Monday, December 12, 2011

Midnight ... in the garden of evil

(via elrina)

Times extraordinary.
Times beyond any measure ... of my own belief.
Times of the caliphate.
Times that Moe, Ham, and Ed have been lustily humping that carpet (5x per day). While praying [as it were (to their baby raping deathcult moong*d)], for to arrive.

Nothing to wait for. We're here ... we've arrived. Nothing left to see. Nothing at all. Hell, Hades, the outer ring of fire ... and it's getting hotter. Part and parcel of this inversion of reality? Is the buzzzzzing chainsaw, wildly hacking away life grand, our lives wondrous ... American. The stealing, of the election, of 2012.

Now underway.

Evidence elmo? The sordid, unseemly, shameless, neverending attacks on one Herman Cain. Be what some might call prima facie (no doubt the Reich Ministry and the IslamoCommieJunta, consider it beyond fair. Exemplary even). Should Cain have become the nominee? Crowds would have been laughing in buraq hussein's face. At every election stop. A landslide coming down, in real time. The whole freakin' nation, laughing uncontrollably.

As opposed to the overt, felony election finance fraud, perpetrated last time 'round. That went completely unreported, and ignored. And of course Eric (merrily) Holdering his own deek (all day, everyday). Gleefully (ever so) not prosecuting, obvious election tampering. To wit, the strongarm threat of physical violence at the poll, by members of the Black Panthers.

Putting aside the obvious, that the 'President' of the U.S., isn't even President (no, he ain't). Under terms outlined in the Constitution. Itself, a knowing intentional fraud. And outright treason. Which takes us to this moment unsublime.

Will they attempt actual rigging, of the mechanical process (as opposed to mere stealing/political skullduggery)? We do in fact know, they are capable of anything. Anything at all. But will they? One could argue (after a general fashion), that the first salvo's already been fired.

Are they engaged in such? Preparing? Planning? I don't know. Beyond my ken. But as each moment passes, as each new evil befouls. One would have to be a (rose glass wearing) full time resident of Private Idaho. Not to see that the filth, in the IslamoCommieJunta [and the Reich Ministry (MSM)], are nothing but traitors. And only.

As the U.S. economy atrophies. The European shivers and trembles ... at the abyssal edge. Al Qaeda ascends, across all of North Africa, and the Middle East entire (with buraq hussein's help!). And makes inroads ever further, into the deep recesses of Asia, and most all of Indonesia. While the Reich Ministry pulls double shifts, misdirecting Islamism's wrapping the globe whole. Round and round with a sash green (dripping with blood). Obfuscating, hiding, masking ... the approach. Of the insane, cold blooded, murdering fascists. And the rapid growth and mutation, of the caliphate.

All the while, our world grows smaller. Tighter, closed in, more stressful. As the orc's now march ... emboldened. Shii in a now near full nuke Iran. In the face of such, no advanced math degree's required. To see. The possibility. Now just might be the perfect time, for the traitor buraq hussein to say... fuggit ... I'm really going for it (now, baby). He's got nothing to lose. He and the caliphate, have everything to gain. The stone cold blooded murder, of Lady Liberty. Right before our very eyes.

The dissolution of norm. The unraveling, of the fabric of America. The breaking down, of the ties that once bound. Where once was a nation, whole, filled with Americans. Communities atomic. Now ... a barren wastescape. Desolate, stark, empty. A void. And in the mere blink of an Astroturf eye [AP via the L.A. Daily News (the stench of editor Carolina Garcia, could knock a buzzard off a sh*twagon)].

