Tuesday, June 30, 2015

F*ck Fox ... all the way up, with a red hot poker

Got at least a bazillion other thoughts/links/ideas needing to be posted (some of 'em even important ... criminy). But, this'll have to do. Yeah.

Spotted this wuvly lil capsule (on Fox's console, at Breit):

'For world, limited options if Iran talks fall apart'

And thought, why bother reading (dookie smells).

The talks falling apart, collapsing completely. Is what we want. EXACTLY what we want. So, curiosity got the better of me ... and I did click over (to the link). Oond what did I find?

Fox is now using/running/printing unedited AP "reports." Fox, running AP propaganda [no, I really don't need to read. Really. A single f*cking word, and I didn't (blah blah blah .... Israel bad. Jews bad. Iran good. Iran very good. J. F. Kerry, special assistant, to the messiah (when Reggie ain' around to buff/polish the brass). And soon to join the ranks, of the pantheonic messiah (receive blood soaked Nobel).

I don't think you peeps have a sense. Know, understand the extent of the peril we, and the Nation are in. The danger we face. At all [but then, that's a whole nuther post ... (and if you get it before the Fourth? Lucky you!)].


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