Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All I want is some truth

No scan today ... not even a single peek (nOt A oNe). Why bother ... if it isn't China, it's fun with Le Donnie [with the light orange hair (ain't that a treat)]. Or hey, all you peeps, look at me, the faux stock market prognosticator (sayin' to thee) ... "listen here, there's nothing to see" ... "just fear" ... "tain't reality." And well, tis the Repub's fault anyway (can't you see?). Ya know, hasn't been this bad ... "not since that four year old debt ceiling ('crisis')", unpleasantry (KNX/1070, 4:30 a.m., this very morn!). Call it the first, of a million future (McConnell) sorties ... 'pon Ted Cruz (kinda stealthily).

Just give me some truth.

And that is ... This Country, this one ... no longer has what it takes. To save itself. Sawry (yes, I most certainly am). Whatever it once was ... in all its unlimited splendor and truly righteous glory. Whatever strength, courage, and vision ALL its citizens once possessed. Whatever beacon of light, once shone upon this land of promise. Whatever great joyous life flowed, from out its heart a'beat.

The now faaaar too many cowards and traitors, among us. Simply can't be beat. They've hunted down the truth. Overpowered it. Killed it. Murdered it, in the street. Horrors beyond horrors ("you still breathing pig?" "Hey, you're lucky ... ya gunna die soon ... oinkity"). What a treat.

Wretching and convulsing, should be what everyone be. Bent over, forcefully pushing the poison out ... from every single last extremity.

Instead we get that skank Glenda Beck, pimpin' her new book, on TV. Lookie ... look at me, and my bwain dwippings. Buy them, buy them from me. Sharing giggles, with CNN's rooty tooty Lemony, yesterdee. Having a right gay ole time. Strumming, plucking their Nero fiddles, for all to see. As the roiling deck pitches all us citizens ... whoosh, into the sea [don't assume, for a minute, I watched (even a single second)].

Why you (duh hoi polloi), can even buy an ocean cruise (yes you can). And hang out, with all the Conswervo Elite. Taking lil sippity sips, from casks reserved for thee heralded Conswervo Celebrities [take a selfie! (two ... or three)].

Ain' got your sea legs, lil bitty nobody? Why you can stay dry on land, and still party at the upcoming big gala, in D.C. [mention my name, and get a hunnerd off, hurry, skurry, that's real money ... hunneee (we gunna party like it's 1929 .... [sing it with me])]. Or, you can just buy, from my vast assortment of (conswervo celebrity) brain drippities, online (now ain't that so very easy).

Meanwhile, five times a day, the Azan drum beats and bleats [hey elmo, thought I toldya we were busy? (vacationing at sea)]. You can buy all that sh*t. Yessiree. And be oh so happy ... as (a clam) can be. In the ignorance, being peddled to thee. You can buy all that sh*t. Yeppity. But you can't buy the truth, anymore, mi amore.

But me elmo, I'll give it to ya, I'll give it to ya for free.
No, not a commie, just that monet never much did it for me.
Evil IS here, and it comes for THEE.

Sure, the buildings are still standing [sez ball of Limburger cheese (who thinks job #1, is not to panic you and me. Though that is exactly what we need. A Nation awake, to battle the enemy [remember when Beck, could summon an army to D.C.?]). Though idjit eyeam, missed Steyn yesterdee, subbing at the EIB! (ed: and fook me, at 9:08 a.m. pst, he's pimpin' his own book, to all of thee [click, radio off])].

Yeah, they are (the buildings, still standing). For now (anyway). Until fear takes over. Birthing a tidal wave. Of violence (hint: there will be fewer buildings). And yes, you and your families will be safe, for a while. In your bunkers. But that's not life, not living to me.

We All Were Americans Once, together. In this land of storied beauty. Now? Just different colors, and different genitaliary. Only. For the deranged libturd nation's eyes to see [or of course, the (last few remaining) hook nosed bagel eaters (over at the Kosher deli)]. Be the only measure, of who we be.

All the concrete foundations, this Nation stood upon. Have been smashed. Proudly smashed. America now nothing but a cardboard shanty town, Balkansas. Awaiting the approaching CAT 5 storm. Now off the coast, just hovering offshore (Iran, China, Russia, ISIS, Norkorrhea).