Instantaneously blanketed, with infinite, virtual, social/political Bantustans, and self-identity huts. Each brimming, packed full ... of the wireless ding a ling Google cognoscenti . The emo's, filthy scummy skate rats, wannabe anarchists, quite stupid (but oh so proud) fascists. Guut leetle Islamists (yabol), selfish/greedy socialists, valueless nihilists, anti-semites. Amoral libturds, and all the other assorted maggots ... growing out of the plastic grass (they bring their own manure!). [Was a real treat, seeing Rachel Maddow (last Thursday evening/9:15 pm/MSNBC). Using 'gay' ... as a snark/slight/slur (regards Gov. Perry, and his attire/barncoat). Though in reality, there isn’t much funny ... not much funny at all. About seeing proof positive, of the arrival, of the antichrist].

Fascism, the evil, isn't going to sleep today, tomorrow, or next year. Or the year after that. A looooong war. On multiple fronts, across every continent. In all realms real, all realms virtual, and realms not yet imagined. There is a method to their insane madness. And they are toiling mightily (even buying up sports teams/sports stars/sporting events ... in a mad rush).

Hopped up on the scent of Jew blood, they now ... will never sleep. These aren't the times that will try men's souls. No. They are the times that will singe them. Sear them to their marrow. As the bugs, the insects ... feast upon. Like RT/Russia TV, last Thursday eve (10 pm). With a (truly) ginormous chyron: "Death from above" (exact wording!!!). While 'covering' Israel's recent strike, in Gaza [selling it as the slaughter ... of civilians)]. On and on, minute after minute. For a forever, RT merrily hopped up and down, and danced upon their graves (while sportin' stiffies).

Whatever the landscape resembles, through the years yet to be? America IS being murdered. From within. By the stenchful traitors in our midst. Never before, in our nation's history. NEVER. Has the danger been so great. If you think things are bad now?


As the lights continue to go out, across America. Buraq hussein be the one cutting the wires. Knocking down poles, taking stations offline, stopping the turbine's spin. Hyper-chilling the core. We cannot rely upon our current crop of leaders (yeah, I use that term loosely). Hobblin' along, on their feet of clay. Even some of those known to us, in our daily lives. Will stick a shiv in, when our back is turned. A set of circumstances horrific.

At some point, prudence and calm become the chain wrapped. The lock gripped tight. The weight heavy. That drags you, that drags me ... to the depths. Death. Your's and mine. America's. These aren't words people. They are reality. Reality so ugly, it simply defies any belief.

None the less. STAY (the f*ck) IN POCKET (I can only ask: pwitty pwease .. wit sugah). At least until Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The physical threat/victim card ... be the ace. That buraq hussein has yet to play (in his attempt to steal the election). Failure, by/at our own hand. Is not an option.

Between now and then, pick your spots, as need be (and only mofo's!). I know, it ain't easy. I most surely do. Yes, keep your anger and rage. Do. But neither let it consume, nor devour you. If you can't keep your cool, hand off, step aside, take a step back, take a break. Eleven months. If the burden's too heavy, too great? At least don't wuss out, like Lakin. Yield no ground, surrender no standard. Boots on, where you stand. Eyes on the prize. America. Not/just only on the global swirling cloud of carnivorous insects. Difficult that may be. Most difficult (the bugs are getting to me too). You can do it. We must.

Me? Too long a keyboard warrior. My ruby scalpel long since dull. Mumbling, bumbling, merely repeating myself here. And I need make more serious preparation, for extricating myself, from this sh*thole Los Angeles.

No longer in possession of the energy needed to scour the net, and the networks. Nor the time to burn. I must concentrate, on that which need be done, on my own homefront. Can't do both. Until my mood changes, or tangible method established, to bring about the atomic changes required. My intention is very little (or even no) posting ... until? Driver 8's gunna take a lil break his ownself.

I'm not going to wait, until it is too late, while growing a little soft, existentially. No. I have Z E R O intention of being a victim. Zeep. This war's coming. This long, long, long war. Yes, it is. Give the devil his due (damn sulphur now for breakfast, lunch, and freakin' dinner). Then hawk up an oyster so mighty. And emphatically spit into his face.

Mere seconds away we are ... tick ... tock (b*tches). To the clock clang, at midnight, in the garden of evil.


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