Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cooler than ambient ...

Via HD Wallpapers ...

OK ... well there's more on our plates than just/only Tuesday, November 6th. To be sure (the one megaton elephant in da desert tent). And as we count down seventy six days until then, people be getting a little antsy, a little too. Sure, yes ... times beyond extraordinary (we are now LIVING history. NOT reading it). And the fracturing torsional stress, the burden, the weight heavy [as we ever so slowly chug/grind our way up ... a ten percent grade (twenty five tons saddled), in the slow lane (ambient thermometer pinned well over a hundred [surface temps? Crack an egg ...])] is throwing more an a few fanbelts. Exploding holes in more than a few radiators. Blackening/sludgeing more than a few quarts of tranny fluid. And over the hill, on the other side of the grade?

More unbearable heat, more blistering steam, more misery. People, we're going to lose a few along the way. Yeah we are. And it won't be pretty [all I could do, all I could muster ... to take out the laptop, and tap/plink this spiel out (will take some mighty doin', for another post, before the election [my spirit's crushed, but I ain't giving up ... noooh fookin way])]. But you haven't seen nothing yet. No you haven't ... buraq Insane in the Membrane sure the f*ck ain't giving up. Nor the army of shape shifters, over at the Reich Ministry [swinging liplocked from his deek (thank u Barry, can I has anuther)]. More madness approaches. More bone chilling evil to befoul existence whole.

Neither Reid/Pelosi/(filthy RACIST) Holder, or any of the other toilet bugs. Are going to give up either. Treason is like that. It's what traitors do. Destroy nations. And it's what they are doing now. Hand in hand, with the Reich Ministry [like going back in a time machine ... to witness pure Nazi filth, in real atomic time: CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/AP/NYT's (and all their well paid stanknasty ho's [kite] high on der Fuehrer's anal vapors)], together with the Muslim Brotherhood [infecting ALL levels of government. Islamists ... infecting all levels of media. They aren't Americans people. NO THEY AREN'T. Islam is completely/totally INCOMPATIBLE with the Constitution (well, at least back when ... when we usta have a Constitution)]. And zee guut leetle socialists/nihilists/anarchists around the globe [breaking windows/willy nilly assaulting peace officers (they are just getting started, the FRC shooter ... is just the beginning)].

And in the face of this madness. This pure f*ckin' evil, and endless treachery. As the forces of darkness converge from all vectors. What is on the top of the list? What's the agenda?

Knife throwing practice ... in Akin's back.

The big, mean, snarling, growling, teeth baring DNC dawg ... barks. One Time. And what does the entire conswervo broadcast elite do? Whine ... cry mommy ... and wet themselves. If this be what you guys are passing off as brass? Then yeah, it is over (summa ya sh*t on Christine O'Donnel too). Unless you've already gotts somebody beddah in the wings? Who can actually win. Tell me, what's the point of loading, aiming, AND firing the dems triple A for them?

Greedy f*cks [and all the backseat driving (of the Romney bus), pretty tiring as well, really (he got there without any TEA help [or mine])]. And showed his mettle, in the Veep pick. In the week where the united Reich Ministry (in locked goosestep) mouthed but two words the whole week (referendum/choice) over and over again. Was sad, embarasing, pathetic to see ALL the conswervo talking heads (over and over and over again), together (en toto) in behavioural mimicry (shouting at Romney: quick/fast/hard [response, to buraq hussein's campaign's daily lies]).

There are no guarantees (none). But if you're having problems distinguishing the enemy? Get the f*ck off the line. Now. Find you some r&r. The rest of you? Stay cool. Stay frosty. Stay cooler than ambient (even if it be only one degree cooler). If (?) you want to survive ... the next seventy six days. Of burning, raging hell. How we do in the election, how many seats makes no froogin diff. We f i r s t gotta get to the election. Actually make it there. Survive until.

THERE IS NOTHING ELSE (did ya hear me?).

It is the only chance we are going to have. It is the all. The everything. This is the last dying breath of Lady Liberty. A girl once so fetching, so warm and charming, so witty ... so gorgeous. And now ... now so fallow and pale, with nary a pulse.

[The global shooting war ... WW III. Will get here soon enough, on its own (what with THREE, distinct, individual tipping points [which shan't be enumerated here (public forum/mil-strat)]). And what with Buraq Hussein doing EVERYTHING he can to support and arm the "rebels" (with your tax dollars!!!). While at the same time doing everything he can, EVERYTHING ... to undermine, undercut, and eviscerate Israel (ya know that place ... where dem Joo's been hanging fur'bout THREE THOUSAND YEARS [in Jerusalem])].

Don't be gramma, please.

Dig deep, show some courage, some resolve. Don't lose your cool (stay cooler than ambient). And pretty please (wit sugah), don't lose your mind. Like the mentally ill (in da libturd nation) ... hard wired to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, (and) the Reich Ministry. Blogging via tripwire, in the virtual blog tunnel (the Reichstag's on fire!). Living their lives entirely in a faux/virtual construct, upon 5"-7"-10" led screens. Devoid of truth or fact. No connection to reality. No thought. No thinking. No tether to the atomic, morality, or reason [Rosie O'Donnel: "use Google" (to learn about how Jews/Israel. And not Muslims/Islamists/Terrorists/Bugs/Insects. Brought down the Twin Towers ["steel doesn't melt"])].

One faceless anonymous, after another, after another ... plugged into the (mooselimb propaganda) matrix ["One laptop per child" !!!! (don't even get me started on Zoidberg/Futurama [hint: look at Japanese caricatures of Jews, circa 1940])].

This all encompassing mental illness, pervading too much of the youth populace, and pretty much all of MSM. THAT is killing my country. And will continue. Day after day, pounding these uncivil thoughts into the wee widdle libturd craniums, unceasing. Guaranteeing a future that is anything but bright (yes, even after the twelfth mahdi buraq hussein, is impeached on November 6th). A future where the libturd nation's only mission is to sh*t upon everyone else. And you better freakin' believe ... the King of the Sfippy's [translation: six foot (tall) pieces of porcine excrement], buraq hussein. Will still be around, flinging doo. He won't be going away quietly. No. It's a given, the scum guzzling toilet bugs WILL litigate any close result [here's hoping Mitt plays Gotye/just somebody that we usta know. While Chucklehead departs the South Lawn, on his final flight on Marine One [can you mofo's dig that dance party? (Yeah Baby!)].

And even though I'm of the firm belief the election won't even be close (yeah, landslide ... no if's, and's, or bbbbbutt's). I (even more firmly) believe he will continue to work his destruction, upon this Nation. Each and every day, each and every minute. Each and every second (he'll have nothing else to do, nothing to keep him busy, the campaign'll be over). Until he (and the smelly maggots in the junta) are finally removed from office [stay sharp/watch your six/danger Will Robinson (I'll breathe a whole lot easier, after Inauguration Day/TYVM)].

So even though Mitt (and Paul) will perform CPR on Lady Liberty, seventy six days hence (however many seats we pickup, or don't). And she will awaken, and breathe on her own [even twinkle an eye (pray G*d)]. The parasites/OWS/N.O.I will still be furiously biting. Feasting mercilessly (no one ever said any of this will be easy. No).

Let the final battle be joined. As we await the one true apocalypse [it is here. It is here now. This is the real thing. This IS it. There will be No other [one and a half billion twisted & twitchy ... Moe, Ham, and Ed's are just raring to go (could be mere months)].

And Chucklehead Odorama? Why he's still got that gleam in his eye, for your bum (or maybe ... maybe he's just hungry. And he's really casting his glance towards Spot/Rover?). Be not afraid (though the entire land is in fact now a f r a i d, of being butt slammed yet again/one more time, by the smiling deviant buraq hussein. Fearful. Quite so. Families crippled by R E A L fear ... of the economy, the dollar, oil, business, and mostly ... Beelzebub's wingman, the caliphate's pointman ... Barry Soetoro (unconvicted FELON/perjury/Illinois Bar application).

And Charlie, you really, REALLY need to get out of the Beltway there ... Mr. Krauthammer [there's a whole nuther country out there, Sir. And it will be at full stop. With anchor. Until the votes are counted. And, they, are, going, to, vote, the, filthy, excremental, TRAITORS, out, of, office (see, I said it slow, so you can understand. I mean like uh .. uh .. Newsweek's now a bigger Romney cheerleader than you are, Sir ... helloooo [take a break driver 8])].

Stand tall. As the ramparts explode all around. Do not flinch. Do not cower.

Do not even f*cking blink (a tear's ok). As you watch your skin peel, save your powder ..... for Satan. Not for one man (nor any man or woman). Who stands WITH us [even if my view on abortion, be diff from his (imagine that [or yours (or the other ninety percent, under the big tent)]. No matter how schtupit his remarks (and how out of touch he may seem).

I vote heart. I vote soul. And even after Hannity did a T.J. Holmes on him, yesterday (revolting it was). He didn't shrivel. He didn't wither. Calmly stood his ground. Didn't yield ONE f*cking millimeter. WE are going the save the country. You .... Me (NOT the clowns getting twenny mil a year, for crepitating over the airwaves).

So, go 'head ... paint him with the brush of opportunity lost. Go on ... and how HE, and he alone lost the country [aren't MSM's pornographic lies enough? (Akin = Ryan. James Holmes = TEA party)]. As I ALREADY told you ("guaranteed"), there is going to be a Reichstag Fire ... every week or two, until the election. Buck up wussies. You ain't seen sh*t yet [trust me ... they could still toss Biden underdabuss (you think the "chain" speech was an accident ... huh?)]. Real F*cking Evil Is Headed Our Way (tha'd be called a clue). Keep your heads, and we'll keep our country. Lose 'em, and the syphilitic goat f*ckers/caliphate
... are waiting in the wings ... to surgically remove them

Me, I kinda sorta want my country back. Like more than anything. And I'm going to extend myself the courtesy. Of waiting. Until Tuesday evening, November sixth. Seventy six days. Mebbe ... just mebbe ... you can do same?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't feel so cocky now, do we?

6:08 PM  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...


I hope you are doing well this holiday season.

Cheers, Ronbo

4:42 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks Ronbo. Difficult it be to find any cheer a'tall, but I find a spot in your greet. And trust you found same, for at least a moment or two as the clock rang in the new year. The ONLY question which remains, is the rate of decay.decline, and destruction. Cities and major metro areas will of course ... be first. This evil thing that now walks the earth, shall receive it's due.

