Thursday, May 07, 2015

America's dead ... G*d's on vacation

In one, two, or just three hours from now? When the Traitors (and their water carriers), surrender this Nation. Unto the odoriferous bipeds (who fornicate with goats). It will O F F I C I A L L Y demarcate, the end. Of these United States of America.

Not words. Nor virtual blather. The real f*cking deal. And ... it will also mark the beginning, of Armageddon (no caps required). Merely a couple of hours. Yeah ... hours. Only a hundred and eighty minutes. Seconds from now.

The why's and wherefore's ... meaningless. We had six years. To crush the bug. The insect. Foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb Rebel Commander Hussein. And we failed.

Tonight, the cowards and the traitors in D.C., will slosh, gargle and guzzle some effervescent frog water. And their BFF'S, the goat fookers, in Tehran? Will drag a gay/two or three ... up to the roof, for a toss. Off the roof. In genuflection, to their baby raping moong*d (death cult). All who (to the) ockbar.

As if G*d, has packed his bags ... and gone on vacation. Global conflict isn't pretty. But it is here. Here now. Special delivery.

No, G*d is not going to save us, from Neutron Obomba. Who has already destroyed so many lives. And will destroy so many more.

What lies ahead? What is coming? Y'all have to place your own bets on the future. I know not. And what I do know, I won't share (milstrat and all that).

I know I am afraid. For in a handfull of minutes, the Gates of Hell will be unlocked. And I know not what to do? Or where to go. Or where to hide (smalltown/anytown, Southwest U.S., or the Negev)?

For I have spent ALL my time, the last six years. Trying to keep the gates locked. That would be days, weeks, months, years ... of my life. Instead, instead of building a bunker (for myself). My love of this Country. Versus their hate, for it (and G*d).

It was quite something L*rd. Thank You. For the life given. And the Country, I was able to live in. It was glorious. All the joy, all the laughter, all the beauty ... the light, the love. I could write a book, it was that extraordinary (likely, I won't. It would just seem so bragadocious). It was that good, that wondrous, that magical [though the six/seven years, I was a full fledged, bell ringing member of the Booyah Tribe (crack addict). Weren't no picnic. But then, even a balcony seat in Hell, provides knowledge and education].

Now, it is their time.
A time for blood.
Get ready people.
Make no mistake.
They aren't done.

Fresh, from their kill (of this Nation). with bloody hands, they will hunt down G*d too (wherever he may be?). Like a dog in the street (or a gay in Tehran). And kill him (also). They have only just begun.

While the Conswervo media elite grow fat, and rich (and even brag about it). Business as usual ... Brady's balls (see what happens when you don't genuflect before the King?). Shaq's pratfalls. Or even the revolting sight of Laura Ingraham, sticking her nose. Allllllll the way up Bill O"Reilly's *ss (good riddance). Or the knee dropping putrid stench, of Kapo Queen Natalie Portman [squatting/cr*pping on Bibi, while giving Galliano a bl*wjob (at the same time!)].

Today, like all the rest, for the Profits of Doom .... it's business as usual. Just like last week. Or next week (buy my book, take my cruise, visit my other websites, yada yada ad infintum).

I won't share, the last remaining dream I have. Though it be quite small, and quite simple. Ever so. But circumstance has prevented, lo these years. I haven't given up, we'll see ... time will reveal.

I do know this.
It is time.
Time to start jettisoning.
All the dead weight.
Just to survive.
In a world gone well and truly mad.

Evil is here.

It was a glorious ride L*rd. Beyond anything, Sir.

Enjoy your time off.


Friday, May 8, 2015, 6:00 a.m.

You'll Never Blog in This Town Again (elmo) ...


After witnessing (at close range), the horrific, cold blooded murder, of Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution. And this Nation whole, with a 45 acp bullet, to the brain. Yesterday, in the chambers, of the "esteemed" U.S. Senate. During their surrender, to Iran, and the Shii caliphate.

You might be wonderin' ... Why. It. Does. Not. Appear. At. Ratt. Sludge?

Well ... see peeps, if I told you? You wouldn't believe me. And how would I know? Well (it's a really, really strange world), I (as in me), for most of 2013, and round half of 2014. Hauled a third of their water [without pay/attribution/accredation (and, not why I was there [thought I'd help, the Country was in trouble])]. Providing the morning Lede, numerous times, as well a fair chunk of any morning's edition.

It takes no talent. Anyone can do it [even a trained monkey (or talentless hack, like me!)]. Believe that. The site pretty much writes itself (courtesy the work of the world's newspapers, journo's, and bloggers). Coming up with short, catchy titles for the links, is the site's meat (from other people's cattle). Though, if it's the weekend? No need to even bother visiting (hey, Washington doan work on the weekend, then why the fook should I?). Yeah, lazy too.

