Olympians hostage at the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany.

Two of the athletes were killed there, and another 9 died at the airport in a failed rescue mission as the terrorists thought they were boarding a plane to take them and the hostages away. A German policeman also was killed.

Except that now, THEE  leader of the global jihad. A foreign born, dog-eating, butt-slamming/arse to mouth, mooselimb traitor. Resides, in the White House. That's all (nothing to see ... move along).

Why Don't Gulf States Accept More Refugees?  [via Lucianne (and DirectorBlue, also has it)]

Not a trick question, because it has a very easy answer. They're racists. Big time. Proud, very (... helloo).

The Next Justices
A guide for GOP candidates on how to fill Court vacancies (via Lucianne)

When Chief Justice John Roberts administers the oath of office to the next president, he will be flanked by three, and almost four, octogenarians: Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg (83), Antonin Scalia (80), Anthony Kennedy (80), and Stephen Breyer (77). The next president will likely have the opportunity to appoint a replacement for one, two, three, or maybe even four of those justices. These decisions will reshape the Court and how it reads the Constitution for decades to come.

I won't be here. Not proud of that. Just reality. (All too) simple, reality. Mine. Sure, it's possible, this derangement. Ths insanity. This depravity. This overt, in plain sight, TREASON. This pure f*cking evil, that's now come calling. Will somehow be thwarted/brunted? Though, most obviously, I am not optimistic. Nooh.

Likely, it won't. And I have waited. Yes. Until the final coup de gras. Which isn't here yet. Before doing so (going Negev). I really don't see any point, in remaining, in a failed nation state. That has officially become. Part of the global Islamist caliphate. The new global leader, of the B.R.M.D.C..

It isn't "dual loyalty" (snarf). It's called staying out of the (Zyklon B) shower [and the "deal" going through. Will be a global green light (to start hunting Jews, once again [even here at home])].

But you on the other hand? Might not notice the smell (of dead Jews in the morning). And might even continue to try, and do, whatever? I'd be more than surprised, if King Pigsh*t. Didn't try to further restack the court. B E F O R E he faces the carrying out of sentence, for conviction, of Treason. The surprise would be, if he didn't (try). He worked John Roberts, with but a twirl of his lil (brain gobbling) stinky pinky.

Pie in the sky, ice cream castles in the air (we're going to win the White House! We're going to win the White House! We're going to reshuffle the court!). It's GOP koolaid folks. The Country will be dead, in mere days. And everyone's (Charlie Brown) dreaming . Of striding up, to kick, the (Luci held) football, through the uprights. Again. I guess you haven't seen the movie?

Passenger 'Starts Fires' On Holiday Jet To Egypt

Police launch an investigation after the incident on a flight from Birmingham Airport, landed in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

One delayed passenger told the Birmingham Mail: "The plane was unserviceable because a man set fire to onboard toilets deliberately while also smoking and abusing the cabin crew, terrifying crew and passengers."

I guess they don't have Nicorrette in Britania?

Click fraud

(Usually offensive) display ad. Requiring click through ("close ad") to remove. Cept doing so?  Takes you to outboard website/advert. Now, not uncommon ... overt click fraud [though yes, IF somehow, you do manage to click, the one SINGLE pixel? (which IME, occurs after three, four, or five attempts!)].

NSFW! (Gggggay sex)

Obama calls for Congress to pass budget, avoid shutdown

As Congress prepares to return for the fall session, President Obama is calling on lawmakers to pass a budget and avoid another government shutdown. "Plain and simple, a shutdown would hurt working Americans,” he said. Obama warned Congress he would veto a budget that does not sufficiently bolster the middle class.

McConnell to sugg his deek in 3, 2, 1... (you been warned!!!). And oh yeah, that'll be Cruz's fault [what do we (deranged libturds) want? A hundred thousand dead babies a year. When do we want them? Every year!].

"Toomey is one of a handful of Senate Republicans who face potentially difficult reelection battles next year. His opposition to the (Iran) deal sets him apart from potential challenger former Rep. Joe Sestak, who is running for the Democratic nomination."

What a knuckle dragger!

"Katie McGinty, who is running against Sestak in the Democratic primary and previously served as the chief of staff to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, has yet to announce her position on the Iran deal."

How sophisticated, how evolved.

"According to a Quinnipiac University poll released late last month, 61 percent of Pennsylvania voters oppose the nuclear deal with Iran, with 26 percent in support."

Cuz ya know, the whole world supports the deal. Like uh ... well everybody (cept that f*ckhead Jooblogger elmo. But he's the only one).

Fire at Planned Parenthood clinic determined to be arson

This is just the start, of a nation coming apart. The beginning, of the end. Once you inject this poison, this hate. Into society. It spreads throughout every vein, every artery (though don't rule out, self started. No).

Pentagon chief: Military will 'redouble' efforts after nuclear deal

Hey Asshat Carter, I'd tell you to suggmedeek, but I wouldn't want to catch anything [though (please) do feel free. To go f*ck your self (I did say please, didn't I?)].

