Saturday, April 28, 2012

The KKK rides again ...


 I never lived in the South. Never visited. Never came face to face ... with the Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan. Striking fear, reigning terror. Can't imagine. And thus (for me) only a (virtual) memory.

I was all of five years old, when for the very first time, I espied a person of color. Was livin' in the burbs, as they then were [twenty five years later, neighborhood was Ground Zero, for the third world's first neutron bomb test (known as crack)]. Then was a momentous occasion for this first grader. Learning how empty the N word was, how meaningless, how worthless (and yet ... amazingly destructive. The power of but one single word).

The KKK is now back. Reclothed, rebadged, reinvented, reinvigorated. Reborn ... as the New Negro Nazi's [hint: Lebron James' tonsorial splendor, tells you everything you need to know. About which side he bats for (think caliphate. And I'll never watch another MooselimbNBA game again. Just like I'll never set foot in a first run movie house, or drop scratch on a new DVD or rental. Ever again)]. Now, no longer one country. Under G*d. Americans all, in America. Now, separate once again. AND inequal [if you cain't keel you one of them thar stinkin' greedy racist peptopanzee's? Then tha least ya' kin' do is sh*t in their faces (mohonto/y'all)].

I see it every day now, everywhere I go (in the atomic). And with every newspaper I pick up (or every channel I surf). A new day has dawned in America (and it ain't bright).

Walking into the parts store, for a quart of oil ... the other day. The unsubtle, proud vibe filling the air (why the nerve of that freakin' vanilla monkey .... coming into the store, wearing a flag pin!). Or days before that, driving down the street, and being sharply/abruptly/forcefully cut off. And the cuttee ... beaming a megawatt electric smile (yeah, I fly the stars and stripes on my ride too b*tches). Or the week before that, waiting in long line at a civic payment window. Asking the last gent in line a question, and the individual giving me a look of disdain. Turning away, without replying [how dare I disturb his reverie (what nerve)].

And every other jackwad (talking head) with less than harf a a brain, weighing in on Saint Trey Vaughn. Every f*cking minute on the Reich Ministry Network (CNN-MSNBC-ABC-AP). Even that dildo Glenn Beck and his (snortling/chuckling) cohorts (on radio And sphere), too froogin lazy. To lift finger. Make the effort. To even gather facts [on the ground (and yet in their blathering snarky ignorance, they still repeat: 'failure to break off')]. George Z acknowledged dispatch, AND broke off 'pursuit'. Walked AWAY. At which time Saint Trey Vaughn, was now in concealment and ACTIVELY STALKING George Z (yeah he was. That's right motherf*ckers). You are all being played. By the nation of Islamists, and the Brudderhood of Moose Limbs [and their house organ (CNN-MSNBC-ABC-AP)].

Sh*t, just look in the eyes of Sanford Florida's city manager (standing frame left). When (the paink) Chief of Police announced he was stepping aside. It's the same searing, burning, laser hatred you see in th eye's of Tavis Smiley. Aisha Tyler. Van Jones. Cornel West. Lawrence O'Donnell (... and all of the other filthy racialists).

Or listen to the words of the (water walking) Messiah his very self: "If I had a son, he would look like Trey Vaughn." Claiming virtual parentage. And, just like two thousand years ago, some stinkin' dirty Jew ... killed the son of G*d ... AGAIN!

This sh*t's getting out of control. They will not stop peddling this filth. Every last damn platform. Every single f*cking channel, (I'm so Fly/buy my CD) Meade on HLN: (George Z) "denied he was racially profiling." I don't recognize my country anymore (but I can still smell that stank through the flat panel). Trey Vaughn is dead. Because of his own actions. Discarding his own life. By repeatedly, violently smashing George Z's head, into the concrete. End of Story (no amount of Photoshop/airbrush/bleach ... to the photo of the deceased, will change thus).

Or the esteemed, elder hippie statesman ... Jan Wenner (via Rush): "every vote counts." While crying inside, for poh Buraq Hussein ("he's tired and overworked"). That would be what we likes ta call a tell. Every vote counts .... once, twice, three times.

They are without shame, these filth.

