Friday, July 17, 2015

Obama's just cancelled Israel

But, it isn't a TV show ... that's been dropped (from the lineup). No.

Peeps ... it's a Country. A Nation, filled with human beings, of all stripes. And THEY ... have just been cancelled [coupl'a three/four Saudi's too, for that matter (whuddya know)].

When Hymietown Jesse said: "Things will be different with Israel now" (right around King Hussein's first coronation). I first thought (now, lightyears ago), it was an oops moment. A hopefull/wishfull slip. That just accidentally popped out.


I can see it was an all too proud brag. It was joy. Happiness. For Jesse already knew, who Obama REALLY was. And what he was going to do. And Hymietown Jesse, simply could not contain his arousal. He had to let it out (Bill Clinton ... freeing Willie).

Buraq Hussein, the community organizer. Barry Soetoro, the socialist. King Pigsh*t. Just and only an anarchist/nihilist? Tis all just misdirection. For summa da lazy loudmouths to spout (over and over). Whatever King Hussein is? [And we know (without question) he ISN'T  American].

He is ... first and foremost .... a piece of goatf*cking filth. A (rather poorly) closeted member, of the B.R.M.D.C. (baby raping moong*d death cult). The entirety of his being. Like every other single member, of Mad Mo's bug squad.

Is hatred.

It's in H I S .... DNA (helloooo Justice Kennedy, you butt fookin arse to mouth maggot!). In every helix, of every cell. In every moving corpuscle. Every firing neuron. Raging Jew hate.

It is his all.

His everything. It is the air that he breathes  .... just like, exactly like ... every other single member, of the B.R.M.D.C.. The entirety of their being.

However, like a cancelled TV show. The disappointment among the populace, merely fleeting [already dissapating (what were we talking about again?)].

There is no fury. No urgency. No movement afoot. To really well and truly. ACTUALLY stop the S.P.O.P. (steamin' pile o' peegsheet). None of the brayer's, are going to do sh*t, really [other than pimpin' their latest bwain dwippin's (over and over again)].

They certainly won't sacrifice anything. At all. Let alone, even face the possibility of any sort of discomfort. Or any possible (financial?) reprobation (or blowback). For actually doing something [other than blowing ... hot air (largely what they do)].


In their cocoons. Sitting next to their awards and honorariums, while fondly clutching their (small) golden statues.

And no one will support Ted Cruz's effort.
To stop this madness.
Because he's Ted Cruz!

THE "deal" ... IS GOING TO GO THROUGH. No one has stopped King Hussein before. No one is going to stop him now. Everyone will keep their hands, in their pockets, and just watch (pocket pool). Though the stakes this time, are b e y o n d astronomical. The Country HAS fallen. And the chances of it getting back up? Get slimmer. With each moment that passes. It's sick. It's sad.

No one can be bothered. No one cares [OMG! My TV show didn't get an Emmy nod!! (sneef/waaaah). And hey, did you see the (Zuckermaggot handpuppet) Pitbull interview, with Ramos? (Umm no. But I watched him LAST NIGHT, on Premios Juventud 2015, from Miami. And he REALLY tore Trump [standing in for whitey/GOP] a New One [yep])].

Everyone's just so franticaly busy, with all of these feathers, on strings [Ben, getting manhandled, by one of Dr. Drew's neutered menagerie (though yes, absolutely, a sign of violent times [soon] to be)].


There won't be anymore kitties people (nor feathers on a string).

There won't be anything. Just anarchy. And destruction. That's right, no kitties b*tches.

In Islam, they don't swerve to avoid your puppy. Nope. They push the gas, and steer towards.


What the f*ck are YOU  going to do about it? Huh. What?

If you haven't figured it out yet, there is nothing that will contain Dear Leader (Breit: Barely 24 hrs after the "deal." Obama's chief negotiatior, publicly admits, it's a complete fraud/mere rhetoric).

He won't follow any law. Any directive. He will deliver the $150 Billion. Via a rowboat, across the Atlantic, to Iran, by himself, if he has to [he has to get it done, now. He has to get Russian or Chinese human shields in  place A.S.A.P.! (he actually firmly believes, this will somehow stop Israel. And cement his legacy. As the biggest Jookiller of all time)].

If he hasn't sold the world, in the next week? (And I gotta figure they AREN'T  sleeping. This consumes every single moment of their time and effort. They want it done. Like yesterday). He will wait just a little longer, until Congess takes their summer break/recess. He'll pretend to go, to Martha's Vineyard. Even sending a dead ringer lookalike to the island (bank). And then. THEN he will raise Iran up.

To destroyer of worlds.


BBC: 'No terror link' in U.S. shooting

Ummkay (I giss it musta been the Ambien).
"Motive unclear." (He was trying to help them, he'd heard their air conditioning was out?).

