Tuesday, November 22, 2011

... the waiting


Ask any crack head/meth freak/needle junkie (next time you're at Zuccotti park). What's the hardest part? And maybe they'll tellya. It's the waiting. For the connect to show up. With the bag.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

As the world now waits. For Syria to fall.

As Neville Chamberlain, gets down on his knees. And sucks d*ck, redolent of goat).

Yet another fallen domino [are there any more left? (ed: well … there’s the U.S., and Israel. And I’m not too sure ... 'bout the U.S.)]. Took Hitler only a handful of years. To build up the muscle, and re-arm. Factory floor after factory floor, given over. While delegitimizing the existence of Jews. With a flood of caricatures drawn in newspapers, and endless pictures painted ... of greedy hook nosed bankers.


Of inculcating a generation entire. Until it became the very sustenance of a nation. The hunting. And the killing. Of Jews.

Now ... no ink is needed, no atomic presses. Nor even patiently nurturing a single generation of bleating sheep (save me from my student loan Obie Wan!).

Overnight. Not five years. Just tweet a couple virtual pixels here, tout a few more there. Ooond voila ... it's Jew hunting time again (baby).

Cept this ain't Nazi Germany, nor 1933. It's America. And a whole nother century, a whole nother millenium. Buraq Hussein weren't born in Austria (where they speak Austrian). Though without any contemporaneous atomic proof? Likely, he weren't even born in America. His travel to (Islamist) Pakistan, on an (Islamist) Indonesia passport? Attests to his dual allegiance as well. His father's (uncontested) British citizenship? Also attests to Hussein's Constitutional ineligibility, to even hold the office (of president). Quite clear, his non natural born status be.

As if one actually needed a roadmap, in order to see. Where the the new king of the Jew Killers, one Buraq Hussein Obama. Where that cockroach's heart lies. [Give Jesse Jackson credit, he in fact told us. Things would be very different, with Israel. With Hussein in the Oval Office (ever so proud Jesse was)].

Sh*t, some in the IslamoCommieJunta no longer have any compunction at all (none what so ever). About showing their stripes (Panetta: "unintended consequences"). Soon enough, all of the filth will be bogged down. In defense of their felony, political corruption (see ya Chu, see ya Holder). And Hillary's Iran presser, the other day? Yet again more sick, deranged, nauseating Kabuki Theater [use it like a reverse/opposite yardstick/meter (think Custer, when he meets up with Dustin Hoffman's character, in the motion picture Little Big Man)].

As the eunuchs in Congress look for that which they don't have. As the right wets themselves, afraid. Unable to wait. For even the first caucus/primary. Jumping from one bloom, then leapity leaping ... to another. In search of some special, magic essence.

There is no sweet savior [though Bachmann could indeed kick all their pantywaisted *sses (YES, she could)]. There is just evil. And it exists without reason, without rhyme. The loud clang, the odious brusque clamor: greedy bankers. Over and over again. And yes, there is also the sound .... of broken glass.


Yeah ... sure, a number of Jews could see, could hear … back in ’33, and fled (those with the resources anyway). But others ... saw too late. Or were unable to flee. And were stuck ... trapped.

Like Anne Frank.

In the attic.

I sit quietly.

I sit patiently.


YouTube direct link/URL

The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more Islamist card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part


I ain't on my knees b*tches. I ain' afraid of you. Bring it on.

Addendum, 4:00 pm

MRC direct link/URL

This sh*t however ... this sh*t scares me. Really, really scares me. It's just so disturbing. Infected, diseased minds (remember when HIV first hit?). I don't know exactly what's gunna transpire. What the future holds. I don't. But one can only look at the vid, with fear, dread and sickened revulsion. Like catching a ride on the vomit comet.

The gratitude of every Islamist in our continent, in our Empire, and indeed throughout the world, goes out to the MSNBC Islamonazi's. Who, undaunted by morals or reason, unwearied in their constant challenge and fashion/beltless danger. Are turning the tide of World War III, by their viperic hissing and by their devotion ... to Moe, Ham, and Ed. Never in the growth of the caliphate, was so much owed by so many syphilitic goat f*ckers, to so few American traitors.


Blogger Ronbo said...