Destroyed from within. And soon .. to be laid to rest, from without. Truth. The single most precious commodity. Behind the lines. In the FascistIslamoCommie Jookillin' orgy. Sell it?


I can't give it away, fast enough.

McCaskill: "Unified worldwide support" .. for the Iran Treason. (Bablefish) translation: Happy as a lark, we all, us scuzzy global filth. To trade a piddly stinkin' few million, (non human) Joo lives. For a  BIG hunkity chunk chunk (kickback), of a few hundred billion dollars (cold hard cash money American .... gimme gimme gimme ... now mofo's .. NOW. Get the deal done!!! We're livin' large now baby .... oh yeah ... Lambo Hurricanes for everyone!).

Earnest: "Prez teenks Biden competent."
(Bablefish) translation: competent, capable ... of carrying on ... continuing the destruction ... of America, and the World. A good/loyal IslamoCommie soldier (elmo trans: traitor filth, just like/exactly like his boss, the dog eater).

And all too sadly, they are just words. And if words are all we have? Then I fear it IS too late. But that mere words could? (Yes, most certainly, they have wielded a power beyond any measure known to man, in destroying these United States of America). Though my heart oft warmed, by others of American Spirit, who have given thus ... to me [SDB, years ago, taking the time. To hold my hand, and explain the 1st Ammendment, to me (glory be to thee)]. Tis merely been a privelege, to share, what little I (myself) have.

There is no hope on the horizon. Only dread (and not Stallone, blazin' fiddy's, takin' off heads).

All the battle stations have been deserted
While all eyes a'fixed upon Dreamy
Le Donnie with the hair orangerie

Bayonets not fixed
The charge not mounted
The gates before us not a shudder
For there is no tremble beneath our feet

Like dear frozen
In the headlight harsh of inhumanity grave
Feet of lead
Unable to eascape
This evil dread

Khalif's got the peddle pressed
The caliphate picking up speed
Accelerating ...
Its gaping chrome maw
Must be fed

No one will raise a hand
No one will take a stand
No one will remove their head
Buried in the sand

This is the last
The last
Of this great land


1:15 p.m.

Hook me up elmo (all I want is some links ... just give me some links)

I say potato ... you say potatoh (alt: damn fookin Joo's!)


"The Israeli health ministry has ruled that Heinz tomato ketchup must now be sold as 'tomato seasoning' there.

Rival ketchup maker Osem, the top selling brand in Israel, had said the Heinz product did not have sufficient tomato content to be called ketchup.
In January Osem said it had Heinz ketchup tested and found it contained 21% tomato concentrate. Israel requires ketchup to have 41% tomato concentrate."

Tisn't a joke (no) ...  you need to get out, while you still can (yes you do)



Yeah, definitely. Give em a hundred fifty billion dollars. This sh*t's going down, it really is.

Thomas Sowell, in American Spectator (via Lucianne)


"Even if an investigation finds Mrs. Clinton found guilty of violating the law in the way she handled e-mails when she was Secretary of State, the Obama administration is not likely to prosecute her.

And President Obama can always pardon her, so that the next administration cannot prosecute her either. So Hillary doesn’t even have to take a plea bargain." (This sh*t's going down, it really is).

Words fail... (ed: I think ... "My G*d!" is what you're looking for)... Read it, read it all ...


"Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb. There was no surprise there."

"Markey had topped the list of candidates supported by the Iran Lobby. And the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) had maxed out its contributions to his campaign."

"After more fake suspense, Al Franken, another IAPAC backed politician who also benefited from Iran Lobby money, came out for the nuke sellout."

Keep f*cking dreaming ...



"In an article for Forbes, Harold Furchtgott-Roth argues that President Obama’s executive agreement with Iran violates and/or modifies the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1969. Thus, it cannot lawfully take effect without true congressional approval (as opposed to the process established by the Corker-Cardin legislation). Furchtgott-Roth’s article appeared about a month ago, but has only recently come to my attention.

It is axiomatic, I should think, that an executive agreement cannot supersede a treaty. As Furchtgott-Roth explains, treaties are the law of the land and have the status of federal statutes. As such, they cannot be overridden by executive action.

