Friday, December 12, 2014

Terminal velocity ... on the road to Perdition

Into the darkness we cry ... we wail ... and we beseach.

When will this madness end?

This corruption, this cowardice, this treason, this evil.

The Nation now ... comatose, on life support. Pale and wretched, of shallow (machine induced) breath. And the chances of resuscitation, of regaining consciousness? Slim. And none.

That's a fact. Jack.

Laid waste right before our very eyes. By itty bitty little men. With fountain pens. Burl and gold Montblanc's ... nothing more than yet another nail, right through my heart.

And yeah, for just too friggin many, tis biz as usual (can you say righty media elites, lil blog reader? ... Thought ya could). Not even counting the lo-info voters, who really are closer to zero-info (having NO interest in current political events. Let alone an iota of awareness. Or, proximity to ... reality. And yet ... they still vote).

I will not accept the darkness, for light. I will not participate in this charade. Evil is here. And evil men now hold sway.

It is over people.

The end. Of the United States of America.

Done deal.

One six foot cockroach. One. Just one.Destroyed the greatest gift ever known.

Once you unravel the thread, that binds us together .... belief in America. You simply will not put it back together, again (you can keep the buildings, Rush).

There is nothing left to pray for.

What you will see? Are changes ... changes that weren't predicted. And, they'll come at an ever more rapid whirling clip. You will see, you will know.

Anarchy in America (got Bunker?).

I kept waiting ... for that big yellow school bus. To fall vertically, from the clouds. And land, on Chucklehead Odorama [while standing next to the orange, sh*t sandwich peddler Boehner (and his stanky ho Witch McCuntell)]. Splat.

But it never arrived (wouldn't that've been cool, to see on the morning front page!).

The GOP clown convention, now in full blown bozo. And, still pimpin' their vast library of books, on how to save the country ... in t w e n t y years ... Repubutopia! [while Chucklehead Odorama is STILL peddling ACA, in Cali. Over EVERY radiowave, on every cable channel (now using Asian actors/family, on the Spanish language channel! And black actors, on thuh english].

S t i l l trying to force that steaming pile, of exposed felony R.I.C.O. fraud. Down our throats. While giving our tax dollars, to media/Hollywood friends of Obama. In no bid advertising contracts. To help shovel it down.

Truly evil sh*t. From a never ending parade of psycho clowns. I've seen many dark things, many evil and macabre things. But I never saw Beelezebub walk this earth, until Obama.

There is no, next election. There is no, next year. There is nothing left.
Not even truth.

They all done their deal, made their pacts with Satan. They won't restore the Nation's sovereignty. Return our G*d given freedom and liberty (by flushing Obamacare). Won't prosecute IRS, Benghazi, or Fast & Furious (but they will prosecute CIA, for prosecuting the war on terror).


There will be no restoration, simply impossible. I repeat ... IT IS OVER. All that is left, is anarchy [don't believe me ... nooh (and I'm no quitter. But we've lost. They've won. Just like that ... yeah)]. Things are only going to get worse, much (said the blogger. For only the 632nd time).

And yeah, I do feel quite the fool. For spending the larger part of my time, the last two years. Hauling sludge, for ratt. Trying to save this dying Nation (as in, not lifting a finger, to save myself).

No regrets though. That ole gal Liberty, was worth it. Yeah she was. Now, I guess, may finally be time ... to stake my claim, to a tiny rope of sand, in the Negev?

Not that it will do a single damn thing, even one, for my heart so broke.


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

CNN/10:30 a.m. (pst):

Live coverage (cuz you wouldn't want to miss any a this sh*te), of some protest/march, in D.C. ... [I assume, against the very existence of white people (I'd also mebbe remove your yarmulka, if you're there, and ya normally sport?). "Police killings" .... "special commission to prosecute." Etc., ad infinitum, as nausea.

Taken with Alicia Keys, coming all the way out of the Joohate closet, obfuscating/misdirecting. Conflating Ferguson. With 'Palestine.' In her 'music' video.

You know .... Joo's fault (all of it. Everything).

It's like living, in Nazi Germany, 1938.

So anyway, back to the demonstration in D.C.. Where CNN has some solar/wind powered dildo .... ostensibly an attorney (A. Scott Bolden). Doing the squiggle: "Michael Brown came towards the officer with his hands up."

And that went completely unchallenged, by the stanky talking head scuz buckets, in studio.

This isn't a game people. Isn't a joke. Pure evil. Destroying a Nation. Openly preaching hate. And wink wink espousing violence.

Need I mention ... things are only going to get worse?

Me? I'll not get sucked into the normal response ... of anger and rage. Yeah, it's present. And I won't sublimate. Though I won't act, in anger. No.

While watching our world dissolve into chaos and anarchy.. By the day, hour, and minute.

Hell is here. Yes It Is. Find you safe harbor, away, if you can. Beelzebub now walks a beat. And he carries a hammer.

Do not be Zemir Begic.

I beg you.


8:10 AM  

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