10:34 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

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10:45 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, August 23, 2013


Tell me
Nancy Grace
Tell me

How does it taste

The blood
The blood of Christ Lane

11:12 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Yesterday/Thurs, Oct. 17/L.A.Daily News/Editorial/pg A16

'Obama's chilling effect on journalism'

"a new report on the Obama administration's dealings with journalists comes from the Committee to Protect Journalists -- an organization that normally focuses on press freedoms abroad."

7 years.

Ess Eee Vee Eee En.

And whuddya know ... the first negative words to ever appear .... in your yellah rag. About Obama.

(So I'm thinking) site hacked? Or wuzzya kidnapped (and drugged/brainwashed) Mariel?

What's that ... you saw that lil thingee 'bout: "First They Came For The TEA Party"?

Hmmm .... really ... that's interesting [people change (and what not)].

Oh wait a minute .... wait a guldern minute ...

That was you that came for the TEA Party Mariel.


I hemmed and hawed (and hemmed and hawed some more). 'Bout saying: 'I hope someone runs over your puppy'.

Even if it was your words Mariel. WORDS. That killed this country. Destroyed a nation. The Greatest Gift Ever Known.

Words like Terrorist. Jihadist. Taliban. Towards Cruz/Lee/TEA Party. While for the last forever ... al-Qaeda is/are mereley protestors (cuz who wants to not get paid to take a test). Demonstrators (lo miles w warranty).Or insurgents (cuz no one can pronounce phlebotomist).

But I am not you.

I am never going to become you.

8:43 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dominion of Evil

Life, in America. Once ... a world of wonder and magic. Of joy and spirit. A glowing light. Where hope sprung eternal. Each day. Anew.

Yesterday, before the sun arose, I trudged to the belly of the beast. Downtown, to L.A. County Medical Center.

To the extraction clinic.

Where they no longer do extractions (you can however, get an appointment. To come back ... in three months).

I waited. Five hours. Was not seen by a nurse, or doctor. Examined in any way. Let alone screened, for the level of severity of need. No. I was not.

But, I got my appointment (note to self ... check out Instructables, to see if there are any how to vids).

But that's not the story [there is no me here anymore (as my own global health slips further. And I continue to fade away into obscurity ... ignominy)].

The Story Is The Faces.

Of those who traveled. In darkness (I arrived at 6:45, and was fourteenth, on the list). In pain. Pennies counted, cans bottles redeemed. Via however many buses, blocks walked. Or rides beggingly cadged.

One hand. Cupping one side of face's grim. As if they now, after arriving, could grasp the pain. Remove it, then discard it. Here. At the extraction clinic. Finally triumphing. Over the pain.

I, only to witness. One face racked with pain. After another. After another. Seeing those faces .... go from pain.

To abject horror.

When informed, they can come back. In three months. One nurse, after another. One doctor, after another. Spending the larger part of their time, explaining. Who, without an appointment, gets treated .... today. What emergency medical condition/s must be met.

Faces ... of disbelief. Toggling back to faces of pain and grimace. Then back to horror.

Obamacare serves only its Master's interest. No other. It exists not to exalt humanity, as a blanket of kindness (lovingly hand woven by Dear Leader). But merely as a gate. And ACA practitioners ...keepers. Of the gate.

Tween Heaven.

Tween hell.

Don't blink. Those before you ARE as they seem. Hitler's Willing Excusioners [wacist wabbit ... Utopia's just a 'fixed' website away (how's that heroin habbit working out for ya Ed Schultz?)].


Stay in the light. If you can. Blink (if you must), as your knees buckle. And you grab hold, only to find the world now a vaporous place.

A dominion of evil.

As Barry and Reggie play each day (hide the salami). And Rush peddles his book. And every other freakin' conswervo, peddles their's (fook me, is there anyone out there who isn't pimping one? Really).

The caliphate grows. Stronger. Ever more. The US military gets decimated. By manpower, equipment, horsepower (cash money). Leadership. Spirit.

The US economy, on the ropes. Awaiting the canvas/count. While China, Russia, Norks, Iran ... have puds firmly in hand.

And through all this madness, certain countervailing individuals ... dither [one asks of one's self ...corruption? Simple, everyday, common (to/for whatever end). Or ... is it just staggering ignorance and incompetence].

As events now unfold, you won't have to ask. Watching them transpire, on your JumboTron .... what happened to the world? Won't need anyone to tell you [if you've got an extra box of Kleenex? The Big Guy is running low (being outplayed by filth monkeys, you would too)].

Is he helpless?

Are we?

Some would say, the fight has only just begun. The war (virtual, spiritual, atomic) ... just starting. But this battle, will consume all (look at the black hole the last five years have been).

Evil is here.

Place your own bets. I'm not giving odds.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...

The title of your essay speaks volumes of wisdom - "Dominion of Evil."

Indeed, the darkness closes in on what was once a shinning city of light....

...and this is just the beginning of the long night for America.

Sleep safe in the city of angels

-- Ronbo (in rain city)

7:36 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cry Pony, Cry

(It wasn't a dark and stormy night) ... It was a bright and sunny day. Local denizens lined up (and down), both sides of the town's main street. As the annual summer fest parade, makes its way past.

A Pirate ship parade float meanders by. Commanded by (one of) the local TV newscaster(s). And lo and behold, the head swashbuckler calls out ... to me. Motions me over from the curb, to the parade proper (am I COOL or what).

Leads me, to the back of the float. And commands .... M U S H! Mush matey, mush. Oh so cool me, just been drafted. To help push ... the float.

Yep. I did.

Feel stupid.

Just like however many millenials now. Who got picked. By dear leader. To help push ... Obamacare.Discovering it is not them, he values ... treasures. Nooo.

It's their wallet.

That has been picked.

Today Lawd Kumbaya, Buraq duh Pink Mageek Sparkle Pony stands nekkid. Before his adoring ass'. They, for the very first time, seeing him as he is.

No longer THE messiah. But a mere bug. A slimy stanky lil cockroach. A jive ass pimp (ewedaho). Not a man. Let alone a leader of men/nations/world. And he played YOU (oh so cool millenials).

Rather indistinguishable from that certain scene, in Leaving Las Vegas. When she quite gingerely enters the cab, and the cabbie snides: "unexpected back door delivery?"

Poor little sparkle pony, now running scared [though he will load up AF1/party palace in the sky ... with every lefty dingbat, dingaling, dingdong, hoho/twinkie he can. Then grab/polish his crown/sceptre enroute to Mandela's state funeral (with Oprah [Kill whitey/TEA], and Jesse [killdajoo's]. And Sheryl Crow [kill sanitation/cleanliness])].

Lil pony frightened, now that more than one millenial can see.

It's a start.

Cry pony, cry. Stick a narwhal in your eye.

5:55 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Poison Picked

What I know 'bout politics ... woon't fill a thimble. And the Beltway? What I know wouldn't fill a concave dimple (on side, same thimble).

Easy to call near all the politico's in D.C. ... cowards. Or traitors. Or both. 'Spite of yesterday's (budget battle) plaintive pleadings: can't we all just get along? [Hold hands/sing Kumbaya (at least until the midterms)].

Obamacare IS Deathcare. Destroying my health, my life. Since the gates first went up at LAC/USC Med Center, and Olive View/UCLA. Now two years ago, in preparation for ACA rollout (I'm a rather crusty bird, let the sacks of sh*t keep trying).

King Hussein's Deathstar .... ACA ... is destroying America.

Whole. Without compunction. Without regret. Without restraint. Like a giant laser.


Destroying medicine, the practice thereof. Careers. Lives. An entire industry. And the entire U.S. economy. Right along with.

It is destroying our world whole. With frightening ease and blinding speed. Rebel Commander Hussein IS good at what he does.


So, which poison be yer pleasure ... which do you swallow?

Hope ... against hope ... somehow, someway the Deathcare Death Star is destroyed. In future.

Or ... charge the f*cking gates. Til the battlefield's emptied of living souls?

I know this, we have the power to keep Rebel Commander Hussein far away from launching. Another FULLY LETHAL ATTACK on America. Via another phony budget impasse.

His willingness to do so again, unquestioned. His past willingness? Prima facia evidence his treason.


Outright. Unvarnished. A ginormous steamin' pile'o Dear Leader. Choking America to death on its stench.

It makes no sense to give him another opportunity (known known). Tho my laughter 'pon hearing Senator Ryan say twenty three billion dollars. Yesterday, at the beginning of the reveal. Was deafening (scared me).

But, I have no faith in any of these wool clad (Repub's Super 100's/150's) Jellyfish (Dem's ... silk/Italian). Will do the right thing.

At all.


So, where are we ... huh?

Hopelessly hope ... somehow, someway Obamacare gets the morphine drip it so desperately needs? And not a head transplant. Letting the lil Congressroaches have their way. Living to surrender another day.

Or, die here. Die now. On the field of battle. With our spines fused by G*d.

Pick your poison (ACA won't cover your prescriptions, so ipecac will be out of pocket).

There is nowhere left to hide (unless of course you're Real al-Qaeda ... then it's a guarantee the NSA won't know you from any 14 y.o. jasper battling bots in bitville).

Forgive me, Please ... but we are never going home. We are never going back. The only thing left. Is to pray.

For the end of the IslamoCommieJunta. And the demise of Rebel Commander Hussein's reign.

Maybe a spoonful'a sugar for ya?

7:19 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dueling Banjos (elmo gets schizo with it/duality of woeful men)

Or ...

This Is Not The (droid) Deal You've Been Looking For

I was all for keeping Rebel Commander Hussein away. From al-Qaeda Missile Control. F A R away. Preventing him from launching a n o t h e r C4 filled rocket. On the heartland. Our homes. Our lives. OUR country. Our America. Loved beyond measure.

An attack as before ... via phony govt. shutdown. A well coordinated launch. Well planned.

It's what King Cockroach does.


And you know what (noo elmo, what). Maybe Rep Ryan, once 'pon a time, was a nice guy? Look at all the hard work (right). And he seems so dang sincere (though he looked like a nervous and frightfully skeerd lil bunny, yesterday, in the Rotunda. During his hasty presser, post reveal).

