Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blitzer the Kapo debater


Blitzer, the Kapo debater
had a very big hook nose.
And if you ever saw him,
you would even say it sucks up blo.

All of the other Reich Ministers
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Blitzer
join in any caliphate games.

Then one foggy Ramadan Eve
Moe, Ham, and Ed came to say:
"Blitzer with your nose packed so tight,
won't you guide our attack on Mumbai tonight?"

Then all the goat f*ckers loved him
as they shouted out with glee,
Blitzer the Kapo debater,
you'll go down in infamy!

It all reads like fiction, bad fiction. The complete and total overthrow, of representational Constitutional government, in America. By an Islamist traitor, successfully masquerading as an American.

A political thriller beyond any credible belief (what so ever). Rotten tomato time, raspberries, boo's ... we want our freakin money back (b*tch)! [Back in the day, you could in fact approach the theater manager. As you were walking out of/on the film, in the first fifteen minutes. Telling him it stinks (usuallly, they already knew). And more an likely, you would've been blithely handed a pair of passes for a return (for a different flick, at a future date).

Cept this sheet, it ain't fiction. It's real. All too.

Which brings us to .... last night's debate. And leel Wolfie Blitzer. Gotta give that filthy, stanknasty piece'a Kapo crap credit. Best debate so far. Period [no, certainly, I didn't watch them all (TYVM!). I have watched a couple, and sampled a few more. And perused a number of the following morning's post mortems, as well].

But, in case you're thinking you've awaken on the wrong side of the virtual universe? I'll now disabuse you of that notion .... Leel Wolfie, K.O.K. (King of the Kapo's), had ten (count em) immediate previous examples. Of how NOT to do it (pretty fookin easy, if ya ask me). All the talking head clowns, in all of the other debates. Trying mightily, straining ... to butt f*ck the Repub's. Every which way [think say Judy Collins, warbling ... send in the clowns (... butt f*cking pscyho clowns, there ought to be clowns, send in the clowns)].

OK elmo, we get it [you thought Wolf did alright (and yeah, he did have help. The octet finally behaving, for the first time)]. Bbbbut what was his motivation? Easy Grasshopper, nuttin tuit. Ego. His ego demanded (and wouldn't take no for an answer), he get out of bed. One time. One. And actually do an honest day's work. NOT for the sake thereof (tyvm). But to preserve his ego. Gaining recognition for a good debate (in contrast to every one, that came before).

That's it. Nothing more to see. That ain't already been said ... [bout the oober Kapo owner of a chain of crematoria, catering to a very select clientele (rabid frothing Islamists). Helping them to dispose of the planet's twelve million, remaining Jews].

Wolf Blitzer conquers Jerusalem

CNN .... The Most Trusted Name in Shoes

Live Coverage of the Death of Anna Nicole Smith

This is War!

Butt f*cking *ss to mouth maggot!!!

CNN Remembers 9/11

The debate's participants? Well ... who cares what I think. Three hundred forty eight days. Until the election. What happens between now and then? Anyone's guess. Only Beelzebub knows. Truly. What happens here at home. What happens around the (now green sash wrapped) globe. But, since you're here, I'll tellya.

CAIN: I thought Mr. Cain pretty much gave away his candidacy, last night. Equivocating (out of the gate), when asked 'bout Israel/Iran/nukes/war. No firmament, no clarity, no majesty. Almost stammering, seeming lethargic. As if MSM/Reich Ministry/libturd nation had indeed succeeded. In crushing his spirit (ed: no secret mine's purdy much battered and bruised). And he himself, sensing the pack drawing away in the virtual horse race. One might have thought the format of the debate, would give favor to Cain, but no.

BACHMANN: Home run/out of the park ... U.S. - Canada oil pipeline (she should have also mentioned the complete, the crushing total shut down, of the entire U.S. gulf oil industry), Ahmadinejad, Obama's failed leadership (beyond self defeating military strategy, to destroy American oil).