Hymietown Jesse/capetbagger/poverty pimp extraordinaire, telling blacks to: 'wear hoodies to the polls'. The Hood, a symbol of fear and darkness. Of intimidation and oppression. Violence and mindless murder. The openly threatening visage worn by the KKK, now proudly worn by the newly resplendent NNN (New Negro Nazis).

All you scum guzzling toilet bugs standing atop the grave of Trey Vaughn ... go f*ck yourselves [yeah you ... maggot Bill Cosby (I'm guessing the private patrol who guards YOUR manse IS armed [just a guess/wink]. Or of course, the paid security at the television studio, where you spewed your derangement)].

Dallas Watts was only the first [frail, elderly soul to be drop kicked (literally)]. Matthew Owens only the second (white trash had it coming!). In a long line of human beings. Who will be beat. Stomped. Kicked. And have their heads bashed in. By "youths." In the name of (the violent thug) Saint Trey Vaughn [it's what he was (ask the bus driver he beat down, two weeks prior to savaging George Z [did the coroner's tox screen include steroids? What's the percentage of high school football players, who have experimented with steroids, and what's the percentage of repeated/regular use? Putting aside the obvious ... I.E.D.])].

Tuesday. November 6. Six months.

We might not make it, really [try if you can (please, pretty please do)]. As America cries, let her know we haven't given up. Tell e v e r y o n e who will listen, the IslamoCommieTraitors are done. Let your voice of reason (snarf all you want), be heard. The stupid, the ignorant, the deranged ... will continue in their debasement. They will not retreat. Neither acknowledging reason, nor facing reality [it's your call if you want to try and waste the breath (I do, as often as possible. It's humbling. Truly. And saddening)].

Scary, plain. How one six foot cockroach, can destroy an entire country. With such ease. Buraq, ain't insane in the membrane. No.


Avoid confrontation. If you can (pray G*d). If you find yourself shouting the N word, at the tele? Then they have already won. Robbed you, of your humanity. Do not let them (I fear some will in fact succumb, to the evil spell now cast upon the land). Yes, more an thirty years of imbuing, snarkly inculcating ... whitey this, Wonder Bread/milk that. I/me/mine ... F.T.W. Beginning somewhere's round Richard Pryor (yeah, was cute then. No longer).

I used to feel safe, in the city in which I live [yes, even during the King riots (had a friend, who offered to ride along ... as a 'pass'. If I then had needed to go anywhere [I declined, and thanked him none the less])]. No longer. In the city where I've largely resided for many a decade. In the country of my birth (you better freakin believe, I actually do have a contemporaneous atomic birth certificate. The real thing). Lawlessness is now upon us (Thank You Buraq Hussein ... you filthy, ripe, deranged, odoriferous 6' pile of steaming pig sh*t ... Thank You).

TRIGGERS (not that any will be required):

Supremes, slapping the Messiah (back to the maggot infested bunghole it crawled out of). End of June [The AP now peddling the meme (they even gave a birthday shout out ... to Hitler!): The conservative justices ... are all gay killing bigots (HCR overturned = everyone with HIV, summarily executed)].

Further economic collapse. Mebbe Yurrup or ... uh (can you say) Q.E. III?

Mitt, shoving his boot (all the way) up that traitor's stankbutt, on Tuesday, November 6 [watch the 12th Mahdi cry, upon seeing his Kefiyeh's dumped out on the White House lawn (sneef/waaah)]. Think Samurai/John Belushi, as America just shreds (whooosh whooosh) those f*ckin ballots. You haven't seen nothing yet [betting pool's now starting, for how the piece'a porcine excrement, spins the single largest electoral defeat (believe it), in the entire history of the United States of America (can you say Whitey? How 'bout: those dirty stinkin Jews?). There is no other possible legitimate outcome, for the 6' piece of pig sh*t, who proudly, smilingly ... soils this great nation]. He's done people.

Geeorge Zimmerman exonerated of all charges (... if it even goes to trial?). Hey ... Chucklehead (yeah you), try screening The Oxbow Incident. Ya sick, demented diseased, infected TRAITOR (To Kill a Mockingbird? ... Puhlease). And your latest 'campaign ad' ... taking ALL the credit for taking out Osama? [My G*d (heard echoing throughout eternity and the vast reaches of space). And sliming Mitt, as not the man you are because of same? Beyond anything we have been witness to, in these United States, ever (it's simply not possible to stoop lower)]. You were forced to act (after knowing Bin Laden's whereabouts, for a year), or be outed (as Osama's butt buddy). THAT'S THE WHOLE TRUTH. On the evening of Tuesday November 6, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE PRESIDENT (f.o.a.d./just go away).

