Thursday, April 09, 2015

How many times must Walter Scott die?

'Tween morning, and afternoon ... I'd (easily) already seen his death, fifty times (five oh). Each channel/station not content to play it. But to play it endlessly. On closed loop, over and over. And over again. In the first twelve media hours, his death seen by more people. More times. Than the Zapruder film.

How Many Times Must Walter Scott Die?

As if television were invented
To show his demise
Or radio, to playback
All eight bullets ... whizzing by

Walter Scott will die
A thousand, thousand more times
Until the tears of eye

Are washed away, by the blood
The blood of a white guy

And then another ...
Upon the pyre
As the riots begin

Then Chris Hayes
And Joy Ann Reid
And Android Cooper

Can increase the width and breadth
Of their sh*t eating grins
While joyously dancin' 'pon the the grave

Of Walter Scott
Over and over again


Wanted to give my two yuan, 'bout that creep Rand Paul. And so I will. At best, he's Ron Paul ... lite. Though he never lost that faint eau de parfum, of his pop (though the Paulbots can't smell it. Just like, exactly like ... the Oborg  can't whiff that other pile'o).

A political animal. NOTHING MORE. Period. Enamored with is own aura (just like, exactly like ...). A carpetbagger, with but .01% more elan. Than Snitches Sharpton. Or Hymietown Jessie.

However many years ago, when he ascended on the political scene. I found it quite disturbing, to witness in real time. His 'rehabilitation.' Into a "leader", of the tea party. As if he foogin' created it! Now, the lil turdmonkey's taking swipes at me.

Loud and proud, say NEOCON to my face ya f*cking lil creep. There isn't any difference, between you and Obama. On anything, of any importance.

You are not a leader of men. You are incapable of leading a nation. Though you beyond selfishly, may do well, in campaigning for President [just like ... exactly like (and y'all can shove that electability meme!)].

The nation however. Will suffer. In extremis. Should it come to pass. Just like with Jeb. Or that other, all politics all the time weasel .... Rubio [hey elmo, ya didn't mention that Bozo Rick Perry? That's right, he isn't worth mentioning (stay home clown, stay home)].

Scott Walker may be a nice guy, great administrator. But you can't get up to foreign policy speed, over breakfast. Sorry (just ask Ben Carson, or Herman Cain).

Which leaves us the only horse that got us here. The only horse to carry our water. The last two years. The saying's run whatcha brung. 'Cept he. Brought us. Here.

Perfect? (snarf)

Vote for Dear Leader, a third time (you already did vote for him, three times?), if that's what you want .... faux reality.

You wanna take a swipe at Ted Cruz?

You go through me b*tches.
You go through me.
I ain't playin'.
And this isn't a game.


It is for everything that ever was.
Or ever will be.

Lead, follow.
Or get the f*ck out of my way.


Friday, April 10, 2015, 4:30 a.m.

Hitler's (more than) Willing Executioners

KNX/1070 (CBS "News" Radio), 2 a.m., lede ... (description of newly released dashcam vid):

"Scott ignored Slager's orders, to stay in the car. Scott gets out, and starts to run away. That's when he was shot by Officer Slager."

Yeah, I'm not too well versed, in Bible verses (ooh, that's a surprise). Or theology in general. But, if there is a G*d, who keeps a list, and is in the smiting biz? Sir, if you could move the steamin' piles a'peeg sheet at CBS, to near the top, of the list?

Yeah, I know you're busy ....

Speaking of S.P.O.P.S (steaming piles of peeg sheet) ....


Pakistan releases terror mastermind (Mumbai, 2008). On bail.


Blogger Ronald Barbour said...

Excellent article! I posted your poem on my blog with the link back to you.

I agree with you about Cruz, he's my main man as well in 2016, although I think the presidency goes the way the Progressive elite want it to go, as they have a lock on the Electoral College.

I hate to say it, but The Dread Hildabeast is more likely as president than Senator Cruz....That is unless Obama decides to ignore the 22nd Amendment and appoint himself, "The President For Life."

Take care down there in Southern California and remember, "No Shower Longer Than Three Minutes!"

11:07 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I'd be more than surprised, if Hildabeast infects/infests the White House (again). After King Cockroach. But NOTHING should surprise any of us, anymore. And, well, yeppers ... your batting average of late, is higher than mine. Assuming there is anything left ... of the country? Anything at all ... I'll wager ten bucks. Pantsuitsackadoodie won't be prez in 2016.

I'm not an optimist. It's just the sulfur stench of that beast, I think will start to be smell't. Sooner, rather than later (yeah, does sound kinda optimistic there/snarf).

4:13 AM  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...

I know how you feel, my friend.

In fact, I know how many patriotic Americans feel these days as the Gates of Hell open before our shocked eyes.

It's the same sort of ice cold feeling of approaching death as did the passengers and crew on the Titanic when the last lifeboat was launched.

Anyhow, the band plays on and the drinks are cheap. I give thanks that I'm 66 years old and enjoyed my life, but I feel sad for the young ones who face a horrible future.

5:20 AM  

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