Analcyst/Gary O'Donoghue/BBC/Tennessee

"What made him do what he did will be the subject of intense inquiry." (... Jew's fault?)

[Remember people, the Beeb is the largest platform in the world. Followed by Al Jizz].


Obama: "Heartbreaking" .... he didn't kill more soldiers. And that the cops got their man [though no lawsuits, against the cops, have been filed (it's still early. Crump hasn't been to the White House ... yet [again])].

Heartbreaking? The same exact slaughter, carried out every minute, of every day. Every second. Around the globe. By Iran, and the shii caliphate? Not so much.

Obama: "I speak for the American people." I'm sure there must be at least one practiced/skilled/accomplished ventriloquist out there. Who can do it? But Mein Fuehrer, really is the best, no contest. At speaking out his *ss.

You steaming pile of pigsh*t.

YOU SPEAK FOR THE CALIPHATE! Go f*ck yourself ya filthy scumsucking fascist freak (feels good, you oughta try it).

FBI: "simple criminal act" (well, he'll be eligible for a pardon then!). "Not on their radar." Yeah, obviously, they're still using the old machines (damn fookin tightwad white repub's), they bought in 2009, right after the coronation. That only pick up/register ... bone china, filled with Earl Grey.

KNX/1070: "Domestic terrorism." But not Islamic. Initial reports even described the suspect/perp as white! "Served two tours ... Iraq/Afghan , Purple Heart." Only to be gunned down, holding his d*ck. "CAIR condemns" .... oh, okay, that makes it all alright then (and what else, exactly, are they going to say? You f*cking *ssmonkeys).

Or my favorite: "intelligence gathering needs to be stepped up." [Hey, they're working on the internment camp designs right now (as we speak). For Jews. Cuz, as we all now know, all the wrong people ... are currently incarcerated! ("There [stink]butt for the grace of Al Huh")].

The global Jew killin' train's picking up speed people. It's gunna hurt. A lot. You can't imagine. And you won't even have to be down, with the Tribe. When the mine blows, the sky will be filled with dead canaries. Blocking out the sun. Darkness has arrived 'pon this earth.

Now is the time.

Stand and deliver.



Show me something b*tches .... anything. Or shut the f*ck up/get outta muh face. I ain playin no mo. Get to work. Do your f*cking jobs already (ZzzzZzzz ....keep dreamin' elmo ....).


Saturday, July 18, 2015 (9:00 a.m.)

"No Dem's accepted the invitation"

(Breit/Paul Miller) No Dem's accepted CUFI's invitation. To speak at Christians United for Israel's, 10th annual summit, in D.C. [four Conswervo's of course did accept, and will speak, this upcoming week (Monday?)].

Nice bit'a kit, from Mister Miller.

I don't think there's much hope, for America. Much hope to quash King Pigsh*t's, gay sex orgy [with Khameini/mad mullahs (and a few goats to be sure [heck, maybe even a camel?])].

The extent of the madness, which has overtaken this Country (and the world). Towering. Overpowering .... evil. And, as I've already said, however many times.


Not next month.
Not next year.
Not when anyone's new book comes out.
Not during the debates.
Not during the campaign.
Not during the election [or of course, after (sneef)].
Now (hey elmo, could you spell it for me?).
Ok .... n ..... o .... w (hey elmo, can you use it in a sentence? ...).

And the only ones, in the atomic, doing anything. ANYTHING. Are these glorious souls. Left foot. Right. Marching. To save the greatest gift. That ever was.

This Nation.

It's a simple math equation. Giving Iran an arsenal of nuclear bombs (and the ICBM's to send them aloft). And one hundred fifty billion dollars (in cash). To power and embolden their global terror machine. Isn't the way to do it [save the Country (nor the world)]. It's the way to destroy it. Physically ... destroy it. In the atomic. With an atomic bomb. Under normal circumstances, one would think that obvious .... Iran + Nuclear Bomb = BOOM (maybe CORE teaches a different result? ... Don't know).

Wanna know why, I'm no longer a flaming libturd?
Why I could no longer stand with the left? (Sure, the smell got to me. Yeah, no question).

It was the countless kind, generous souls, like those in CUFI (just like, exactly like). Who (virtually) held my hand. Showed me the error of my (beyond) staggering ignorance. BIG hearted souls, taking the time, courteously telling me. (In so many gentle, very patient words) I was ....  S T O O P I D. Which was the impetus, for my initial step, to the center. Then shuffle, just a little more ... over to the right [it was quite an event, the first time. In the booth. Voting for a Repub, over a dozen years ago [a couple years after beginning my stench avoidance walk (away from libturd filth)].

Complete strangers.