Israel (ever so) politely closing down Iran's nuclear bomb factories [I have a pretty good idea, what the window now is (sawry, no guessing)].

All the while, der Fuehrer jets around on his (Gubment issue) party palace in the sky [while sending the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, $1.5 Billion. So they can implement their new "constitution" (which includes the right to have carnal knowledge. With your deceased wife's corpse. For six hours [you can't make this sh*t up])]. With another jumbo jet or three, ferrying five hundred [plus gear (don't forget the extra limo/s, the dupe/dummy chopper/s, the s.o.t.a. waah-mbulance, blah blah ad infinitum)] charged with his security. One campaign stop, after another, after another. After another. We're talking cubic money here people, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars [but seeing him take the time out, from his oh so busy, hectic, Walking on Water Tour II. In order to interject himself, into the story of Dick Clark's passing (large static chyron/CNN). Was just too much (it's going to be a looong six months)].

So convinced (are the recipients/benefactors of the Reich Ministry's brainwave machinery), of George Z's guilt. There is nothing that will stop the rioting. NOTHING. Which will commence, after his acquittal [if not sooner (my bet ... De La Rionda gets disbarred)]. Nothing is going to stop the party (bring marshmallows). They are preplanned, prepackaged, and ready to go. The ground's been seeded. Watered. Fertilized. Millions of headless chickens. Scampering. Hunting. For a (black magic) rope from hell, with which to hang ... an innocent man.

The FUSE IS ALREADY LIT (muthaf*ckas).

The only question (s) ...

How long the fuse, and in turn ... how big the boomski? Or how many (boomski's). Or how widespread, how prevalent.

If you reside in a city center, get the f*ck out. NOW. If you're in the burbs, have a plan ... car always (!) fully fueled/recently serviced. With a jet pack/emergency bailout bag ready to grab/take with you in a flash (don't assume you'll be able to stand ground, when this sh*t hits. Give yourself an option). Yes, money's tight. Doesn't mean you will get away with not upgrading your front entry door, if you're in the circumference of violence. And tightening up any other possible entry points. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbors. Buy a two pack of (public airwave) mobiles. Give them one, with lithiums. Two commercial grade fire extinguishers at arms reach, minimum.

No one came to George Z's aide, as he lay on the ground. While St Trey Vaughn repeatedly pounded his skull into the sidewalk. As George called out for help. In the end, help came ... by his own hand. And St Trey Vaughn? Why he cried ... just like a little girl [hang out in the downtown, L.A. County E.R., on a sweltering hot summer night. As the bangers are trucked/rolled in with GSW's (waah ... waaah .... it hurts ... waah ... snifff .... waaah)]...

The (moldy) puddin bwains, of Obama's pals ... O.W.S [I borrowed a million dollars to study (organic/free range) clay pottery making, and now ... now I can't even find a job Obie-wan (can you believe that). Save me Obie-wan ... save me from those greedy Jew bankers!]. Along with Obama's B.F.F.'s ... N.O.I./Mooselimb bruddahs. All be wearing hoods. And now are crawlin', be slitherin', they ARE headed your way. (And) stocking up on party refreshments/beverages as we speak (better grab that 60% ethyl hand sanitizer, while it's still available). All aglow. Ebullient. A'Twitter/bookin' face they are. Filled with anticipation (pud in hand). For the mass violence yet to be.

What do you think of your Messiah now?


Blogger Ronbo said...

I feel your pain, brother!

The Bamster is way down in the polls this June and his reelection hopes look mighty dim, but they! Who says he gonna leave office even if he loses in a landslide?

Furthermore, if the Tea Party Republicans are successful in throwing the Democraps out of office everywhere and at all levels of local, state and federal government, do we really except the Left to go quietly into the night?

I think not. The sore loser men will fight! No ruling ruling class in the history has went quietly into the night.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

The realists sees civil war in the next few years.

This year is 1860 once again...

Next year is 1861 once again, and the guns comes off the wall into the streets..

3:23 AM  

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