And today's lineup ... the usual B.S. (sans Iran, of course) .... robot maids, Japanese monkeys, named Charlotte (does she blog?). And the ever present story/link ... Ratt Sludge/Most Powerful Man in Media (evah!).

But, he's not alone (others line up, to kiss the ring). The Iran surrender, absent/invisible on other continents, of the Conswervosphere (disappointingly, Lucianne). And at Breitbart? It appears down range, on "Page 3," or "Page 4."

Being titled: 'Senate passes Corker's Iran bill'

Which tells/informs you ... nothing. And is closer, more akin to the Senate/House's double speak: 'Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.' And sadly, May's piece (a shite), just/only regurgitates the Grand Ole P*ssy's words and lies. Essentially, perpetutating them. Though, yes, commenters in thread, do carry the water (for Breitbart). Splainin' things, giving context/meaning [if you didn't already catch Monsieur (on the a.m.), yesterday, 3 p.m. pst].

But, the article itself, IS noteworthy. For one reason .... pol's names (mentioned in article), now are accompanied by their CR (ConservativeReview) rating number/score. Kind of a click through internet video game (whack-a-mole). The end of the world, with "reporting" by Consumer Reports (Oooh oooh ... I want THAT toaster!).

The day's other "news"?

Lynch/NSA hoovering your bunghole for data? And (I won't) Comey (in your mouth): "we gave Garland a head's up/not our fault" [you know ... it was them racist cops (and b'sides, no one died [tho' (ssshhh, yeah) we lied])]. And whatever else shite gets tossed up/reported?

All a distraction. Cuz it is ... the end of the world. As we know it. Yeah. It. F*cking. Is.

And no (obviously), I don't feel fine.


Saturday, May 9, 2015, 11:00 a.m.


U.S. Training (mythical, magical) 'moderate' Syrian rebels [the same ones, who live up John (can't cut the cheese) McCain's butt].


'FBI warns cops ISIS could soon execute 9/11 style attack in U.S.' [That would of course be, only after. We first finish training them ... in Syria (stop making sense elmo!)].

MSNBC/Friday/May 8/10:57 a.m.

The Denver restaurant owner [do I really, really have to mention his ethnicity? (all this racialism makes me physically ill)]. Who, obviously ... on a lark [yeah, he knows now (there is NO 1st ammendment, any more. Let alone, humor)]. Was/is going to sponsor/promote "white appreciation day." At his establishment.

To wit, MSNBC: "could be serious legal repercussions." I'm sure they meant for him, right? Then again .... mebbe for any pink bunnies seen entering!


(Poll shows) 'Strong support for sales tax increase, for rail projects'

The "poll" in question? Paid for, conducted by .... L.A. MetroTransitAuthority. Yeah, yeah ... let's raise the sales tax! You bet. Give these fookin' *ssmonkeys another $120B, a year. To feed to the unions (the bullet train to nowhere, just ain't enough .... union welfare!).


'SF mayor signs law that bans chewing tobacco at ballparks'

Why bother ... snarc'ing. Really. Sure, Johhny's gunna catch a whole lotta heck ... for his chewing ... gum. In article, similar bill, now in Calif assembly. Banning ALL smokeless backy, AND e-cigs "at any organized baseball game." No, you can't make this sh*t up [mebbe they just don't want to offend the new (mooselimb) GM, of the Dodgers?].

Next? Cola, ice cream, tater chips? Red meat? [Well yeah, there would be the Neutron Obomba, Kobe Beef exemption (and the Neutron Obomba, Lobster exemption. And the .... Rand Paul medical exemption. And the ...)].

Tele/UK x2


Man kills daughter, then his wife, then his sister. Then logs on to Facebook. To update (and mentions his deeds. And the reasons). Cops arrive, he burns the house down (with himself in it). You can skip the article. YES YOU CAN. Just f*cking evil.

North Korea

Talks of reproachment, with Bong'n Jong'in. You know, cuz it worked out so well, the last time. I giss lil Kim's figur'd out, there's money to be had, from Neutron Obomba! Lots of it [maybe ... if he kills him some Jews, he'll get more? (well, he has already shipped nuclear materiels, and rocket motors to Iran. Does that count?)].

I don't do social media. Never have. Never will. My atomic life, is mine. My virtual (?), that is here, and that's it, period. So, I have little clue 'bout Twitter/Facebook yada yada. But I gotta ask, how about a Go Fund Me page, for the families, of the Baltimore 6? Riiight, good luck with that (elmo).

Is it noon yet?

Almost forgot, how 'bout burning a (koo koo ka) Chooran, on the Capital steps. Every day. Every single day. 'Tween now, and eternity. Whuddya say America? What's that ... the NBA playoffs? Oh, didn't mean to disturb .... never mind.


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