Saturday, August 08, 2015

Normally, I don't comment on the effluvium out King Pigsh*t's piehole anymore

 It's a bug. A cockroach. Vermin. Is there a/some point, in carrying on a conversation with? No, there isn't. But ... well ... there is the larger conversation. Survival. Staying alive. Living, as a Jew, under the fascist IslamoCommieJunta. In a failed nation state (now a third world banana republic).

"Dual loyalty"

There ya go lil Chucky, your reward. For parking your nose, 24/7. The last six years (every single minute). Up Chucklehead Odorama's keister. Being called a Kike. And well, your loyalty was to your deranged political beliefs. And in turn, holding onto power (with friends like you, Israel doesn't need ANY enemies).

No King Pigsh*t, MY loyalty ... is to G*d. He gives us, our rights. He gave us this land. He gave this Nation (and WE built it). Not you, freak.

Shoot me (you know you wanna f*ckface), for NOT being loyal ... to YOU (you butt f*cking *ss to mouth maggot). One simply can't be loyal, to both G*d, and a deranged megalomaniac (though the absurdly delusional might think). But don't despair peeps, he's still "president" ... you can still worship the dark l*rd (Satan/Obama/Mo, Ham, & Ed/EPA/Planned Parenthood), if you wanna (besides, isn't that the law of the land now anyway?).

Painting one's self, into a corner

If the Provisional Treason goes through [and that looks most likely (I did say TREASON didn't I?)]. And, in turn, we give an entire nuclear arsenal , and $150B, to our mortal enemy? I cannot, in good conscience, remain here. I can't. I wont. It would be a lie. And life, simply far far too precious to waste, living one.

Making excuses, and creating some sort of rationale, for ignoring whole cloth, a complete and total inversion of reality?

Come what may, in the Negev, I wont be living as a slave [to Islam (in a failed nation state)]. I will still be a free man. There is no other choice [y'all remember freedom dontcha (maybe you can read about it ... in a history book?)].

You all, will have to make your own choices, your own decisions. I can't make them for you (like Obama, Roberts, Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Walker, Cornyn, Gov Moonbeam, Mayor Garcetti, and Faux News do).

If this Nation, can't get it up for evil? It's well and truly over. Courtesy ... buncha limp d*cks (no, Viagra won't help). It's not a complex equation.


The futures' so darn bright (I need welding goggles)


J.F. [Jew F*cker (upper)] Kerry's most recent remarks, about the Provisional Treason? Kerry, whose son in law, is biological son, to a Full Fledged Member, of the Iranian Genocide Machine [for real (but you didn't read about it in Ratt Sludge, or Brightfart, now did you)].

Going on, and on, and on.
Telling lie, after lie, after lie.

Audacious, bald faced lies. Malted milk balls (Whoppers). Lying, on behalf our sworn mortal enemies. On behalf the Shii caliphate. On behalf the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult. And lying to discredit, slime, and deligitimize ... the people, of the Book.

Hey John, try it to my face.

WashExam (via Lucianne)

A known plagiarist (Erickson), disinviting Trump, to his (today, Saturday) "gathering"? Cuz of language? Trump's language being a "bridge too far" (for our dear Red Stater). Yeah, another strong 1st Ammendment supporter.

Fox (via Breit/Wright, via Lucianne)

More 1st Ammendment supporters .... i g n o r i n g Cruz, for forty straight minutes, during the (holy mother of all) "debate."


Picture postcards (from the future) (4x, this a.m.)

Mali - 12x dead - "Islamic militants"
Kabul - 42x dead - "Islamic militants"
Bangladesh - 1x blogger dead (head cut off) - "Islamic militants"
Syria - 230x Christians kidnapped, while hiding in a church (45 women, 19 children) - "Islamic militants"

Indep UK (2x)

1x ... 'Indian Air Force beats RAF, 12-0, in training exercise, using Russian jets'

SU-30 vs. Typhoon FGR4. Not just one on one, but 2 on 1!

RAF stresses: "had effectively been fighting with one arm behind the back, as they did not make full use of their more advanced weapons systems" (I didn't know Josh Earnest moonlighted).

Translation, stand off, long range combat would enable the Typhoon, to be more successful (both sides/contestants agree). Otherwise, close in, air to air ... forget it, it's over.

Better sit down for this one .... RAF's jet fleet "set to shrink to its smallest size in history."

2x ... 'Migrants work out passcode for security gate into Eurotunnel complex'  ... [I just didn't have the heart, to read it (is it noon yet?)].


8:30 a.m.

Direct link:

Is you all indoctrinated?

LAT's/Sunday, Aug 2/atomic/pg F2

Jacket Copy/Rene Lynch

Seuss' 'Pet' runs afoul of PETA

Dr. Seuss, has a new book out. Written in the 1950's, and previously considered ... long lost. Titled: "What Pet Should I Get?" But PETA's, got their frillies in a big bunch (oh no elmo, you didn't just say that? Carly, and Megyn, and Eric gunna come after you now boy).

Ingrid Newkirk, President/PETA(moss for brains):

"it could set back the movement to encourage shelters over pet shops."

I'd tell her to sugg me deek, but I wouldn't want to catch anything.

KNX/1070  Sat, Aug 8 (7:17 a.m.)

Whacko goes on stabbing spree [his genetic/melanin composition ... no attribution given. Though I'm sure, we'll find out, soon enough (if he's white). And if he isn't, I'm sure Crump's already got a bag packed (and on the phone to King Pigsh*t, toot sweet/lickety split)].

Stabs 6x, at 2x locations, one of them a convalescent hospital. 1x critical. Police arrive (and quickly, with peeps on the street pointing the way), promptly offing the f*cking piece'a filth.

KNX talking (penis) head: "no word on what led police to shoot the man" (exact transcript).

It's not that truth, is stranger than fiction (ya can't make this sh*t up. It isn't possible). But that truth no longer exists. It now, is all fiction. All make believe. All artificial/virtual "reality." Who needs a time machine? It's freakin' Berlin, 1938.

It's all so UNREAL.


11:00 a.m.

Having a good day lil blogger?

Lemme foog dat up for ya :-)

Yeah, been quite a while, since I trudged through any single one of them fetid swamps. A long time. No point. They all smell. All of 'em. All the time. Nothing changes/nothing's changed. None the less, it really has been a while. And I kinda forgot, how deranged, utterly deranged ... these people are. Their disconnect, from reality. It's just staggering. I read 'bout the first fifty or so comments, in the post's thread.

So, if you're having a good day?

Lemme froog that up for ya!


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