Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flailing in the dark with no arms

Character counts.


And that is why, we aren't going to make it.
Sorry, we're not.
There just isn't enough Character, to go around.
Just the way things are.

Most people really don't give a sh*t.
Don't care (LAT', professional video game players, now have their own fantasy sports league!)
Or don't know.
At all.

Generally, I try to avoid click bait. Or simply just cross the (virtual) road, when encountering trolling. Though yes, I am human (say it isn't so elmo!). And so, deen't read a single word, of Ann Coulter's odiously titled:

'Knowing what we know now, would you say Jeb Bush is ret*rded?'

And, as my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces, as this country is destroyed, from within. There are so many other things, I need write about [FIFA/Israel (very poorly disguised backdoor attempt at "contiguous"). And Deutsche Welle (Via KCET), spending a  h u g e  amount of time, airing  p u r e  Pale propaganda, bout same (German TV, giving me the f*cking chills [mighty sick sh*t people]). Or Global Warming, not being the greatest security threat, to this Nation, but Buraq Hussein (his pigsh*t self)].

But I am duty bound (YES I AM) ... to harp, on the harpy using the R word. No, I don't have no (steenkin) badge. Nope. Nooh. Nor anyone's froogin permission [but the IslamoCommieJunta (and their water carriers), are working on that now (in fact ... they've already started, in Garland. Garland Texas)].

Yeah, the R word was once in common usage. Sure. But fell out of favor, into disuse. When it was being used perjoratively, in constancy. And all too casually directed, at the least among us. Belittling, demeaning, devaluing. And in such, destroying.

It is a vile word.
An odious word.
It is an evil word.

It cheapens us all. So why would Herr Coultergeist use it? Ignorance ... gross indifference? No, a quick check, Bing, shows she knows (yep, she does. Most certainly). Maybe ... she can't let go of her usual one trick pony m.o. (make the libs shriek with horror, as they run away). Who knows, really. I don't. But it shows a complete and total lack of character.

The power of that word. It's ability to destroy, in the atomic. In the prescence of those who are challenged. Unmatched. Even by that other word. And I've been witness to both, in me youth.

And I now would raise hand. Without compunction or regret. Against those who would use it, in their presence. Make no mistake. None. Believe that (oh yeah). Its users have no soul.

And no character.

For they are empty vessels.

The Country will  be dead on arrival, come November, 2016. Regardless of who gets whichever nomination, of either party.


For there will be nothing left to save. Far too many have already sold their souls. For a bright shiny nickel. The Country is dying NOW. In its very last throes, its very last breath (but the buildings are still standing elmo?).

We're not a Nation of Americans anymore. No. A bunch of empty vessels. Who can't work up the spit, to actually do something. Anything. To save the Country.

Other than ... writing and (flying around the country) pimpin', yet another f*cking book.

Erudite, poised, nonchalance ... drowning us in their egos [and for only twenty five dollars? You ignoramus' will be able to save the country too (with the knowledge and pithy insights gained!)].

Another book, from another Conservative, won't do f*cking sh*t. For anyone. Or anything. It certainly won't save the Country. Or I'd write a hundred books too. A thousand even. A million. It's just in wind pissin'.

Though yeah, if we loaded up all the myriad Conswervo tracts/tomes, from just the last couple years alone? Onto a trebuchet, and launched 'em in the direction of Washington. Well then there lil cowboy ... you might actually accomplish something (yippy kay yaye mofo's).

Yeah, really, I do have bigger fish to fry. Yes I do, you bet. Who gives a flying leap at low hanging fruit. But I don't much care for when people stick a needle, in my eye.

Character counts. There's just not enough of it left. To save the Country.

It WAS magical land L*rd. But it is no more. People quick with a smile, or a kind word, or a helping hand. They were everwhere upon the land. Everywhere. But it will never be again. Get you a big bag of earplugs people. The screams are going to be deafening.

But hey ... my new book, is now available, on Amazon (times a'wastin ... order yours now!).


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