Friday, November 14, 2014

Something Wicked This Way Comes ....

Alt titles:

A) Rejoice .... for Beelzebub, he is here.

B) Clean up ... aisles three, four, five, and six (elmo's head just f*cking exploded ... all over the damn place).

Gunna try a regular formatted post, via my mobile (for the very first time, having given up the telco/dsl/landline/PC two years ago). And, it is a (foolish) big gamble, as it sucks up so much time [the 3.5" screen/micro-slider keyboard is brutal], wish me luck.

The world ... is going up in flames. While America teeters (near the edge of conflagration).

And this reality is met. With sheer idiocy, greed, incompetence, vanity, and sloth. By the House, Senate, and RNC leadership [yes ... I do use that term loosely (is Ken Blackwell/FRC the only man standing. The only person with a functioning brain, a cogent thought?)]. Even a clear measure of (self serving) perfidy .... filthy little backstabbing mofo's they are [puffed chests/hot air/stern mini lectures aside (Khalid Sheik Obama's really, really, really skeer'd now!)].

F*CK 2016!

You stupid *ss monkeys!! The Country is dissembling.


The world, now a deviant's rapacious psycho holiday [though Moochelle sez for you to grab up some chicken, fried (and celebrate ... the second coming of King Cockroach [not sure about the mashed taters?])].

Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, al Qaeda, PFLP, Taliban, Jemah Islamayah, etc. ad infinitum. Now happy as clams.

For the Jew killing genie, is now all the way out ... of the bottle. And Kapo excrement (like Jonathan Gruber), are ordering the extra crispy chicken (scratch/Jew).

Hope and Change

Rebel Commander Hussein, has given ALL the world's terrorists, Hope (capital H).

In Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, E Ukraine, Tehran, Gaza, Malaysia, Phillipines.

Not just encouragement. But cold hard cash (now we can buy us some b*tches and Red Bull!), food, weapons, rockets, mortars, grenades, ammo.

And returned some of their most prominent leaders. Back to the field of battle (with a steamer trunk filled with intel insights).

All the while, holding Rouhani's hand and s*cking his d*ck. The leader. Of the world's largest state sponsor. Of terrorism.

What Buraq Hussein likes to call 'seeking common ground' (aka killdajoo).

Having given the shii goat buggerers, ten billion dollars already. And another ten-twenty billion, is now currently enroute.

Seeking more 'common ground.' Obama has called Jews racists. Genociders. Murderers. Israel illegitimate. Israel apartheid (State). And stopped all shipments/resupply ammo/weapons. To Israel. For their defense. While racing, ahead of November 24.

To give Iran .... The Bomb.

Yeah .... best friend Israel ever had (try that to my face ... Hillary).

And while the world dissembles, with Chucklehead Odorama's gleefull help. He's in Asia. Ever so proudly, sh*tting in Premier Xi's face. So deranged. Utterly. King Cockroach thinks a Junior High stunt, is leadership.

Only, it is a staggeringly unbelievable display. To the world. To the malignant world, the dark world. That while the light may still be on, on the mainland (USA). There is in fact.

No one home.

No one to stand up.


And, to top off, Barry Soetoro's ginormous steaming pile? Assbamador Samanathema Power's, in Berlin, herself. Squatting/p*ssing on Jews, as only she can.

(via BadBlue) Times of Israel/Nov 14

'Rising anti-Semitism threatens all of Europe, US envoy says'

... "Samantha Power, Washington's ambassador to the UN, tells Berlin conference that failure to act puts everyone's rights at risk."

And in article we get:

"pass hate crimes legislation" .... riiiiight.

"uphold the clear distinction between legitimate political protest and anti-Semitism" .... riiiiight.

On Monday, the Ferguson grand jury will anounce. And I believe, it is possible, likely .... Khalid Sheik Obama is coordinating (now that's a surprise elmo!). And may time such, with his executive amnesty anouncement.



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