Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Perfect Storm


Before us laid bare (by two eyes that can see), are the installed mechanisms now in place. Now running, now spinning and toiling ... soulessly. Throughout the night so dark. With but a singular task. The destruction of America. Vicious, brutal. As the machinery's directorate smiles ... a deviant's smile.

The freedom and liberty of citizens American, vanishing. America her very self. Her heart and soul pierced by a blade so sharp. The serrated edges shredding her spirit. Relentless, proud, with a growing fury ... madmen, in the throes of orgiastic lunacy.

(Just as in Islam) there is no reformation taking place in Private Idaho, at MSM headquarters (which shall henceforth, be forevermore known as the
Reich Ministry). To the contrary. Incoming. A nonstop bombardment. Of all things:

Islam = religion of peace

Arab Spring = lavender scented soap [the world is now so sparkly (warm fuzzies for everyone)]

Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco, Yemen = (Attend the grand opening of) gateways to paradise

Jews/Israel = greedy oppresssors and murderers

Socialism = grrrreat

Capitalism = bad

Conservatism = racist monsters

Sharia/caliphate = hebben on oyth [hey ... don't knock goat until you've tried it (boot knocking that is)].

Sure, just printed words on virtual and atomic pages. And sounds uttered. Carried through the fiber optic wire. Beamed through satellite. Bounced off repeaters. Appearing on pocket LED displays, far and wide. But the totality, the omnipresence, the nonstop autonomous meter. The smooth, perfect, monolithic affirmation of Islamism. Hurtles us exponentially towards cataclysm.

The generation upon, has not the tools. To think. To think critically. And in their hypnotic gaze. Their locked receptors, can only differentiate the signals that the Reich Ministry beams. No others. Staring. Frozen. Their retinas burning with the fatwa's of Khalid Sheikh Obama. Etched with his lawless hadith's (what's your's is mine ... Kike).

The election now exactly eleven months away. In the space of three years ... hope's been destroyed. Decimated. Obliterated. Gone. Gone. Gone. Near empty pockets, now holding nothing ... but loose change. And fear, fear all across the land. Of what is yet to be. Listen closely motherf*ckers (I'm not going to repeat myself). There is NO way that steaming, six foot pile of excrement, the traitor Buraq Hussein. Will be reelected.

NONE (f*ck the electability meme, all the way up, with a red hot poker). And I'm no fan of rigged/stolen election memes neither. Never have been. Never will be. But any win by Obama, will be the signpost. The marker. The tombstone. Of America. Deceased [but DO believe, hundreds of millions of Americans, will NOT go quietly, into that (not) good night. Make no mistake]. And it is the ONLY way, he can "win" (and you can place your own bets, on any possible/myriad/future outcomes). So zip it with the "electability" already ... for cryin' out loud (shut your yammer yammer Krauthammer). Anyone can, anyone WILL beat the freakin filthy cockroach (don't make me come over there).

But, between now and election day. The Reich Ministry (hand in hand with the caliphate) will continue to uncork canisters of Zyklon B. Will continue to direct bulldozers, in a line. For evacuating the bodies, to the crematoria. This mass insanity, this derangment, this hatred that never seems to die. Now born again. Refreshed. Renewed. Recharged. Across all platforms, all media, all channels, all stations. Pumping up the volume. Of Jew hatred.

What exactly will transpire, here in America, between now and Tuesday, November 6? How can one know, but the runaway train's picking up speed. And there's zero pressure in the lines a brakin'. No one in the cab, resembles a human life form [though it/they are merrily Tweeting, each stop signal blown past (WHOOSH!)]. All the while, the libturd nation becomes more unhinged and more violent. There is no limit to the depths of their depravity [Astroturf for breakfast, and junk/smack for lunch, then ... crapping your own pants (OWS=bowel movement), will do that to ya].

Across the ocean? (Humpty) Europe (Dumpty) teeters. Iran inches ... creeps closer to destroyer of worlds. As more dominoes fall. As the caliphate morphs and mutates. Ever larger, ever more thirsty. For ever more blood.

Can the global fascist train be stopped? Is it even possible at this point. And should impact occur, how widespread the destruction (manifest shows seventy five rail tanker cars ... filled with chlorine, sixty two ... filled with LNG. And thirty seven box cars ... stuffed/packed/brimming with oxygen canisters)? Which day? Where? Will America survive? Will you? Will we?

It's all too much really. But whatever happens, whatever's out there. It is coming.


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