Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let the word go forth ... the torch has been extinguished

There just aren't enough shoulders, to bear the burden.
To oppose any foe.
To insure this Nation's survival.
And the continuation of Liberty, its very self.

Pardon ... Monsieur Levin, but tis no longer, a 'soft' tyranny. No. We passed that signpost .... aways back (I told you people not to blink). People's lives are being, have been .... d e s t r o y e d.

People aren't just afraid, to speak (while you NSA maggots are suggin' me deek, could you lick around the back too?). They are afraid, to think. Lest the jackboots, destroy them also.

Not hyperbole. Not projection. People are being accused (threatened with violence). Indicted. Arrested. Jailed. Imprisoned.

And murdered (Hawaii records clerk).

REAL FEAR ... not some company logo/t-shirt [though Apple, is now in the fascism business. Bullying Americans (little ole ladies, are now being threatend with violence. BECAUSE OF TIM COOK [n o t   f i c t i o n (repeat)])]. And the foreign born, dog eating mooselimb in the W.H., is spreading this contagion. Around the world. And it is spreading ... like wildfire.

NYT's/Gaffney [via WashTimes (and their absolutely b e y o n d idiotic, self defeating click through paywall]: "opposing Rebel Commander Hussein's surrender, to Iran ... is ... racist." [And Erica Holdress' gun ban list, of "mental defectives"? Largely comprised of .... American Veterans (also WashTimes)].

AP - Northern Israel

Christian cemetery, in Israel, vandalized. Crosses smashed ... "by suspected Jewish extremists." Like wow. You fookin' mooks sure it isn't the Kapo excrement, that met with Chucklhead Odorama, in the White House? [Mebbe that's just me (snarf). Timing IS everything (the Iran surrender, rammed through while everyone was staring at the pretty lights [the Magic Rubyo Slippers])].


'Young, female and forging ahead in Gaza'

"Bombing, power outages, shaky infrastructure, destroyed roads, and eroding rights"


"flanked by Israel and Egypt, Gaza has seen three wars in six years"


"In recent years, the democratically elected (snarf) ruling party hamas, has mandated gender segregation"


"50% of [(NGO) GSG's] biz startups in Gaza, are led by women. Compared to 5%, in the U.S."

Yeppers, Joosfault!

The same racist mofo's, who have the temerity, to criticize The One.


In direct violation, of his sainted U.N.'s Sec Council resolutions. Against same. Sticking Rouhani's d*ck in his mouth, while the Nork's ship (multiple vessels), of L A R G E missile engines. To Iran.

As in, not sharing this intel. With the U.N..

While the world is negotiating, to end the threat, of a nuclear Iran. He allows them to bulk up.

ON ICBM's (not just/only a plethora of highly advanced Russian S-300 missile battery's).

Instead of destroying the rocket motors, enroute.

Let the word go forth, from this time and place. The torch has been passed ... to a new generation of cowards and traitors. Let every nation know. We have surrendered.

Bow ... to our goat fookin' overlords.


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