But you Congressman, are a Liar.

Just like, exactly like ... Dear Leader.

WE get to decide. On the merits. Not on your LIES. This isn't a 'deal.' You are voiding the sequester AND raising taxes.

YOU are killing jobs.

It isn't passing the buck, kicking the can. Nor is it capitulation. It isn't even. surrender. It is hari kari.

Nice try b*tch. Can I have my vote back now?

Strapping my gauntlet ... grasping my long mace .... point me to the gates L*rd

5:38 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, December 20, 2013

(OMG .... there's gay people) when did this happen?!

Ummm .... uhhh .... does Barry's imam even know? What Rebel Commander Hussein does, with Reggie [between moments of throwing the switch/pulling the trigger ... and really lighting up a Yemenese wedding party (with a laser guided missile)].


Hint: looks/walks/quacks
Hint #2: The 95% of African Americans, who voted for ThuhWon. Wouldn't have (but they're not bigots).

The libturd nation ain't on fire cuz Philbert spoke h i s mind. No. Expressed his opinion. Paraphrasing dee guut book. Non.

They're doing the Zombie because someone gave him a platform. And let him speak (was even allowed to).

Yeah, there be an upside to the discussion [as it were (CNN/MSNBC were in DuckMoeDee 24/7 yesterday. Like some one's puppy got runned over [then unceremoniously scraped off the pavement ... tossed on the barbie])].

Not counting all the toucan cereal eaters, doing the headless chicken (like they've just received the power wedgie from hell).

And doin' it ... with righteous indignation.

But missing from all the discussions (as is usual/norm for A N Y thing originating from the Associated Press). Is the word.


Missing from this now completely sharia compliant society.

And thus, also missing, is this.

In Islam
The Penalty
For liking show tunes


And sometimes a little rape ... for good measure (can you say Ambassador Stevens).

Death (spell it with me .... Dee Eee ...)

As in not losing your cable TV show. Losing your life.

The world has gone mad. Well and truly. Sharia isn't creeping. It has already crept. Right up. To America's vocal cords.

With a serrated blade.


Any Way You Can

Every Which Way

This ain't no library. It is the world. And it is slipping away.

5:58 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Poison in the well

alt: Happy New Year

alt x2: Phil Robertson, the only man (fired/un) fired, in Hollywood ... for being moral.

(In multiple posted comments)

Each day many of us suit up, show up, mount up, and ride (well, I used to anyway). Trying to beat back Satan's advance 'pon this earth. We ain't doing so good, no. Cuz in the heat, there be thirst. A mighty thirst.

And to slake ... we take us a drink of water. From the well. The water, striated with poison.

Robbing us our strength. Our energy. Our spirit. Our souls now blackened and blued. Literally killing us. You. Me. This Nation.

It simply is no longer possible. For this Nation to survive. In its present form. Upon its present course.

Dependent on the water, the water redolent of pathogens. Holding our noses, in order to bypass the reek of poison.

And still we drink.

Hoping against hope, somehow someway. We survive, this Nation. That in the end we prevail ... and, still alive.

Just Not Possible Anymore. To sustain life. This Nation IS dying. Murdered. Casually. Mindlessly. Effortlessly. By too many ignorant. Too many brain washed. Hypnotized. Stupid. Intransigent. And just plain filthy f*cking evil cockroaches.

Pissing in the well.

There is only one window/door to the future. Just and only. The 2014 US electoral map, by county.

It's bunker time people. Yeah, sorry ... it is (the map will tell you where not to build).

[end part one ... ]

3:30 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Part two ....

The path is set

There is no going back. The coordinates are programmed ... into the flight computer. Locked.

Just like Iran.

Only some butt froogin arse to mouth maggot (like Rebel Commander Hussein), would even begin to suggest. They aren't building a nuclear bomb.


Unchecked. They W I L L succeed (and soon). And Chucklehead Obama's given them north of TEN BILLION DOLLARS, over the last twelve months. To hurry them along. Without Congress. Or the Citizenry. A reward, from Our Dear Leader. For killing thousands of O U R soldiers in Iraq, and Afghansitan. Wow.


That be the word normal people, of right mind. Awake. As in not unconscious. Might use/choose/select.

Out of their f*cking little minds (is what I'd say).

And just like Iran's children cartoon's. Played endlessly ... over the course of their youth. Commanding the lil goat fookers to Kill. Kill. Kill.

Da Jew.

Same here. In the good ole USA.


Kill ....


Or at least belittle, make fun of, castigate, ostracize, shun, boycott, ban. Or at the very, very least ... spit upon. Aw heck ... mebbe even get themselves a little taste of that Knockout King.

Because you neanderthal (yeah you), don't smoke the baloney pony. Or think Tray Vaughn a saint.

Did I already say insane?

[end part two]

5:14 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Part three ...

The Entropy Centrifuge

Was looking through some newspapers. From July. Looking at the pictures ... of the "protesters" (post St. Trey Vaughn verdict).

And the faces of same.

And the joy and happiness therein. Happy happy joy joy. Runnin' wild, runnin' free. To vandalise, destroy, mug, loot, rob, harm, injure. Free ... to arson. Free to fire bomb. Free.

Real joy, true joy. Faces don't lie.

Ya see, they got themselves a certified, stamped, numbered, o'fishul, bonerfried excuse.

To riot (even got a gold foil embossed/notarized document, from Rebel Commander Hussein hiz veddy self: "If I had a son, he'd look like St. Trey Vaughn").

Now is just a lull. A small quiet. A day trip away, from the future. Whence another excuse W I L L be found. Let me say that again ... will, be, found. As night follows day ... it is coming [no need to worry about the wait (it'll get here. The future is like that)].

Get Ready

Be Ready

Stay Ready

There is no winning here. AND .... there is nothing to be done. Nothing.

The die is cast. It's a done deal. This Nation is coming apart. Their weapons forged in the bowels of hell. Lovingly, longingly ... hand crafted ... by the filthiest, scummiest maggots ever to alight, from a steaming pile of dear leader's shite.

Whatever remains of this Nation, this Country, this Land? How ever much is destroyed. Consumed in the conflagration? Where we end up? How we got there? Wherever that may be. Whatever is left, that (maybe) we might start anew.

I know this. We, will walk slowly, through the very flames of hell, first.

In order to get there.

6:25 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Part four ...

Forget that f*cking website already ...


The website/some URL ... isn't killing America, and Americans. And its economy. It's the practice and enforcement of Obamacare.


Under penalty. Of law.

Jackbooted thugs, wearing IRS badges. Carrying a license [with an official govt. hologram, of a giant turd (John Roberts)]. And a ream of NSA data [we would tell you, to go and get that large, dark, funky mole looked at (that we accidentally saw). But NO ONE actually gets treated. Under Obamacare. They only get covered. Under a mountain of debt. Goooooood luck seeing a doctor (really). And since everyone now knows it. It isn't a secret anymore. So, we won't tell you (neener neener)].

Oh, and forget the duck whistle too.

It's all distraction. Sustained. Gyroscopic. With pretty LED lights.

They're going to fight. These f*cking insects. To keep the socialist, fascist fraud going. Keep Deathcare ... alive. By any means possible (all caps, neon letters, fifty feet tall). Yeah they are (debt ceiling? Get strapped Senator Cruz. Fix bayonet. Now is the time. Pickett's Charge. Right Up The F*cking Middle. March. I SAID MARCH MUDDERHUBBARD!).

There is no here, for them. No now. This moment doesn't exist. They live in their own hive. Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing .... then swarming.

Then ....



And this Nation right along with.

Like the sweet little talking (penile) head, the other day (Friday, Dec. 27, 3:30 a.m.). On the MSNBC. Subbing for Morning Schmoe/Schmuck and Meeka Mouse:

"Some people are claiming they've lost their insurance coverage due to Obamacare."

Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to stop their derangement. Their treason. These crimes. Against truth. Against reason. Against humanity.

Against G*d.

7:34 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Part five ...

It is bunker time

The world, the world's coming apart. And you need be ready. To be able. To go. To ground. An hour. A day. A week. However long the insects still have the scent of Dear Leader's armpit pheremones, signalling them ever thus (Moochelle sez he does have the funk, big time).

Anything can happen. And sorry, anything will.

Rebel Commander Hussein has completely withdrawn the US, from the worldstage (while sawing off one leg of our military, at the same time).

We don't countervale sh*t now. In fact we lend succor, lend support, give food, give money. Give weapons.

To al-Qaeda.

Are you people blind?

And the Chinese have their own domestic finacial debt problems. Not insignificant. No.

Everyone .... Norks, Iran, Russia ... spankin' it. Christmas in Moscow, Tehran, the squat in the Stan. Shrieking ewe ewe lation (too lazy to check actual spelling).

Get that order in .... rebar, concrete, agregate, copper pipe, Romex, pocket dozer/Bobcat reservation. Cuz you deen't build dat bunkah .... nooh.

Barry did :-)

The Unaffordable Care Act, is an ongoing criminal enterprise. Fraud. Simple Simon. RICO Act. Nothing more. With premeditation aforethought. Buncha felony f*cks running round the White House .... with their d*cks out ... we're really Presidentin' now baby! And to the libturd nation, it isomething sexual also. Orgasmic. An amphibian cluster f*ck. And all the other flora and fauna invited to the sauna too!

Ocka ocka ocka (ACA) they moan in delirium. Oooh Barry/ocka ocka. I wan't to have your NSA up my *ss.

And some of these feces eaters. Are getting rich. Off of Obamacare.

8:45 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Part six ...

Follow the money

Make up a list. Of all those who are receiving your tax dollars. To promote Obamacare. Without any bid competition. Or contract review (just like the $700 Million. Spent. On the Webiste!)

Lobbying firms
Think tanks
PR firms
Advertising agencies
Media companies
Graphic artists
Equipment rentals
Travel agencies
Schoolmates of ThuhWon/Moohshell

All who are directly profitting from this fascist fraud.

Follow the money.

Your tax dollars. From your paycheck. Spent to promote Obamacare. Whether you like it or not.


And in this madness, the left, and Hollywood churn out hate. It is all they know. Hate America. Hate Americans. Hate. Tis their life whole.

Just like. Exactly like. Islamists.

This hate curses through their blood. Fills them with pride. Fills them with purpose. Now no longer a country. But a cauldron. Boiling over with anger. And rage. And violence.