The Iran deal is not a treaty, nor is it a statute. It will not even muster the level of congressional support sufficient to enact a statute."

Ok, he gets it ... you gotta go to the last paragraph (though).

(Moi) Obama can't even spell the word "law." Let alone say it, or use it in a sentence (why should he be different ... from any other cockrach?). Let alone, follow (the law).

And, its not all bad news ....


Donald did stick his d*ck ... in someone's *ss.... Jeb's!

Though some of it, some of it is really quite sad ...


(In a world gone well and truly mad ...)

"A damning report by MPs released in March of this year found that severe financial hardship caused by benefit cuts was driving people to kill themselves.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee said 40 people had taken their own lives since 2012 because of problems with welfare payments.

Disability campaign group Black Triangle later estimated that as many as 80 suicide cases were directly to benefit cuts.

'If it was a medical trial, it would have been abandoned long ago. So many have died as a direct result of the withdrawal of benefits, as confirmed by numerous coroner's inquests'."

(Get your Raid on b*tches ...) These f*cking cockroaches, they ARE everywhere!!!!



WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senior staff at the U.S. Embassy to Japan, including Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, have used personal email accounts for official business, an internal watchdog said in a report Tuesday. Some emails contained sensitive information.

Unread, title snarf only



(All together now ...) What was their first clue?! (alt: how ummm ... Fwench)

Let the arms race begin ...



MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has played host to the king of Jordan and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi on the first day of Russia's main aviation and space show.

In opening the International Aviation and Space Salon, or MAKS, Putin said Tuesday the six-day show near Moscow would see the signing of a series of "serious agreements."

Speaking of dead Jews ...



"The Jewish tombstones found in Warsaw are believed to come from the Brodno cemetery in the Polish capital's Praga district. Once the resting place for 300,000 Jews, only 3,000 tombstones remain there today. The rest were removed during and after the war, used as building materials, and to reinforce the (river) Vistula's banks."

Those f*cking crazies ..

'Dick Cheney to hammer Iran deal in September speech'


Run away ... run away ... crazy old white guy gotta hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Ooond mebbe that's just me ... but I don't think he's gunna pimp his book, at/during speech?]


Wednesday, August 26, 2015 (6:30 a.m.)

'Dust lady' of 9/11 Marcy Borders dies of cancer at 42


"A 9/11 survivor whose photograph became one of the enduring images of the terrorist attacks has died aged 42 after suffering from stomach cancer. Marcy Borders became known as the 'dust lady' after a photo showed her covered in dust as she escaped the World Trade Center during the attacks. Ms Borders, a mother of two, died on Monday, her family said on Facebook."

"On 11 September 2001, Ms Borders was just one month into a new job at Bank of America on the 81st floor of the north tower when the plane hit. 'The building started quaking and swaying. I lost all control, and I went into a frenzy. I fought my way out of that place', she told the Daily Mail in 2011."

"In the years after the attacks, as her picture became one of those most iconic images of the day, Ms Borders suffered from severe depression and drug addiction and lost custody of her two children. 'I didn't do a day's work in nearly 10 years and by 2011 I was a complete mess', she told The New York Post in the same year. 'Every time I saw an aircraft, I panicked'."

[Watch after this one L*rd, if you would (pretty) please (wit sugah), at least until she gets settled in. And also, do let her have my puppy or kitty (too ... I've gotten by/managed this long ... yeah). Thank You]

All you EVER need to know, 'bout Glenda (if your memory's short? Anechoic Room/Beck/St. Trey Vaughn. Or of course ... freeky stankhole Glenda, dropping trou, on Cliven Bundy).

Unread [not a single f*cking word (and still with the [putrid/odious/self defeating] phase delay stealth popups)], title only, it's ALL YOU NEED! (Beck: "Rubio better candidate")


F*ck off, you creep. You filthy ... f*cking ... creep.


(Unread) ... title snarc only ..... I love the smell of complete and utterly deranged desperation ... in the morning ... smells like victory (over another fake/faux/fraudulent TEA'p).