GINGRICH: Touching on same (oil/Iran), near similar. And how it affects our domestic military security. Generally looking good. At times forceful and effective (burn the mofo restrictions on drilling down/now/gitterdone). But still, gettin bogged down in thought/philosophy/verbiage on occasion. He'd be fine as a policy wonk/Cabinet member, in any future administration [glad to have him on board!!! And we'll take Bolton too. And West (if he isn't selected second in the draft lottery, as Veep)]. But on deck, calling the ball? The backstab to the Ryan plan, ain't what you do, on a pitching flattop deck, in a time of war. Sorry. That isn't leadership. Just politics. Lame, distasteful politics at that.

SANTORUM: Nothing I saw ... was memorable (but then the feeling I got, was he came up short on minutes?).

PERRY: Live TV debates just are not his thing. Period. Though yeah, he had a couple spots where he didn't drop the ball, on his own foot. But he still doesn't look Presidential. And never has. Straining, reaching for the mantle ... out of reach, beyond his grasp.

HUNTSMAN: Pepsodent and Brylcreem. Taking up space. Sucking up valuable oxygen. Still, I would select him, to play himself, in a cameo/walk on. During a movie production, about the 2012 election/campaign (he's a natural).

PAUL: Sure, his affirmation of all things Constitutional. Can resonate. But his blind eye to Iran, and the caliphate, won't play. That isolationist dog, simply won't hunt. Why is he running? Who the f*ck knows. You can paint him with a thousand different stripes. Look at him through a thousand different facets. He's still a nutter. That being the dominant gestalt of his strange pitiful weirdness. Kind of like a three legged, blind in one eye, incontinent dog [but his owners (Paulbot's) still love him madly].

ROMNEY: Better than Obama? Wow, what an endorsement. His, I'll travel to Israel first thing (exclamation), after taking the oath. Cool, sure. But it's his general inauthenticness, that chafes. Ya know, say what everyone wants to hear. No, I won't off myself, if somehow it comes to pass, he gets the job. But he's a politician. I want a leader. And leaders don't dance around Obamacare, the way he has, as long as he has. Before manning up.

Did I leave anyone out?


Blogger Ronbo said...

Your title reminds me of a 1960s Italian movie entitled "Kapo" which is about a 14 year old Jewish girl who attempts to rescue her elderly parents from the fascists during a round up in Rome during 1942. She fails and ends up herself as an inmate in a Nazi death camp, slowly dying of hunger.

She is saved from certain death by the camp's inmate doctor, who switches her identity from Jewish to a young Italian female criminal who murdered her family.

This identity fraud leads to upward mobility in the death camp for the girl. For instance, as a Italian "criminal" she can sell herself to the SS guards for food and clothing.

Also, she has the necessary resume as an "axe murderer" to be awarded a Nazi uniform and status as brutal "Kapo."

Did I mention her new boyfriend in the SS?

He a good, blond and handsome German lad of about 17 who only steals nice stuff from the incoming gas chamber victims to give his new lady, and at night the lovers talk of Wagner and Nietzsche as good Nazi pals often do.

But "all good things" must end for the two lovebirds as the mean old American army under Patton rolls to within a few miles of the concentration camp in the spring of 1945.

The Nazi plan is to kill everyone - including the Kapos - and burn everything including the camp to hide the crime.

Naturally, boyfriend Nazi tells his favorite Kapo the real deal, as this is too much even for him. After all, his best friends were all Kapos! In fact, he would even marry his favorite Kapo if it wasn't for that damn SS regulation!

In turn the girl, now 17 and very beautiful and brutal, tells the surviving Jewish inmates that their only hope of survival is to join with the Kapos and rogue SS in a mass escape to the American lines....just after killing the hardcore SS and their stooges.

This happens, although even with the help of the rogue SS, most of the prisoners are killed, including the young Jewish Kapo, who dies in her lover's dying SS arms, "You know Hans, we both were screwed by the system."

I suppose there is a lesson here for Jews who would sell out Judaism to collectivists for personal survival as a "Kapo."

Are you listening Wolf Blitzed?

7:21 AM  

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