Knockout King Is Just The Beginning.

Get you a blade (I fancy the tanto mini Strider, though I only sprung for the ATS-34). Learn p r o p e r self defense knife technique (Steal This Book, by Abbie Hoffman). Some aerosol hot sauce (great for psych warfare/highly effective without even target acquisition). And a black cat for thirds/in a pinch.

Don't go ANYWHERE without. Not even the loo.

Pay attention. Do Not Be a Victim.


There are no life rafts. No space ships coming. Just us. To stand up. To this evil. You. Me.

And the ground we so choose to stand upon (redux ... 2012 electoral map, by county).

Do not yield
Do not bend
Do not retreat

They want a millimeter?

Over your dead body

No one gets through

No One.


[I'll wish you a Happy New Year another time]

9:35 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

(ooops) In above (six part) screed, should read: 2012 electoral map, by county [and (duh) not 2014]

2:25 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year .....

To the spoot garglers in the NSA. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year, and a successful auto-erotic asphyxiation ... at the stroke of twelve!

7:34 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Thousand Points of Darkness

Each day, another light goes out ... in America.

The gangrenous, syphillitic, hanging pustule that is (Black Supremacist) Eric Holder. Has spoken/evacuated his jowls.

If (?), you are young. If you are young and black. You are forthwith absolved ... of any crimes. Of all crimes. Committed. By you.


You are not yet 18. Not yet a man. And ... because you are not white.

CYA policing has pretty much been the norm. In my community, for a number of years now. Uniforms, just trying to get through their shift, alive. And, with their pension intact.

Nothing more.

Asking themselves, will my job, and in turn my family, be safe. Because somehow, I might have done something to jeopardize it.

Fuhget about doing anything to support the law abiding citizens in my community.

Anything at all.

EVERYONE'S a perp. Everyone a threat. To my job.

And the chillins know it.

All of 'em. Free to commit random crimes. Free from worry of arrest. What's a little nihilism, anarchy, or violence? For major police departments, tis just a little more water. Over the dam. Nothing to worry, let alone actually do something about.

Like file a report. Or ... make an arrest.

Lawlessness is now not merely accepted, tolerated. It is the norm. B'sides .... the jails are full. Even though here in California, they keep emptying them ("prison re-alignment"). At the behest, of Federal judges.

Those convicted. Don't serve more than a few days time. If that.

Shiny badges.

All the youths now got shiny badges.

Watch'em on the YouTube. Or World Star Hip Hop. Running over grandma, on their skateboard. Or unleashing a torrent, and furiously smashing the side of her head, to the ground. As she pushes her grandbaby down the street, in a stroller.

(end part one)

5:19 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Of any crime. Of all crimes. Past, present, and future.

And well everyone knows, if you're young, or young and black. Tain't safe ... to wander. Round sleepy lil Jewish enclaves, at night. Lest them creaky ol' Yiddisha types ... attack (with their cane, walkers, or rollators). Hiding, waiting in the dark. To pounce (afterwards of course, they dance the hora).

And no, obviously ... as different from kidnapping Arab babies, to harvest their blood. To make the ritual matzah (sheesh).

So, it's only natural Herr Holder has enlightened us. To the new world disorder.

And, in case you didn't hear (smell) .... Eric Holder isn't the only steaming pile, that is offgassing.

Dear Leader, King Shazam ... who built everything (including the internet). He be funking up da joint mightily too (with DNC/MSM-Reich Ministry help of course).

Economic Inequality


Economic in a what? You mean like greed? Banks? Bankers .... oh, I get it.


Say a prayer for this country (like I have to ask). Before prayer itself ... is outlawed (I feel confident the NSA's working on that too. Listening in, on your prayers. To G*d).

(end part two)

6:14 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sure, these ed-juh-muh-katers coon't teach a five year old. The alphabet (did someone say soup?). Or a ten year old, to (hand)write their name.

So asking them to teach values?
Right from wrong?

Is indeed asking the impossible [like telling Dennis Rodman, NOT to open the sealed bag, of triple 9's pure Nork meth (before getting on the plane)].

But barring them from the attempt? By edict. By decree ... from Goebbels.

Breathe deep the gathering gloom.

Sniff da coffee. Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, King, Christie, Roberts.

These cockroaches will not stop. Will not pause. Their destruction. Of this Nation. And WILL do as much damage, as Beelezebub rents.

Between now and impeachment [Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, ACA, NSA, Iran, Syria, locking wheelchair bound vets out of war memorials/monuments, election finance fraud, election fraud, lending material support ... to our enemies, likely .... even murder, ad infinitum].

Hey, a girl can dream right.

But between now, and then. There is NO time to grieve, for this Nation. T-minus seven ... and counting ...




6:49 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When it's over

There's nothing you can say ... there's nothing to be done

Oh my, what a shame (Don Mclean, 1972)

Alt: Poultry Press (cluckity cluck/bwock bwock)

In many parts, over many days ....

I have seen the interior scenes, at the sausage factory [even before my latest (unseen, unknown [Hellooooo NSA!]) virtual travails].

The entrails wound together, into a raw uncooked whole. To be consumed. Producing, writing, shooting, editing (before ENG!). A couple feature news pieces, for local TV, in my teens.

Or, more often ... just catching a glance walking by an open MSM window.

Like many a year ago, living in the Central Coast. Witnessing a couple of stupid punk wannabe's, strolling down the resort town's main drag. One, carrying a length of 2x4.

And these dingleberries getting into a scrum, with some construction workers (the then new, hideous downtown megamall), lunching al fresco/sidewalk cafe.

Only to read a wire report, two days later, from the AP: Marauding gangs prowl seaside resort (or some such similar).

Yeah, it was laughable. But, it just ain't funny. No more. Like Beck/radio (Cain/net): (Zimmerman) Failure to break off.

Or of course ... FOR YEARS NOW. A YouTube video killed, and raped. Ambassador Stevens.

But yesterday, Tuesday afternoon, January 14, ... round 3:45 pst, watching Fox/Baer and panel (G. Will, J. Pace, T. Carlson).

Was floored.


There, to a man ... sat all these chickens. Clucking. The Poulty Press. All resigned. To a nuclear weaponized Iran. Minds, I was surprised to see ... as being ever so shallow, ever so small (exception: any AP 'reporter', which of course includes Pace). So unable to grasp the fundamentals. Let alone first see them.

Forget lo info voters ... lo info conswervo talkin' heads. Thoughts confined. To a small box. A teeny tiny box. On the air. Unaware.

That war IS here. And greater war, global war. Mere moments away. Peril. Conflagration. That will rock us. To our core. To our marrow.

And here sat these imbaseals. Proud. Revelling. Bathing.

In Sclerotic Defeatism.

Phuh King Surrender Monkeys.

(end part one ... )

9:45 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Slipping into darkness (the world is)

alt: I see blind people

All the bells ringing, in my mind. Alarm bells 24/7. Sirens, mega decibel horns, spinning dizzy. Doppler calling the watch.

Consternation .... umm ... wtf? Doesn't anyone hear the alarm ... anyone at all? (Just like the time I blew my eardrum out, on a flight back from Laguardia. And dartingly looked around the cabin, after hearing a loud popping sound).

And what I see. Are deaf people. Yeah, I would tell 'em ... read my lips, but seems the libturd nation's blind too.

And the RINO's/go along get alongs? Even deefer an dumberer.

Traitors (any ring in town, ANY time)

The beltway bullsheeters more concerned with their coiffures (or their pet's). More concerned ... with nothing [Rush's on about yesterday's Pat's/Bronc's scrimmage ... and speaking of Monsieur. Still quite surprised, at the KEIB/1150 mistep. Kind of mistake, he doesn't make. And yet, there it is (unless they've already budgetted/bought/contracted/are constructing ... repeaters. TOO MANY listeners simply won't be able. To tune in. Terrestially).

As in not concerned with the end, of the world. As we know it. The world proper, the world whole. Not giving a tinker's dam, that members of the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult ... now have the means to make a nuclear bomb.

Not caring a whit that Iran ... is laughing. In our faces [yeah, I know. Laughter's haram (they interpret the Koo Koo Ka Choo Ran/Charmin flat pack, just like Khalid Sheik Obama interprets the Constitution [and well tain't his fault neither. Cuz Obama sez he's blacker'n coal and souler than so (ergo whitey's/Joo's/Repub's/Christian's fault [what's that .... you didn't get the memo?])].

And the drive by press, noses stuck deeeep (I mean deeeeeeeep) .... in Obama's derriere. Saluting the latest output from All Drama Obama.

China ready to add (well subtract actually) their two (uncredit worthy) cents. Erica Holdress, a tourney general (no whites allowed on course), orchestrating Christie's political funeral/probe (anal).

Cuz we all know, one lane closure, on a bridge in Jersey (for a day?). Far more devastating than G I V I N G two thousand (2,000 in Rio Linda) hi power, large caliber, tippy top dollar, absolute highest quality manufacture. Weapons/long guns.

To Mexican cocaine traffickers. Narco terrorists. With which to kill US Border Patrol Agents. And US citizens [not counting the likely hundreds slughtered, who just happened to be ... Mexican. Nope (Clinton: What difference does it make?)].

Or .... TSA/Obama/Holder/Napolitano giving unscreened private travel/airport access.

To The Muslim Brotherhood.

Cuz ya know (dont'cha), slow traffic .... kills (why they raised the national speed limit from 55, back to 65).

Kind of a scatterbrained post, to be sure. My concentration ebbing. Energy dropping. Atomic existence challenging the last of my ease and calm.

And I am filled with a mighty rage (better spool up that YouTube vid .... the Gopro mini vid cam. Mounted on a hula hoop (pointed in). Spun round, by a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad. Yeah, that's the ticket. What was I yammerin' 'bout again?).

10:28 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Was gunna chime/chirp/tweet (as it were), yesterday. When at noon, I heard on the radio, regards Rouhani and Dear Leader .... and the breathlessly torrid thing, they got goin' on. In the barn (yeah, Reggie IS jealous).

And be firstest, with the mostest (as it were). Give a widdle back, to my tens'a thousands'a followers (your eyelids are getting heavy ...). But I resisted the urge. And you get the bwain dwippins, a day late (who ya gunna call).