Who had my doofus (hook nosed, bagel eating) back. When I didn't even know, there was a big red bullseye, painted on it. Then, I didn't understand why .... why would complete strangers, literally stand in front, of anyone aiming a gun at my back?

It certainly did arouse my curiousity. Who are these people ... what's in it for them? I, looking to see (who, what they were on about), learned.

I learned: I knew absof*ckinglutey NOTHING about politics.

[Which had never previously stopped me, from spouting my ignant political opinion (say it isn't so elmo!). You know, just like every other freakin' deranged libturd filth monkey].

And thus the journey began. To the real world (as diff from the one I was indoctrinated to, here in SoCal).

To all those now in D.C., getting in the faces of the vile congress critters. Bumping uglies (with the vile stench of 'em).


Me, elmo. I Thank You for your being. For your doing. For your shaming. Of these evil filth. For you seem to be the only ones alive. Who even care. Let alone, who are actually doing something. Anything. TO SAVE THIS NATION. As it lay 'pon its death bed. Gasping its last breath.

I Thank You With All My Heart.

So lessee .... the U.N. poverty pimps/muzzy meat mouth stuffers. Will "ratify" [rat (vermin)], the "treaty" .... the Pwezziduncial Ughreement. And then, it will become "international law" (the quotation marks are really flying now).

But only we, the citizens, of this once great nation. And the State of Israel. Are bound to it (though yes, NONE of them voted on it).


And in turn, we the people, and they (the Israeli's). Will be the bad guys, for "abrogating" it. Funny that (not really). Iran hasn't followed a single U.N. resolution. Since the beginning of time. Any resolution. ALL resolutions. EVER. Any of their obligations/committments to the IAEA. All of their obligations and committments to the IAEA. And they're going to start now? [not that there's anything in the "agreement" for them to follow. Let alone any reason to (follow). They've already got the bomb (check). And in a few days, they'all also have $150B (hey Bibi, suggdiss!)].

Go f*ck yourself Chucklehead. You're just a six foot tall cockroach. Who talks (out its bunghole). That's it. A bug. A smelly, stanknasty, filthy insect. Vermin. Hussein the Verminator. King Pigsh*t. Nothing more [ok .... a deranged genocidal lunatic (sure, yeah)].

Iran isn't a moral beacon. A righteous signpost.
The light to all mankind. They're genociders. And. They're goatf*ckers. It's what they do. It's who they are. It's all they are. It's the only things they do (kill a Jew, then fook a goat for desert). And now they have an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Bibi's given all the hints. And after all these years, I guess I've finally figured out, what's in play (and how it's all been played). And how it is going to be (played), going forward. Hint: the Israeli's won't be played. Though yeah, Buraq Hussein (in the Membrane), the Iranvermi, the Russky's, and the 99c store to the world. Think they can/will.

And in thus, we find ourselves, on the precipice (the very). Of armageddon. Though yes, it's true, Adolf Chucklehead Odorama, will regale us, on Kapo King Jon Stewart's televised porcine parlor. On July 21. Once more, before [the B.F.A.T.M.M. (butt froogin arse to mouth maggot, Stewart)], leaves the airwaves (can I have an amen?). And show us the pendulating pocket watch (to watch swinging), and tell us .... are our eyelids are getting heavy ... Iran is our friend .... kill the Kikes .... Iran is our friend .... [though he may Tweet something before then, if we're lucky (thank you al huh)]. Me? Not into gay sex, so I'll pass ... on watching Jon. Gobble Obie's willie, on the air again (for the seventh time!).

And Marlow & mgmt? Still *ssmonkeys. Clueless *ssmonkeys. Wanking, spanking *ssmonkeys .... still .... with the background scripts/stealth advert poppuperry crappola. Amateur shite (we call those clues, clowns). But then, you are clueless (snarf). All stealth adverts, are an abuse. ANY WAY you want to rationalize them. Inherently self defeating. But I digress. Stupid just is, as stupid just does.

As diff: Ben, stay the f*ck away from the Dr Drew transmission repair shop redux. DO NOT  go back. You've already won [not a great victory, with stellar form (the voice pitch change thingy deen't help)]. But indeed you did, Sir. Kept your cool, under circumstances difficult. Take a bow. Now take the trophy, put it on the mantle. Forget about the filth. Trust me. Please. You can only lose. Gotta know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em. I'm tellin'ya .... roll with pigs (again). And you will get slopped (again). But then I'm sure, you will return (see how that works? I did try though. Yeah, I did).


10:00 a.m.

Gatestone Institute (via Directorblue)

"Surely only an uncharitable person would wonder why Iran's rulers are buying the technology they would need to repel any attack on their nuclear project at the same time as they are promising the Americans that they are not developing nuclear weaponry."


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