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday the U.S. would "redouble" its efforts to counteract malign activities by Iran in the Middle East and reassure regional allies, in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal.

In an op-ed in USA Today, Carter urged Congress to support the deal, arguing that it would remove the Middle East's "greatest danger" — a nuclear Iran, and be more durable than a military strike (ed: this is the United States of America's, Secretary of Defense. Lying. Through his teeth. To the citizens, of America. Bald faced lying. In an act of treason. FOR MONEY (money!). These are beyond dangerous times. It's just frightfull).

However, he also acknowledged that the nuclear deal would not address Iran's "extensive malign activities in the region." [ooh, look at the pretty word ... malign (three word Monty)].


And the Hill?  Can suggmedeek too!

"Two retired four-star military generals and critics of the Iran deal agree that the deal will require the U.S. to do more to counteract Iran's malign activities."

Umm no. That is a mischaracterization. AND a lie. Implies that maybe two (at best), major military domo's, are against (the treason).

Its everyone who ever served (who hasn't been declared brain dead). From buck privates. To spaghetti braid spanglers supreme. Everyone. How much of a f*cking traitor do you have to be?

Everyone, in recent memory, who ever wore the uniform.

KNOWS IRAN KILLED THOUSANDS of our soldiers. In the last few years. And ... maimed THOUSANDS more. And saying "by proxy." Will get me, in your f*cking face, in the atomic (hint: stay out of my face. Really). It isn't absurd. IT'S EVIL. Pure F*cking Evil. Just stop it. Have you no shame? At long last, have you no shame?!

The sick jokes, well ... they just continue to write themselves.

Kerry: State has 'massive amount of overclassification'

Kerry said he sees no evidence that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information.

“One of the judgments that can be made to date is that there is no evidence that something was transmitted that was classified at the time,” he said.

Kerry went on further..... red is blue, up is down, islam is our friend.

Don't listen to me...... nooh

Kerry predicts '90 percent' will support Iran deal

Jeb: Unlike Trump, I've always been loyal to GOP

Yeah, we already know freak. Stay the f*ck away (please).

Biden flaunts foreign policy chops at Iran event

They ran out of kobe beef?

Judge poised to order search for Clinton email backups

As soon as he figures out which end is up.

Front page, of this morn's [via a verbal screen cap (as it were)]. 2nd news story (#6, after four features), is Hildabeast: 'Clinton regret over private emails'. Beautiful artsy fartsy warm/gilt lit hagiographic pic, of Queen Hillary. Colocated, side by side (3rd news story) with: 'Gay couples wed in Kentucky county'. And that pic? Perp/booking photo (Davis). Washed out flourescent lighting/pale pinkish skin/beady eyes (you do the math).

Barry's bringin' the light ... (oh yeah)

KNX/1070, yesterday: "Local non-prof says homelessness, in L.A. County. Is up ... 40% (in the last two years alone!).

Do I have standing?

Judicial Tyranny. That's what we have now. And it is a hard tyranny. Not faux. Not fake. The real thing. And it really is here. Here now. In America. (Judicial Tryranny) the crystalline distilled essence (via Levin). Standing? Harm? Plenty of Americans, have been killed, by Iranian terror. Too many.

And when the deal goes through. Too many more.

What about a Biblical flood. A 200' tall tidal wave?

Of local litigants, petitioning, for habeas corpus (free us L*rd, from Iranian terror). In every city. In every town. In every burg or backwater. EVERYONE. Every last damn one.


(Even temporarily. That's all I got. You'll forgive me. We're just running out of time now. To save America)


1:15 p.m.

Russia 'is building military base in Syria'  (via Sludge) [and excerpts edited for brevity]

Russia is building a military base in Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s heartland, in the clearest indication yet of deepening Russian support for the regime.

Russia has set up an air traffic control tower and transported prefabricated housing units for up to 1,000 personnel to an airfield serving the Syrian port city of Latakia.

Russia has also requested the rights to fly over neighbouring countries with military cargo aircraft during September, according to the reports.

Images emerged last week, that appeared to show a Russian fighter jet operating over Syrian soil and videos of combat troops speaking the Russian language.

Syrian state television showed images of an advanced Russian-built armoured personnel carrier, the BTR-82a, in combat. Videos also began circulating in which troops shouted orders to one another in Russian.

Last week the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth cited Western diplomatic sources saying that Russia was on the verge of deploying “thousands” of troops to Syria to establish an airbase from which the Russian air force would fly combat sorties.

Those details appear to be backed by satellite images of a Russian base under construction near Latakia.

What does it mean?

It means the hinges, to the gates of Hell, have been broken. And the doors, aren't now swinging wide open. They're completely gone. It means, that Buraq Hussein in the membrane, has succeeded.

Hold your babies near, hold them dear.

For it is starting. Evil now walks the earth. And it W I L L receive its due. You, me, we ... haven't seen nuthin' yet. It will be like nothing * EVER * seen before. Beyond imagination. Beyond words. Beyond anything. And the speed with which it will happen, will turn your head right around. Get ready.



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