And what I heard, from Meester Radio Talking Head, bout Iran. And the flushing of sanctions, and the ordination of the Goat F*cker Republic. The Champagne christening of their doomsday machine [Champagne was the only thing missing, from the Iran News Agency photos. Of the staggeringly momentous (all hail Dorothy) decascading (Kabuki Theater does translate to Farsi). Though I coulda swore I saw some dancing (maybe that's just me)].

And what 'xactly did I hear from Meesta Radio? He, quoting Dear Leader:

"It's a six month experiment"

Yeah, Mengele experimented on the Jews too.

Everything old. Is new again. Even the Holocaust.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...



4:09 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Put down the crack pipe!
(step away from the 2014 midterm election projections/put your rose colored chromatherapy goggles in the air, where we can see them)

So many froogin' thoughts ... runnin' round my brain (to Jackson Browne melody/rhytm). And it can be daunting, thumbin' this shid out. On a micro keyboard, and 3.5" screen (lost the telco dsl a year ago. Even the comfort of an atomic daily, beginning of this year).

I ain' no martyr. Still gotta be done though. And so many miles to go ... before I rest.

I just love this country so much.

Beyond any measure.

Everyone be countin' them 2014 chickens.

8:22 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

They're eggs people. They haven't hatched. And there's shortage of incandescents ... for the incubators. Like I tole'ya before, in 2012. How many seats we get. Is how many seats ... we get.

Fook walking on eggshells [as it were (ovoid's not the theme today)]. F*ck John Boehner, Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnel, John McCain (eat your confetti bitch ... [send your baddest]). All zuhwayupwittaredhotpkah.

Hitler's willing delusioners. Whack jobs. Not just disconnected. But actively discombobulating.

Lead ...

Follow ...


Clowntime is over

8:43 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's a real simple equation (morons)

Consorting with Beelezebub WON'T keep US out of Hades [nor will it get YOU a seat in the chilly willy Champagne Room (it will however, get you chained. To a shovel. Next to a pile of coal [on your right] ... whose height you cannot measure. Standing next to the open door [on your left], of the blast furnace)]. Good Luck with that. Really.

If you ain't got the grit? The constitution (let alone Constitution). Backbone. Or spine. Spit on your f*cking selves.

Not us.

9:25 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Que Sera Sera ....

Election fraud .... the last three cycles. Finance fraud, felony fraud, conspracy, tampering. Covert, overt (you stupid f*cking feckless maggots).

The difference between now, and the last three cycles?

Our Beloved Dear Leader's now actually afraid. And he don't fear much. But he does fear impeachment. It puts the one true G*d, above him.

The totality of the ramifications has him now wearing a disposable undergarment. Treason's no joke [what's that? Eddie? Oh you mean New Founding Father, SIR Edward Snowden ... (Any ring in town ... Any time b*tches. We're not playing, anymore [we hardly ever even laugh])].

We'll see.

But we ain't countin sh*t. We ain't projecting nothing. Let alone predict. Whatever will be, will be. It's nine months away. Nine months.

Tween now and then?

Anything can happen. And we KNOW anything will.

We win? The Country wins [though yeah, we will have to buy some new boots (who'd want to wear 'em again after being shoved up King Blattidae's arse).

We lose (however that may come to be)? Then I'm 1,000% confident, he will expatriate after leaving office (there's a lot of billions already floating around Persia, with his stink on it).

And oh yeah.


peer ee id

10:16 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scorched Earth

Now underway.

All upon the land.

Obamacare/Deathcare [they're killing me b*tches ... they really are (and yet I spend my prayer budget on this Nation, and Those Who Serve to Sace Her)]/Ocka (ACA).

Destroying lives. Destroying this Nation.

In the firestorm raging and racing all oer the land.

Consuming everything in its path (I have seen a firestorm. Up close, real close and personal. You can't imagine. No you c a n n o t).

Sweeping through our homes, our lives, our doctor's offices, our hospitals, our surgical suites (WTF!).

Who the f*ck do you scuzz buckets think you are?

There isn't enough fancy Fwench cologne.

And sorry, we 'Mericans cain't afford them magic mirrors you got hanging (in the holes you crawled out of). The mirrors which hide your horns, your cloven hooves.


Half a decade now. We been in the trenches fighting this evil, upon the land, within our shores. For Five Years Now.

And the external global war's only just starting to warm up [assuming Bibi Nuttinhangin' locates his pair (or even figures out which end is up)]

11:36 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scorched Earth, Numero Dos [I speak Spanish too you racialist filth monkeys. Reaching round at every opportunity, grabbing a turd and flinging it (mebbe try ... oh I don't know ... skydiving? ... Yeah, that's the ticket ... without a parachute).


Hundred thousand employees. $50 billion dollars a year. So many compartments, their compartments have compartments. And NO ONE knows what any'a the others are doing.

I do.

Beleive that (nooh, I ain' special. I have something Dear Leader does not. A contemporaneous atomic birth certificate).

Black bag domestic internal warfare. War. Against the Citizens of the United States of America.

Specifically hundreds of bloggers. Hu.ndreds of reporters. Hundreds of writers. Journalists. News providers and purveyors.

Members of the TEA Party. TEA party organizations.

Friends of. Families of.

The Stasi got nothin' on these spirochetes.

Nothing. Not even close...

12:10 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Terminal velocity on the road to Perdition (2014 midterms)

Recently, G*d forgot to close the door, to the labratory (oops). And NASA snapped a pic.

Of his hand.

Out in the vast reaches of space. Creating another universe [a backup, case this one don't make it? (I'm not giving odds)].

And what a wondrous sight it was.

Back here on earth, you don't need a space telescope, nooh. Nor a secret decoder ring.

The signs are everywhere.

Look around. The smouldering ground. Listen to the baying hounds ... through the misty sulphur clouds.

There is nothing else. But you. And me. Our hearts. Our minds. Neither endless intentional distraction/misdirection [Deblasio ... replacing the carriage's drive. Firing da ponies. Replacing both. With rickshaws (think Seinfeld). Pulled by ... you guessed it, the rich! Or more often, Chucklehead dribbling Islamospoot out his gaping maw. Every minute now, of every day (if those damn froogin Jews would just stop picking up those brainwave transmissions from Israel [he too stupid to know, Jews as a group, the largest single bloc after blacks. To vote for that scum (f*ck me)])].

Stay focused.

1:16 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

[Neither, niether, nor]

Ooh, look at the pretty lights (the hope of winning the midterms)

Be true to yourselves. Your ideals. Your beliefs. Don't take any checks ... they, merely a promise to pay [drop the soap (take a check) and the RNC will say howdy to your ....)].

Obama, Obamacare a conflagration upon the land. It's going to get ugly. Fugly. You gotta keep it together, til November [if you can't stand texters at the movies? Don't go (I saw more than half the audience, proud. Last I went ... in July)].

Or whatever latest from Chucklehead and his Pud (desta).

Don't give a fig.

Nor the pantywaists singing kumbaya [insert cheap gratuitous Beck swipe here (man, he was somethin' ... before he left Fox [and took all their scrotums with him (though obviously, he has no use for them now)])].

Just the horizon.

Eyes forward (and yes, do feel free to press the RINO's in to the muddy bloody ground as ye march. But forward, don't go out of your way).

Remember the WW II poster campaign ...

Loose lips sink ships?

I wanted to drop a line, to a cool cat, back east (Saint). Hep him to a link I came upon.

But I couldn't.

It would have given the IslamoCommieJunta ammo [if you're here ... say hi to zee enn ess aye (helloooo feces eaters! Need a spoon?).

Paranoid you say? Snarf ... try smokin' crack for six years. Then get back to me.

DO be circumspect in your affairs.

We're battlin' Satan.

We don't have time.

And do try to ignore the low hanging fruit as well (Bill O'Reilly).

There's not much of the country left ... to save. But try we will. Try we must.

I'm not confident. But I haven't given up.


We have many miles to go before we rest. Fix bayonets.

Cadence march ....

H'left right left

G*d Bless This Nation

And deliver us from evil

2:34 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In 279 Days, The Fate of the World Will be Known ....

On the evening, of Tuesday, November 4th.

And yes, events between now and then. Most certainly could make that date (and the election), moot.

I'm more than concerned (ooh, that's a surprise). But more alarmed, at other's lack ... of alarm.

Not much of anything scares me. Not a brag. Just fact ... way it is.

We lose the Country. We lose the Country.

Simple Simon.

And yeah, you (and me) could make the argument, it is already lost (most any recent post or comment found here).

Because we are all ...

Valid Foreign Intelligence Targets


10:47 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I don't much care who you are. Or what you do. Or who you do it to. Your biz [though yeah, be nice if you kept it in the bedroom (BIGOT!)].

It takes all kinds to make the world go round.


But the casual, even calm nature of seemingly most everyone around. I find chilling. As if everyone is resigned. Has resigned, themselves, to ...

King Blattidae's fascist goat buggering rule.

But Meesta Cockroach ain' happy. Nor is he done. Inflaming the populace. And actually lighting the whole world on fire [it's what he's good at ... killing. By remote control (hey what happens if I push THIS button?)].

Now, he's having a different button pushing party. YEAH HE IS [and Nessie's got a virtual farm, of virtual replicants. Far as the eye can see (no, look further ... there you go). Of those deemed buttonable. Push. Push. Push ... every single last button (awaken whacktoid. Hear the call)].

And he isn't going away. He isn't going to go into that good good night.

He will continue to molest. The citizenry. Molest the Constitution. Christianity. Judaism. Reason.

Shoving his magic sparkle pony baloney, up G*d's very own backside.

This six foot tall six legged beast, may not be stopped. At all. But we won't stop trying, no.

My spirits not just battered by this war on all that we find precious. All that has been gifted to us. By the very blood of far too many Americans past. Too many present.

11:12 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

But yes, by this indifference. No, sorry, no names. What's the point? It's just too many now. Really. And I'm not interested anymore. More hopeless knowledge.

I usta think I had a plan, in the event it all goes to Hades. But that was taken from me. By Chauvin.

Easy come ... easy go.

So, we wait.

We watch.

We see.

In the meantime. Until Tuesday Evening, November 4. Keep it in your pants (the point of this entire thumbly screed).

Ignore the Button Pusher.

With his foot on the accelerator.

Ignore the Button Pushers.

Do it for elmo.