'EPA withholds mine spill documents from Congress'


(Unread, why bother?) L*rd, I know you're busy (busy, busy), yeah. But, if you could ... drop a big, giant, yellow school bus, vertically from the clouds? On Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Cornyn [and all the other stanknasty maggots (ok, maybe more than one ... schoolbus that is)]. I wouldn't have to be confronted with this evil. Evil everyday. Evil for breakfast. Evil for lunch.


Those buses? They don't actually have to be yellow.

'Inquiry Weighs Whether
ISIS Analysis Was Distorted'

(New York Times, by Mark Mazzetti & Matt Apuzzo)

And we won't bother anymore, directly linking NYT's, just not worth the effort, at all, period [cookies enabled/click through/blah blah yada yada ... ad infintum (any uh ya other clowns/bozo's taking notes?)]


"WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s inspector general is investigating allegations that military officials have skewed intelligence assessments about the United States-led campaign in Iraq against the Islamic State to provide a more optimistic account of progress.

... officials at United States Central Command — the military headquarters overseeing the American bombing campaign and other efforts against the Islamic State — were improperly reworking the conclusions of intelligence assessments prepared for policy makers ..."

Yeah, things are fine. Things are normal. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all ... (oond nothing to see neither). Hey ... did you hear what Trump said bout Migraine Kelly? And hey, have you heard about my new book? [No, really ... it's about how to keep your freakin' head from exploding (all over the damn place).... in a torrential sh*tstorm. Of never ending medicority, and the most truly vile insanity. It's 90% off, over at ... gimme all your money you stupid conswervo rubes (though if you buy my book? You'll be less stoopid!!!)].

(More) F*ck me!


Brit Hume's wife, works for Scott Walker's campaign (you can't make this sh*t up people. IT ISN'T POSSIBLE). And ... F*ck me twice!! Ramos' daughter works for (wait for it) .... Hillary's campaign :-)  (Via Sludge).

(Via DirectorBlue)


"Contend evidence available as Congress debates Obama deal"


NEW YORK – Amid debate over President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, two retired military officers contend their accumulation of evidence from open and intelligence sources shows Tehran already has a nuclear-weapons capability.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Dennis B. Haney assert that since 1979, a cabal of nations has aided and abetted Iran in its efforts to develop a robust nuclear program under the guise of generating a nuclear-energy system.

And they believe the White House is fully aware.

In an interview, Vallely told WND that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and chief White House adviser Valerie Jarrett “are treading on treason under the U.S. Constitution for aiding and abetting Iran, a known enemy of the United States.”

They charge the cabal is mainly comprised of Russia, China and North Korea, which have worked behind the scenes in collaboration with Iran to put all the parts in place.

The assistance includes providing the material needed to make a bomb. Vallely and Haney believe Iran can make a bomb now, and a “breakout” nuclear test detonation is imminent.

"With the assistance of Russia, China and North Korea, Iran has developed and tested every component needed to develop and deliver a nuclear weapon against Israel.”

“Barack Hussein Obama, raised and schooled in Islam, with his primary adviser being Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, has crafted a plan that guarantees Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” they said.

“The copy of the agreement handed out in English for the American delegation did not replicate the copy handed out in Farsi for the Iranians. The American delegation did not bring this up."

Nothing to see .... move along [alt: those damn fookin' Jews. If they would just let Iran, slaughter them all. We'd have bright shiny peace! (All Who to the Ock Bar! [carefull ... if you say it out loud, three times? You're officially married ... to a goat!])].

If your eyes are a little dry ... and need a spot'a moisture? (3:41 vid)


(Via DirectorBlue ... of course)

No snarc. But, I will comment (it's what I do). The threads that bound/tied us together. In communities. In this Nation. As Americans. As all citizens, of a shared spirit and consciousness. Are no more. Destroyed they are. By one, one .... six foot tall cockroach, and a bunch of GOPigs (swinging liplocked from its deek).

Take heart, that one among the infinite dregs passing by (had heart)? Why would I deny you that?

One woman.


Do the math.


11:00 a.m.

Was over at Brightfart, trying to read the (neon red) headline/lede story ... 'RACE MURDER IN VIRGINIA' [I'm sure Monsieur Marlow, got's a lil stiffie (though yeah, I could wander over to Sludge, and check also)].

