Friday, June 29, 2012

Death of a Nation ...

Via ...

Slipping ... falling out of a tree, as a lad of five, from the trembly height of six feet. Landing flat on my stomach. The air ... every last molecule, knocked out of me. And as I arose, standing, unable to breathe ... my diaphragm frozen. Overcome with fear, panic, and sheer terror.

That same exact feeling, yesterday morning. Seven thirty a.m., pacific standard time. As the words so unreal, came over the radio. That a skilled assassin, of stealth quite remarkable. Had slithered and crawled through the night most dark. And took steel, to Lady Liberty's throat.

Bare handed ... brutal f*cking murder (USING A FOUNTAIN PEN!). Extinguishing the light ... from that Shining City on the Hill. That shone ever so warm, ever so bright. Now ... darkness, all around.

I've never been to Arlington, never laid eyes upon the solemn rows of white stone. Row after row. In silent (sorrowful) testimony, to the price of freedom. Paid. By each, single, solitary spirit of America (resting there). In moments dark, moments despaired ... while protecting, and defending that most precious, the Constitution (yours and mine) of these United States. With their all. Their everything. Their last.

And as the tears came streaming from my eyes, I bore witness. To one SCrOTUS insect so filthy ... John Roberts. Soiling their greatness, their magnificence, their splendor so righteous. The bug smearing its feces upon each and every Cross. Each and every Davidian Star (there).

And I look to the heavens ... is this a test L*rd? ("a Republic if you can keep it"). To see if we can persevere ... until Tuesday, November 6.

To be continued ....


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