Until then ....

11:35 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



That's what I said.

King Bladditae is on eighteen different channels.

It's just like The Man Who Fell to Earth.

And the first television transmissions. Sent\received ... in outer space (in fictional story).

Even the (three hour) delayed (in smellay) Levin radio broadcast, pre-empted.

There are no words.

6:21 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heat of the Moment (... obviously)

Roeg/Bowie/Man Who Fell reference, wrong. The movie Contact [what I was summoning (through the apoplexy)].

But that's alright. No one died. And that m'friends ... ain' no joke. I take my silly, single little square millimeter of the Conswervosphere, seriously.

And why I'm quite often testy. When others seem to abrogate their responsibility.

The Hippocratic Oath.

First Do No Harm

10:29 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, February 3, 2014

When You Can See the Yellow of Their Eyes

The reapers are here. The harbingers of doom.

So this is how it ends ... with a whimper. From the wimpy whimperers. Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, McConnell, Priebus, Rove.

The infected. Souls of black. No standing up. To Satan. Turning their backs. To G*d and Country.

11:32 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Not just embracing evil [forget the 'Chamber of Commerce consulting gig' (after leaving office). Think a couple (of the tens of Persian) of billion dollars. Already flowing ... back. In wind surfin' safari Kerry's diplopouch].

Not just a wink (and a hug, and a kiss) ... of Commandant Sitzpinkler. But on knees. Maws agape. Fellating King Hussein. In public. In the light of day.

Under the rubrik of winning, the midterms.

Surrendering the border, of these (dis) United States. The sovereignty of this Nation.

11:46 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, February 3, 2014

They W I L L do the same, to Israel.

Surrendering them unto the wolves ... the caliphape ... the Irangutans.

Cept of course. They will wait (for that blood soaked capitulation). Til after November 4.

They will wait. Exactly one whole day.

11:53 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Knock knock knockin' on Hades door

The shite ain' jus' gunna hit the fan blades, before the election, no. (Spear sized) shards of shattered carbon fibre. Are headed right for your beating heart.

In ways small, and ways large. Too many have already surrendered.

Former Sec Def Gates, not sounding the (internal) alarm [but taking the time, to write a (vanity) book. Instead].

The I.C.R.C., fronting, running interference. For al-Qaeda. In Syria.

And (Secretary of Altered State) John Kerry, parroting a fifth grader. A fifth grader ... in Gaza.

Israel is now deligitimate. And worthy of boycott.


They have the temerity ... to not surrender. The gaul ... to defend themselves. The arrogance ... to fight evil.

And because of this.

Anti-semitism is their fault.

Took me five years, to get over the passing, of my Ma. But I will never get over this. And I will never forgive.

As the carriage carrying the remains of this Land. This Nation. This America. Canters by.

As the Highland Pipes dirge.

As the cortege passes.

Bow heads ...

We now walk
through the valley
of the shadow
of death

And no one fears this evil

No one is with me

12:42 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This post has a thousand titles ...

The Sky IS Falling [what was your first clue? (Ooh, right ... the brick upside duh head)]

Drunk on midterm polling data

Running up that hill (if I only could ... make a deal with G*d)

(Now that the weather's no diff than a mambo thermonuclear detonation) Do we call Homeland Security when it sprinkles? [Oond are flatulent dairy cows now terrorists? ... And will PETA save them from Gitmoo?]

Khalid Sheik Obama just wants to set the world on fire (no idiot. He wants to enflame the parts that ain't already burnin')

It's a black and white world [and don't you forget it white boy]

Impact in T minus three ... BRACE!

Doing the fish, on the sidewalk, in front of the Viper Room ...

5:41 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trying to find the words. Effectively communicate.

Seems a couple scribes and talking heads, are just now, kinda maybe catching on.

How bleak existence be.

How impoverished our chances.

Of righting this ship.

And making shore.

That 259 days hence, on the eve of Nov 4. Hoping against hope.

5:50 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The election now just an abstraction. A bottomless vessel, tenuously catching our tremulous dreams.

That it, the election, will save us.

Just like Commandant Sitzpinkler's 2008 campaign.

Nothing more than a promise.

Ignore the distraction.

I G N O R E the f*cking election projections (sure ... vote/campaign/donate/blah blah).

Even the results.

Makes no matter, how many seats gained.

We've seen they don't have the heart. Nor the testes. To repeal Deathcare.

Prosecute IRS. Or Benghazi. Or Fast and Furious.

Vote only for the heart and mind of the candidate.

Not for a numerical place holder, in some future fantasy Congressional vote.

Someone who will spit neurotixic venom. Without hesitation. In everyone's eye who shall stand in the way of the Constitution.

Someone who will sacrifice all for this Country.

And will NOT jettison their ideals, morals, scruples, principles.

Merely to win. An election.

Dem or Repub.

6:13 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Will We Make It?

Not hyperbole.

It's a real question. The answer to which, is unknown.

We do know, we need to destroy the RNC.


And terminate, with extreme prejudice. The political careers of:

John Boehner
Paul Ryan
Eric Cantor
John McCain
Linseed Graham Crackers
Peter King
Mitch McConnell
Karl Rove
Reince Priebus
Pete Wilson

Anyone who has raised a hand towards the TEA Party, a member or candidate.

Anyone who has even looked at the TEA Party ... funny.

They're not interested in saving the country. Nor the world. Merely their staffs/offices/careers/perks/and social calendar.

Destroy the RNC.

Don't give them a f*cking nickel. Not one red cent [for the commie wannabe's (who all went to the same Ivy League colleges, law schools. All belong to the same academic societies, the same social groups. And hang at the same Beltway haunts)].

6:52 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Desperately clawing at evil. In the dark.

The way forward, not clear. Little if any consensus, among the ranks.

But I will try again, to emphasize what we are facing.

In a week where the biggest news (as it were). Is where some college football player, parks his poney? And because he parks it yonder/packs puddin'.

He's now a hero.



Celebrated. Officially. In a school ceremony.

Where Commandant Sitzpinkler, loads up the party palace in the sky. And heads to the desert like, Cali central valley.

To complain about the warm weather (when most of the 49 other states. Are buried. Under avalanches of snow).

And Brian Williams ever so dutifully informs us [from Sochi no less (and there with F U L L wardrobe/hair/makeup [believe that])]. AS HIS LEDE STORY (though you had to listen closely, for the word Fresno. What with Barry's baloney. Stuffed all the way down his throat).

Where the gangrenous, syphillitic pustules (MSM). Mention George Zimmerman more often than Dunn [during his trial (we assume Zimm's got an alibi?)].

7:54 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday,February 18, 2014

This is real.

It is happening.

As unreal, unbelievable it be.

The end of the rule of law. The end of The Constitution. Even a belief, in the common good.

The end of this America, as an ideal.

And we all part of this Nation, one Nation, under G*d.

So what I most wanted to say is this:

get worse.

Before they ever, if ever ... get better.

Hell is upon us now. Even with a tailwind leading us to November (and I'm not saying there is, or will be one).

It won't unite us. They, them ... the putrid libturd nation. Will still not be among.

Those who are proud of America. And proud to be American (and yes MSM/Reich Ministry is of course included in the Treason Registry).

They shall forever be lost. To the miasma.

Drunk on hate.

The hatred of their fellow Americans.

Overdosing. Doin' the fish. Flippity flop. On the sidewalk.

It's just f*cking evil.

And dangerous.

Real lives are now being destroyed.

Soon enough, the whole world will roil. And boil.

We are about to crater (impact in T minus three ... and counting).

Yes, do brace.

Get strapped.

Stay sharp.
Stay cool.
Stay frosty.

The flames doth approach.

8:29 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm pretty sure Putin, won't escalate further.

Otherwise, David Muir/ABC World News (Saturday eve). Will run another lede story. With a pic of Chucklehead/Commandant Sitzpinkler. On the phone (actually in the Oval Office!). Lookin' all stern and sh*t.

And did I hear that turdmonkey McCain, use the word "sanction"?

We're f*cked people.

Glued and screwed.

(Don't hate) ... but things are only going to get worse. Sorry.





(No, I ain't all that. Or I'd already have one.)



The way forward.

I have no vested interest in watching this horror unfold [you know, like Obamacare. Just wait ... and eventually, it will collapse into/unto itself (leaving only shiny happy people. All over the world)].

Grab your babies. And hold them near.

Evil now upon all the land.

4:40 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Yeah, above should read: Sunday, March 2, 2014.

4:43 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goat F*cker Symphony

Haven't scanned this a.m.. Looked at the news. Scouted the hborizon. To see what's what.

I already know (ooh, ain't you special).

The orchestra's (MSM) tuning up. Ready to launch/christen ... their new atonal magnum opus.

The Goat F*cker Symphony.

You know the notes. The melody. The rhythm. Even the libretto.

6:21 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Because you've heard it all before?

Wasn't Islam that brought flight 370, unto the hands of Satan.


And crushed the lives of 239 souls. With nary a regret. But with an effervescent joy.

It was Bush, and the Jews.

You heard it here first.

Eight days. Eight days in (yesterday). And was the very first time. Singular, once.

I heard the word Islam. In A N Y reporting on flight 370 .... "he was a good Muslim (pilot), regularly attending mosque, once a week."

They will continue to soil the soil, which shall receive the remains, of the departed.

It's what they do.

They are evil. They are here. They are all around.

The war has begun.

For all mankind.

More shall perish of this earth. Each day.

At the hands of the Baby Raping Moong*d Deathcult.

And your fellow Americans are singing. And dancing.

Upon their graves.

Take care of you and your's as best you can. Keep company those who prefer the light. To the darkness.

More evil awaits. More darkness shall prevail.

They have only just begun.

To kill.

6:41 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cutting off your nose, to spite your face (internet boycotts).

212 days, until Tuesday evening, November 4 (2014l.

And the chances of us making it. To that day. A Nation intact. And even gaining a measure of restoration, in the election results.

Grow smaller.

Each day.

In spite of Rush's (Friday morn): well ... how exactly does it all implode?

Once lawlessness becomes the norm. And institutions fail and crumble. You are left with nothing ... but fear. Which grows And takes over (got bunker?).

It only takes a couple of hours. Just and only. A hundred minutes [can you say Florida, Walmart, EBT? (thought you could)].

