Monday, March 26, 2012

FIRE! FIRE ! ! THE REICHSTAG'S ON FIRE! (sirens wailing)

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Open your freakin' eyes people ... NOW

[don't be jumping around (just talkin slap an' waggin' your weenie). Tain't a game, nor a music vid. It's the real world, and it's about to come apart.].

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Open your EARS too mf's (mebbe turn down the vol though). (With a sourful skrong) the clock indeed hath struck twelve. Tis midnight now ... in the garden of evil. We have passed the point of no return. Well and truly. There is no going back.

The current, now near universal MSM/Reich Ministry narrative [which came after two entire weeks (24/7) of all things baby killer Sgt. Bales]? The (African American) Nobel Prize co-winner, Trayvon ... was shot, numerous times (two entire clips!). In the back. While helping a little old lady, to her feet (she having stumbled and fallen). And in such, (hooded) Trayvon is mistaken for a mugger, by the greedy, racist, bloodthirsty, trigger happy (white) Jew ... Zimmerman.

Ever more strangely, yesterday's passel of talking heads, ALL (f*ck me), couldn't get their head around the chief of the IslamoCommieJunta's open mic ("missile defense"). It's meaning ... and what's really going on (?). It isn't that the six foot piece of porcine feces, is selling out this country (in this case to the Russians). Behind everyone's back (every single froogin chance he gets). Noooh. It's that he/it ... is of the firm (u n s h a k a b l e) belief. He/it will be re-occupying the oval office, come inauguration day January 20, 2013.

Look at the video again people (please).

By hook, or by crook. In any manner available/at hand. Even the willful destruction ... of these United States, for some perceived possible political gain (to be cadged). Addressing the nation whole, with pomp and a grandiosity most serious. In a massive orgy of Feuhristic deflection ... Buraq Hussein: "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon" (FIRE! FIRE ! ! ! --- THE REICHSTAG'S ON FIRE!).

Race. That's it.

Did Hopey McChange (the Great Unifier), phone any of the countless (hundreds?) victims of the new tre chi chi urban sport "Knockout King" ? [if you look closely, you can watch Gewge scrubbing YouTube (in real time), of any such vids]. Grasping those terrorized souls unto his sage fatherly bosom? Oh, that's right ... most of the vic's are elderly, infirm, disabled, or challenged (you know ... like Obama's fave, the Special Olympics). Or of course ... melanin deficient.

The whole, the sum total of Buraq Hussein's 2012 election campaign (in its entirety): It's the Jew's fault! [jobs/economy/banks/Wall St./speculators/price of oil (if those damn f*cking Jews wouldn't attack Iran, we'd have $1.50 gas by Ramadan! [ooops, I meant Christmas])].


Nancy Grace on HLN, last night (Monday). Apoplectic. In misery, tears and agony, unable to go on ... continue living even (Academy Award sh*t). Crying justice, justice, justice. She her very self, lighting thousands upon thousands of torches (blood on your hands now you scum guzzling toilet bug). As the 'marchers for Trayvon' ... grab their pitchforks. And begin hunting Jews in America ($10k for the head of Zimmerman, on a pike!).


The Black Panthers, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan ... on and on (for a forever). MSNBC. CNN. Local channels (MAJOR coverage of the Monday evening, Los Angeles march/rally). Makes no difference. Wall to wall. Every freakin' second. On EVERY platform .... kill the Jew who started the fire. Nonstop, monolithic (makes this hook nosed bagel eater ever so warm and fuzzy).


The Reichstag ain't on fire people. Open your freakin' eyes.


The Constitution is.

Monsters are real [there's a six foot cockroach in the White House (yeah there is)].

Evil does exist.

Between now and election day, there will be a Reichstag fire, every week or two.


It's gunna be a wild ride people. It's gunna be hairy. Real f*cking hairy.

People really are going to die. Real lives. Real human beings. Real souls. Fed into the global IslamoCommie wood chipper. Lots of them. Far too many. Stacked to the sky. You motherf*ckers, you pick your spots. And you wait. For the polls to close. You wait. I don't care how you do it. Do it. Just f*cking do it. It's our only chance. Otherwise ... this country, this thing, this idea magnificent, grand beyond all measure ... America. She dies. And me, I don't speak Hebrew (I'd be mighty f*cking lonely in Israel).

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