And I get a whole minute or two, into the read. And there's Marlow and Mgmt's d*ck up my *ss. With the filthy stealth popup crappola. Why bother ... to even visit such stupid clueless *sswipes?

If it can be done? I'll do it, and let you know. Didn't visit WND, even once, for the last couple of years. For same. Linked 'em today (no popup, on that single read/link).  Sent him [sic] Farar?, how ever many emails, sharp pointed nasty ones even, tyvm (couple years back).

Telling him to stick his click through grey screen of death. Simply stopped linking him, back when/then [it just got in the way (of my then "job"). Head, meet wall, bang]. Let alone visit/read. A total waste of time, energy, resource, spirit, to even try. Never looked back.

And, am sorely tempted to try same, with the last radio host, I still listen to [whenever I hear the magic word (you know the one), I turn the freakin' thing off (and wonder why I even bothered?)].

As diff: I think I heard the words "I", and "me", somewhere round thirty or forty times. During the first hour, of yesterday afternoon's broadcast. And no, not hyperbole/exaggeration, sadly. Though in this case, I would in fact miss too much, by not tuning in [ain' thadda freakin' beach (sqewed if ya do ... sqewed if ya don't)].

Well, main point anyway, was how quick. Lickety split (it was). Before someone (Marlow, in this case), planted their political flag, 'pon the vic's corpses.

Sure, I could have (pre)prognosticated (as it were). The surprise would have been ... if no one had. If I want to get down in the sewer, I could even snarc, what's likely to come (and ain' hard to guess neither).

Snuff television.

And everyone is glued to it.

Like free p*ssy.

Everyone makes light, of those who don't own a TV. Then again, some people keep pigs, as pets (they both smell).

There's plenty more, of this morning's evil that's come callin', to snarc. To snide, or even berate. Feesh'n barrell. Some of it begging (even).

I'll have no part of it.


11:45 a.m.

The sickest f*cking joke ... OF ALL TIME! ... Yeah ... that would be eternity.

(via Lucianne, of course)


Jookillah Kerry: "This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world's worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong."

"It prohibits states that ratify it from transferring conventional weapons if they violate arms embargoes or if they promote acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. The treaty also prohibits the export of conventional arms if they could be used in attacks on civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals."

"In addition, the treaty requires countries to take measures to prevent the diversion of conventional weapons to the illicit market."


If it's the last thing I do, before kickin off this mortal coil ...

squatting ... over that TRAITOR's grave.  The very last thing even.

Why I might even stick around long enough, to do same, for my bestest buddies McConnell and Boehner [I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it (kind of a zen calm washes over me)].


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I hemmed and hawed, and hemmed and hawed some more. Debating, for a number of minutes, whether to soil the main body, of my own post, with differing comments (than presented/my own). Decided no. Then, simply, could not let it go. So, here we are ...

Most data (even personal/experiential, going back forty years), suggests 90%. Ninety. Of panhandlers, aren't "needy." Whatever (sub) percentage, use the money begged, for alterative assistance (Miller Time/mota time). How high the number? (Token snarfery). Vs. how many, panhandlers (out of the "ninety"), are actual/real proffessional beggars (having/keeping an apt., with utils., cable, etc.)?

I won't watch the vid, a second time. And analyze the woman's carriage/comportment/clothing/demeanor/gestalt. But to suggest, that maybe, possibly ... she isn't actually being "honest"? With the vid producer. Yes, honest with HERSELF (definitely). Giving, to someone who might need it (the money), more. But again, not forthright, with the man, who just rewarded her (for being "honest"). Call me cynical (ya know ya wanna).

So, I still find the vid more damning. Than delivering (us from evil).
How many hundreds (thousands), passed by? The disheveled/dirty man, and unkempt small child/daughter. Cringing, when confronted with someone who might truly be in need? Recoiling. Rsther than reaching out. Being faced with a call, to be human. To help ... another ... in need [a requisite, of being a member (of the human race)].

Or maybe, they're more cynical ... than me ... all too aware ... the possibility. He a fake/fraud. Who knows ... in their mind, the dope/booze beggar. Is the honest man.

blah blah blah/yada yada/ymmv

7:32 AM  

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