3:57 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

And as this Nation dissolves. Evil grows around the world, with devastating speed, with horrific fury.

Rushing into the void, created by the vacuum between Chucklehead's cauliflower ears.

And in these hellfires raging .... some, somehow (?), fall asleep. At the switch.

Or, just get lost in the growing miasma. Having dropped their compass.



4:10 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pepsi tastes like pancake syrup (w.o. the maple). So, weeks/months back, when Coke aired the kumbaya/love those who love goats (we're all Americans) commercial. Ya know ... teach the world to sing ... the Mooselimb call to prayer (Dear Leader's favorite melody).

I bought Pepsi. T'was undrinkable. Yeah, Sam's cola is just fine (uh huh). But I'm not gunna serve it to guests. And force serve, My politics at the same time.

Or wayback, Comedy Cental, jokin' Jesus. But not Moe, Ham, and Ed.

It is endless.

And now unworkable (hey, go 'head ... knock ya'self out).

Yeah, King James, head of the New Negro Nazi's make me projectile puke (and now prominently peddling dairy burgers, for MickeyD's). And I'll never. I mean N E V E R. Watch (the Muslim)NBA again. But that's me. I won't waste the breath. Telling you (who the fook am I).

4:30 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tain't 'bout you Ben (nor website, nor radio show).


Yeah, Glenn Greenwald became part of the story. But confident ain't the point of his service. To mankind.

Nor Matt Drudge. Though his taxes were.

If you're going to get on your charger Mr. Shapiro. And tilt at windmills?

Then dude, get some sleep. And put on some makeup.

Before ... you go on Fox/Megyn.

You looked tired. Pale. Beady eyed. And just like Nixon ... midnight shadowed.

4:47 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

You people wanna cut off your noses, to spite your faces?


But don't friggin think you're leading the parade.


212 days.

It seems too many just don't know. Have little clue.

How deep the bullet lies. In the bosom of this Nation so beloved.

She really might not make it. No. She. Might. Not.

Buck up wussies.

Give all the piddly sh*t a rest. Get to work.

Cut the stupid crap out. Put on your big boy pants.

We've got a grievously injured country to save.

There is nothing else.

It is the all.

It is the everything.

5:04 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Faux Messiah Glenn Beck's Kumbaya Bus, Runs Over Cliven Bundy

"Where do you get your news from? ... What filter?"

"We look at social media, to see what people are saying."

And they are turning away, from Cliven. And so, Glenn, running fast as his (I'll leave out pudgy) leetle legs will carry: "If all the things the NYT's is saying, are true."

You are a coward Glenn (I'm easy to find, if ya wanna peek in my eyes. Hear it from my lips). And hiding .... behind G*d no less (anyone who disagrees' a hairshirt pagan). A righteous coward.

"I'm looking for peace and kindness, even if I'm the only one standing at the end. You felt it, when you were with me, in D.C.."

And I guess at all the other Kumbayafests you held (and charged money for), around the world.

Beck's bus gunna run over a whole lot more people. Tween now and election day, Tuesday, November 4.

193 days from now.

People. Get. Ready. Watch. Your. Six. Stay. Sharp.

The life of this Country, is in your hands.

Drop your c*cks.
Grab your socks.


One Hundred Ninety Three Days.

I said MARCH!!

8:11 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

We interrupt this radio broadcast, to bring you devastating news .....

The Earth has been invaded by a giant, two hundred foot tall, elderly, white, Jewish robot. Clad in Sterling silver.

Grizzly, horrific reports are now coming in from Grover's Mill ... the robot is stomping on black persons ... all over Jersey.

Shrieks and cries can be heard as far away, as the basketball arena in Miami (home to the New Negro Nazi's).

And in Malaysia, (Heil) Mein Fuhrer, called an emergency press conference, to calm people down ... SCRATCH .... further incite racial tension and violence, ahead of the 2014 midterms.

7:11 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

(Part two) ....

Grover's Mill - 40 people, including six troopers, lie dead. Burned beyond recognition, by the robot's racist hate ray.

This just in: The State Militia is mobilizing near Trenton, with thousands of men .... oh no! They've just been obliterated by the racist hate ray!

Oh my G*d ... New York City is now under evacuation also. As the robot stomps about the Eastern Seaboard. With witnesses hearing a (Yiddisha) hissing sound out its top rotating cylinder.

Emergency broadcast alerts are now being issued, by all radio stations across the Country.

All whites are being ordered, to shelter in place. Until the NSA, directs DHS to their location, for disposal. OFA,SEIU, and other members of the IslamoCommieJunta are expected to arrive shortly. And remain in position until DHS arrives.

Whites can save the 2014 midterms, by just killing themselves, now. And save precious DNC resources.

7:32 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

(Part three) ...

"When ignorant folks want to advertise" ... I der Fuhrer ... will help them.

With the latest NSA audio recording, and transcription technology available.

Ya know, just like most everything out Danny Glover's (net worth $100M) pie hole (does he have an Academy Award yet? I better fix that ... You crane? WTF are you talking about?).

War of the Whirled Peas ....

7:48 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

(Part four) ...

In the last twenty five years. I have met exactly one racist. One. Oh, enn, eee.


Was shooting stick, back when ... in Sannababylon, downtown at the chat sauvage.

And bozo lets slip a word I don't much care for. I dressed him down, proper.

And then a few minutes later, same/again. I was even more firm the second time. He got the message. Yeah.


And only.

That's it.


Twenty five years.

Before me, lies a Nation dying.

Blood hemorrhaging ... out a large, sucking chest wound.

Before my very eyes.


By Dear Leader. King Cockroach. Foreign born, Muslim Traitor ... Buraq Hussein.

And his goon squad army ... NYT's, CBS, NBC, AP, ABC, WaPo, LAT's, OFA, SEIU, NSA, and DHS.

And words are all I have, to wipe the blood away.

8:14 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

(Part five) ...


The filthy slimy toilet bug, in the West Wing. Chucklehead Odorama. The Stench of It.

The actions of which, have only two purposes. Just and only (through an endlessly repeating tidal wave of dramaturgical adjusments).

1) To silence. Completely. Any, and all criticism. Force you ... to your knees. To submit. To the Fascist Frass. To surrender. Surrender the Constitution. Surrender this Nation. Surrender your Freedom. Surrender your Liberty.

Surrender (and no Vaseline neither b*tches).

2) Barring your bowing unto the 12th imam, Buraq Hussein? (See David Gregory, or Brian Williams for the latest Obie scrot tongue washing techniques).

Tis a Furious Pell Mell Clusterf*ck Attack, on reason, and calm. Method to their completely insane madness.

Induce you, to step out of character. Act in a fashion unbecoming. And give the cockroach excretia, something to hang their 2014 midterm hats upon.

The seeds of disaster have been sewn.

This is the beginning.

Of the end.

This Nation IS dying. And I cannot bear to watch. This horror. This nightmare. This pure f*cking evil.


We've got 190 days. Until Tuesday evening, November 4.

And frankly, I really don't know if the Country will survive, intact. Until then.

But try we shall. Try we must.


Failure? We'll see, that evening. What the future holds.

We are Americans. It, the six foot tall cockroach, Is Not.

We are not monsters. We are men. We are women. We ARE human beings.

As the subway crowds swirl round, and try to cower us, like in the Movie, the Elephant Man.



I am a man

I am not a monster.

Do not be afraid.

Yes, you can step slightly to one side. Yes, you can parry.

But you must stand.

And you must deliver. Whatever stripe. Whatever color. Whichever hat.


Let them hear our voices. Let them see ... our demon stare.

Let them fear us. Fear G*d.

One hundred ninety days.

We shall not cower. We shall not bend. We shall not break. Though the Maginot Line has already been crossed. Here at home, and in the Ukraine. And in Syria. In Gaza. In Libya. In near every third world goat frooger sheedhole.


Bring whatever you got.

But you bring it.


Tomorrow, she never knows ...

9:19 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mark of the Beast

Woke up late, this morn. First time in over a year. Late late. No matter, got the day off (life is funny that way). And as I arose, glanced at the time. And saw it was the top of the hour.

And automagically reached for the radio, and switched it on. In order to catch the network portion, of the news.

Blah, blah Ukraine this [46x in Odessa, helo pilot hostage, human shields (women)]. And yet another LAPD Officer, killed (in as many weeks).

By a licensed ... and registered ..... automobile.

And then .... there it was.

6:48 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Part two)

Out of nowhere. Having N O T H I N G to do ... with the news.

The voice, of Chucklehead Odorama. Dear Leader. Mein Fuhrer [Heil Hussein .... Heil Hussein! (click heels)].

And how, in the middle of the week. King Cockroach was going to stenchify. Yet again, more hallow ground.

The soil, of the towns of those who perished, in the latest round of tornadoes, in the South.

And how The Magic Sparkle Pony. Was going to fill the families, and the friends of the victims. With dread. With nausea and revulsion.

Pollute the skies over the homes which remain.

Darken the sun. With a choking cloud of sulphur. As far as the eye can see.

7:00 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Part three)

And in that moment, I realized.

We are here.

Tis the mark. Of the Beast.

Dub was Prez, for eight years. Gave a speech here. Gave one there. With a presser two, three or four. On the air .... ooh ... bout that many minutes. And only, in 8 years.

And Buraq Hussein?

On every channel. Every day. All day long.

Every radio station.

Every day. All day long.

Every newspaper. Every section. Every magazine. Every page.


All the time.

Unceasing. Unrelenting. Every (Broken) news alert (in red).

Unless of course ... it's CNN [on the day when 370, is finally found? They're going to drop trou, and spank it, on the air. Live (and that is different how?)].

7:15 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Part four)

183 Days From Now

On the evening of Tuesday, November 4. We shall have an answer. To our prayers.

And we will know. If the chains of tyranny have been removed. The stockades of misery lifted.

That the light ... through all the years of darkness. Has returned.

We will know.

Let the hand that guides, steady you until that day.

And should the answer not be the end of madness (by whatever deceit, or crimes against reason and humanity). The end of evil pure. Of crushing horror. And endless degradation.

The end of the destruction. Of the greatest gift ever known.


Then. And. Only. Then.

Can you rip the claws of these beasts. From out our hearts. Tear them away. Knock them back, knock them away.

Stop them.

From treading ... anymore. So heavily 'pon our spirit.

