Monday, August 17, 2015

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Watching death, seeing a living creature die, is one of life's more unsettling moments. Here ... once ... was this life, this living being. Now, no more. It's spirit divorced. From the now stilled vessel, which once carried it. Gone, bereft.

And now, a Nation whole. Being murdered, in blood so cold. Right before our very eyes. In this very moment. This single crystaline moment. This Kristallnacht. This Kristallnacht that has already begun, is now underway.

It's cruel. So cruel. How overpowering my love, for this Nation, this Land .... America. A world of light, and reason, and pure joy. And love, and happiness. A world torn asunder. A world soon to be, a distant memory. Fading faster than the drum brakes, on an overloaded '72 Ford van, on an oh so treacherously steep descent. Yeah, we're in that kind of trouble. Impact aproaches. Impact approaches ... in T-minus 3 ...

To many people, evil is fiction (even too many people). And its depth or power, related to the quality of any cinematic depiction. In other words, it isn't real. So, what's to fear? But this Country is dying. And it is dying now. Tisn't fiction. And the worst part?


At all. Some ... too lazy to kill themself. In their crazed derangement, they sh*t 'pon the living ... and go DBC (can you say filthy f*cking maggot Michael Brown?).

Same deal, Iran. The filth, the scumsucking libturd nation, too lazy to kill themselves. So now, they get Iran, to do the deed for them. And destroy America, and the World proper. Relieving them the effort. Don't even have to lift a finger ... some else does it for you.

This isn't an elective pursuit people. Losing the Country, is not an option. And yet, countless millions, haven't a clue. Not a one. Not a single one. Not an iota. And others, ain't too worried neither. They already have their bunkers. Stocked, locked, and loaded. Fortified. It's all just a lil bump, in the existential road. Acceptance. Accepting this inversion. This perversion. No screams. No whispers even. A roaring silence. Osama Bin Laden got a better funeral than this. Much.

And some ... already booking their Trump inauguration rooms, in D.C. (right after they get their confirm for this year's late reservation, Labor Day, Cancun vacation). Sometimes, too often, I feel like the only one alive. Who can see the evil before us. The evil that befouls us. Who can see the evil people, befriending Iran. And my screams ... lost. In the void ... in the vacuum of space.

(Links) In no particular order:

(Via Directorblue)

"Bill 59 assigns new powers"
"pursue websites that denounce Islam"
"power to initiate legal proceedings"

Reads like rather poor fiction, doesn't it? Well beaches, it ain't. It's no joke. And it most certainly, isn't funny. At all.

(Via Sludge)

'Half a million rally in Brazil'

Well, other reports/mentions, put the total at closer to 900K. In one hundred different cities. All over the entire country. People. In. The. Streets. Rallying ... for essentially/ostensibly ... toilet paper.

And here, in America. Three hundred fifty million people. Can't even work up the spit. At all. For a foreign born, dog eating, butt slamming/arse to mouth, mooselimb traitor, steamin' pile o'peegsheet. En flagrante .... s*cking Khameini's d*ck! Cowards. F*cking cowards.

Townhall/Schlicter (Via Lucianne)

"Don't even think this will blow over, GOP establishment. The fight for the soul of the GOP has begun."

The fight for the Country? Not so much. Politics uber alles [and/or Trump/Trump/Trump/Trump (can I at least do it til I'm blind?)]. What's too fight for? Just destroy the filthy freakin' GOP. In its entirety. En toto. Flush the feces ... all the way down. And for the last freakin' time .... STOP CHASING FEATHERS ON A STRING! (Please?).

American Thinker (via Lucianne)

'Carly is a winner'

(Debate performance) "makes her the strongest and best Republican candidate yet."

What a moron (let me make that freakin' moron). Or a GOPansy/GOPig. In spite of all the pretty, that your rose colored glasses convey? Carly IS the Washington Cartel. Fool. Peddle your self deception, to someone else. Clown.

Hill (via Lucianne)

'Snitches Sharpton calls on Black Churches to lobby for Iran Treason'

T'wer a honky choych? That non-prof status be yanked ... yesterdee (oh wait ... they already have!). F.O.A.D. you steaming pile of pigsh*t (laws? What laws?).

CBS (via Lucianne)

'Obama warns China about agents operating in U.S.'

The (beyond) sick jokes, just write themselves.

Breit [Sunday, (vid console/unwatched)]

Chuck Todd: "I was stunned at how easily Dems criticized Hillary."

Quick, somebody call a doctor! Alt: Kill them all, kill them all now (those who don't munch Hildabest's carpet).

Breit (unread/title only)

George Will: "Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to Donald Trump?"

Try that sh*t round my face freak? Go on ... you GOPig. Go on filthmonkey ... Trump isn't the enemy. Iran is (I know, just waaay too complex), cockroach.


'What was in Osama's tape collection?"

What a coinky dink ... last week, we got Obama's!

LAT's (Sunday, Aug 16, atomic, pg A2)

Company Town/'Trump may be backing off Kelly'

(Trump) "implying in a CNN interview that her (Kelly's) tough stance was related to her menstrual cycle"

Just making it up, as they go along (nice work, if you can get it. Treason work that is).

LAT's (Sunday, Aug 26, atomic, pg A5)

'Iran's carpet industry hopes sales fly'

"after the country's historic nuclear deal with world powers (ed: but not the U.S. Congress, or the citizens of the United States, or the citizens of Israel), anticipating a boost in exports as sanctions are set to be lifted"

"As part of the deal, the U.S. will resume imports of Iranian carpets." It's codified, it's in the Provisional Treason! I gotta believe, some mighty fine silks, have already come back, on J.F. Kerry's gubment aeroplane [tho' mebbe that's just me ... :-) ].

 And pistachios (for export) get a mention (in article), as well: "With every bag sold, we'll kill a gay for you! ... Limited time offer." [I think they're lying about the limited time on that one (duz I need mention?/sarc tag on [pistachios])].

LAT's (Sunday, Aug 16, atomic, pg A20)

California drought/A thirsty childhood

(unread/title snarf only) ... "It's the poor who are truly demeaned as water beomes more precious"

Yeppers, weather's now ... racist/classist too.

GHUA? No ... he only helps those who help themselves. An' y'all ain't showin' me sheet. Boosheet ... showing me lots of that, yeah. Well, just about the only thing really.

Sad. Pathetic. Disgusting. Disturbing.

Mere days now. Until the end. Of these United States of America. Hours. Minutes.

Tick tock b*tches .... tick tock. It's a real clock, and the minutes really are ticking .... off the life, of this Country. They really are.


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