We stand alone together, brother!

And if we go down we'll take more than a few Nazi bastards with us...

300 million Americans...

600 million guns...

Plenty of ammo!

Let the civil war began and embrace the suck.

No quarter asked and none given.

Time for the final battle and "The Return of the King."

1:45 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Round and round the madness goes
When or where here at home, it starts
Nobody knows

Was looking at the still frame, of the vid, of muttering Joe Biden (he will be kept locked, in the basement of the Naval Obs. Until the election, next year) getting testy (I didn't say rape, no ... I said grape). And realized, there is NO way. None. They will be reelected [let em try and f*ck with the mechanical process (as opposed to the 24/7 virtual tampering/propaganda/MSM)].

And yes, tis possible they might? (though I've NEVER been a fan of any election tampering/voting machine memes. At all).

We now know they are capable of anything.


We wait. We watch. We see.

And we wait some more ...

2:23 PM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

Once again great minds think alike...

My observation is that this coven of Demo-Nazis seem to have no worry they will see the inside of a federal court CHARGED WITH TREASON when the opposition to them is rising into a solid majority who will vote next year for any old yellow dog if it's a Republican for any local, state, or federal office.

So why no worry?

Simple: THE FIX IS IN!

One way or another the Demo-Nazis will steal the election of 2012 because they need the power of the federal government to (1) Forever crush the TPM and the Republican Party (2) To avoid prison/or execution for treason.

This election theft, which appears to be planned even as I type these lines, will not be tolerated by the Hobbits of the TPM and most Republicans who will rise in a Second U.S. Civil War to restore the Republic.

No nation - including Russia in 1918 - voted in collectivism as a result of an honest election.

1:20 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I may talk sharply, while wildly swinging a 5 lb sledge. Being that the insanity, the evil, the treason, and the cowardice present, demand such.

And, once in a while, I actually do hit the nail, square 'pon it's head. I kinda take it as a given, should Obama "win" (with obvious questions about the election's integrity). The nation will arise.

I'm just not convinced it will happen? The garrote, the bold stealing of the election. (And in turn) open, large scale civil war. Tis possible. I'd be inclined to think skirmishes, in some major metro areas. And wrenches tossed into the works/machinery ... at others. None of it pleasant, ceratinly. Until a manner of restoration, the righting of the ship. And the rats swept out to sea.

I just don't place too much truck in speculation. Where I personally can't make out some sense of the lines and the shadows. I only see/sense the possibility.

But should it happen? I'd have to see, in real time, what the damage is. Gaining a sense then, in that moment, where we stand (and sure, then might be too late).

On the run up to the election, I think the country can sustain a few more hits, below the belt. And it's a given she will. I don't think it's game over yet (though we are ever so close. It is the potential. And yes, that potential IS great).

If I did, I'd already be bumming a smoke, at 1:45 pm, this Sunday. Out front some hotel, in Kalispell (them e-cigs just ain't the same).

Surely, with all that is transpiring. One'd be a fool to not allow for the unthinkable. And not make some concrete preparation.

I do know, this world, our world. Will NEVER be the same. I do implore others, to care of biz. Pushing, cajoling. As yet, I (as in me) haven't fully come to grips with it all.

I am making preparation. I am taking steps. Yes, I am.

I'm more inclined to believe, Khalid Sheikh Obama will simply continue to try to do as much damage as possible. Before he and his Keffiyeh's, are dumped out on the White House lawn.

And yes, that damage can (and may) be fatal to Lady Liberty. Strange world we inhabit. Now ... simply ... beyond strange.

To me, it isn't just that one six foot cockroach, crawling around the West Wing. He, only part of the global madness. The chilling insanity. And it is in the t o t a l i t y where I see danger great. We're a resilient bunch, we Americans. That smelly maggot hasn't beaten us yet.


I would add, they are good at what they do. Quite so. Masking their intentions, as well their confidence (or lack thereof). But I'm feeling the wheels, on the wagon, are starting to loosen. Though yeah, to be real ... as cockroaches go, this one's the all time muther.

Where foresight/prediction meet reality? I'll keep my feet on the ground. I'll keep ploddin along. Though yes, blogging becomes more labored with each passing day.

12:10 PM  

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