Riven the joy, the beauty entrusted to us.

7:38 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

(Part five)

Then. You. Shall. Arise.

In anger.

In rage.

And exorcise these demons, these beasts.

With a fury beyond measure.

One hundred eighty three days.

This is it.

Straighten those lines ... steady ... steady as she goes (get you a calendar, start counting the days).

Until we erase.

The Mark of the Beast.

By our hand.

Or by G*d's.

7:45 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Goat F*ckers Eat Their Young

Part One ...

Watching the vile and wretched (off-gassing steaming piles) at CNN, this morn. While they air the IDF drone footage. Of The Mortar [from on Moe, Ham, and Ed's (delirious) high]. Both its arrival, and impact. As it (singular. O N E) landed in the (Hamas armory) U.N. children's school (where they they teach nothing but Jew hatred. All day. Every day. Every year. Every decade. Every century. Every millenium).

Clear as day.

Let me make that clearer ....






Not a soul to be seen.


Neither in the compound. Or a dozen yards outside the blast radius.



8:55 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Part Two ...

Which means the blood, the copious quantities soaking into the ground. The body parts. The children slaughtered.

Were added. By Hamas. After the fact.

Let me know ... if you need help figuring out how they came by their injuries?

Which hand so slaughtered these children?

9:18 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Part Three ...

And there sat, these scuzzy filth, paid. By CNN. To stew and bask, in their own juice and stench. Proudly. Even Solemnly.

Mouthing the most odious inanities .... A F T E R watching the very same video: "Israel facing diplomatic pressure" .... "America's top diplomat, John Kerry" .... unable to let go.

Of their own Jew Hatred. Their own anti-semitism. Their own pure f*cking evil drangement.

They brought to air, by their very selves. The video. Aired it, on their own Caliphate News Network.

And the only words, they can muster: Jews bad (very very bad).

Goat F*ckers Good (tweet tweet).

No Paliwood actors will ever win an Academy Award. And the poh chillins cryin' in the first JewGenocide video, proudly played 24/7, by CNN (on endless loop). Is no different.

But in the context, of real time analysis. One can see. Readily. Easily.

Staged. In. Its. Entirety.

Like every other Paliwood vid ever produced.

9:53 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Part Four ...

The world ...

the world is slipping away.

Slipping into darkness.

Prodded along, by ignorance great. And the Reich Ministry, who manufacture it. And of course, their much beloved messiah ... King Cockroach.

And unfortunately, they're getting plenty of help from the (rotted, termite infested) deadwood wing of the GOP.

Who are busying themselves ... baking the foreign born muslim traitor, a cake. Ahead of the midterms.

99 days.

For 99 more days, the Traitor in Chief will feast. On this Nation.

For 99 more days.

10:31 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Part Five ...

In 99 days, we will shove that scepter where it belongs.

As the world dissembles, and the caliphate tom's/beats its chest. The flames of hellfire conflagration rise and envelop this wayward lil blugreen mortal coil.

This evil, this war by. Now underway. Now in full force.

May yet come home.


That would be real war. Not the faux sh*t CNN waxxit/whackit too.

There are millions of angry, deranged lil goat f*ckers right here. And they love them some Jew too.

Get ready mofo's.

I mean it.

Be ready.

Beans, bottles (h2o), bullion (half liquid assets), boolits.

And make your way to the interior. Away. From. Major. Population. Centers.

More than a little Jew blood is now in the water. And the croc's are getting themselves into a frenzy And a tizzy.

Yeah they are.

As the hate grows. And seizes the world's ardor.

A nose job and a name change don't seem so empty/vain now.


And I wonder.

What did I ever do to the world?

11:01 AM  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...

The outcome of the mid-term elections in November are meaningless - The Republicans may win 100 yards on the field, but the game is rigged by El Presidente Obama

So even if we win, we lose the game.

THE ONE is dictator of the United States by virtue of his Executive Orders, i.e., Rule By Decree, the means by which Adolf Hitler overthrew the German Republic.

To quote another famous German,

"Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided - but by iron and blood."

The Second U.S. Civil War approaches...

4:50 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Big eyes people .... B I G F *CKING EYES (fire watch ... Reichstag)

Part One

Sixty seven days. That's what we got. Tuesday, November 4. THE most important day. In the Nation's history (don't argue with me. It is).

Oond da (six legged) buggies/beasties, in the IslamoCommieJunta, are not resting. Nooh. They are planning. Burning the midnight oil [though they'd dearly love to sneak out ... to Burning Man (I've got to go to Lyle Waggoner's wedding tomorrow? Dangit!)].

Working feverishly. Cobbling, scrapping together something. Anything.

Anything at all.

With which to steal the 2014 election.

9:51 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part Two



They can legitimately win, the election.


Yeah, aside from any mechanical fraud (set/make your own odds).

Like the first Tuesday eve, of November, 2012. While watching the results ... invert, on live TV.


70/30 (for Romney). To 70/30, for Obama. Right before your very eyes [(any midwestern) state wide ballot count (outlying counties). Then .... the metro/city ballots talley (gets added). If ya blinked. Ya missed it].

If you were watching. You know. Exactly. What. I'm. Talking. About.

And, any mechanical fraud, as diff from the felony campaign finance fraud. They Practice. Every Day. In Their Sleep (hellooo Erica Holdress ... sugg my d*ck b*tch).

10:56 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part Three

Whatever they print, from their 3D printers, from Hell. Whatever they fabricate.

They are trying.

To taunt.
To rouse.
To induce.
To enflame.
To encourage.

A response.

From someone, they can pin a TEA Party badge upon.

Someone who will act in anger.

That IS the plan.

And readily explains the golf/what me worry/Alfred E. Newman strategy.

It is their only plan (virtual hacks, mechanical hacks, atomic thugs w truncheons at the polls, aside).


Keep it cool. Keep it in your pocket (

Tween now and election day?

Bake that cockroach a cake [or a cherry pie (oh wait, that's right .... he prefers brownies)].

Wanna go protest, get in Chucklehead's face?

No prob.

Easy peasy.

Your sign should read ONLY:

I heart Barry.


I'm not kidding. It'll be fun (heck, go in drag even).

We don't have to turn on the klieg lights anymore.

EVERYONE can see. He is a bug.

Even Raddatz, and Crowley, last couple of days. It is in their fat and ugly faces (that's just mean elmo).

Though they have still been working overtime. Trying not to let on. That they've been carrying his water. And that they are filth. Are traitors. Accomplices to the destruction. Of the greatest gift ever known.

But unable, to not mention his new clothes (no, not the cheap/taupe suit. His emperor clothes).

He be naked (as if we were blind). Hadn't already noticed (well, the smell gets to you first).

And there is nothing else, they can say (though they will gab endlessly about the taupe suit/Labor Day).

11:38 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part Four

King Cockroach
King Shazzam
King F*ckface

(All time)

King of the Traitors

No plan for ISIS? (ed: we calls'em G.I.S.M./global state islamic maniacs).


Cept, tweren't the Islamospoot, dribblin' out his goat buggering pie hole, no. That sounded bells of alarm, por moi (that's nothing new).

It was the tone (of the cockroach's voice).

That told me everything.


Its casuality. Its lack of any feeling. Any comprehension. Any understanding. Any care. Any emotion. Its flippancy.

Told me everything. About our sweet, dear, little Adolf.

He doesn't have a plan, to attack GISM?


And yet. He does have a plan.

For Israel.

Oh yeah.

No support. No help. No resupply ammo. No resupply missiles. Diplomatic isolation. And No ending Iran's construction, of an atomic bomb [and even a possible occupation, yeah (Samantha Power's wettest dream ever)].

Can't bring himself. To destroy evil, at all [woulda taken one whole HALF hour. While they were on the road. Heading towards Baghdad (however many months ago). Finished bizness, done deal. One half hour, thirty whole minutes).

But he's got plenty of time.

To endlessly drop trow.

On da Jews.

Pretty much all he does really.

And not a single second to spare, to fight ISIS?

And all this while, the Grand Ole P*ssies, plotting when/where they're going to stab.

The Country in the Back.

Skeery sh*t (indeed).

Fill in the blanks, with however many pretending, things are normal. When they most certainly are not.

And .... it's a given, the libturd nation will continue to play at politics. Functionaries. Borgs. Bots.

No longer fellow members of a community. Fellow citizens of a country. Neighbors.


Buggerers of the Constitution.

Not citizens.

Not Americans.

UnG*dly gobs of stanky goo.

Chucklehead, re Syria/ISIS: "consult with Congress."


Wow. How f*cking stupid do you have to be. To buy what this TRAITOR is selling.


12:44 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part Five

In Sixty Seven Days

The fate of The World

Will be known ....

And yeah, things ARE as momentous, as put forth.

Yesterday, Chucklehead's presser/I don't actually have a plan: (and I) "need more time/info, on ISIS."

Translation: he hasn't yet decided. To redeploy NSA/FBI assets.

From wire taps, drones, etc. ... on/against citizens of the United States of America (you know, a n y o n e who drinks tea).


Pretty simple.

So everyone, keep jowlin' bout his (taupe) suit, go 'head (

But until the gangrenous, syphilitic pustule is actually excised?

There will be no forward progress. Only continuing .... further ... into the abyss (and we're pert far in now, yes).

They may be buffoons. Clowns (evil). But they yet still are not powerless.

They will continue.

To erase America.

We, with our last breath. Seek to embrace her.

Sixty seven more days.

On the morning, of November 5th. If we awake. And find that they have succeeded, in yet more crimes?

I can't predict exactly what will transpire.


But Hell, replacing America, en toto. Simply won't be too popular. Nope. There may even be some anger. Oh yeah. Whose like we have never seen before.


We all could have done without ths nightmare.

Most assuredly.

Six years, this Nation, has waited.


But now, there is none.

Endured endless degradation. Suffered needless humiliation. Lost their jobs. Lost their cars. Lost their homes.

And Too F*cking Many Veterans Died, Waiting to See a Doctor.


Two words: Sandy Niccum (you f*cking filthy pieces of sh*t).

Pray for this Nation ...

While we wait (sixty seven days more days).

And we watch

And we see

[ and still give a shoutout to Ronbo :-) ]

1:43 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


1 a.m./lede/(radio) KNX-1070:

"President Obama, is going to give a speech today, on ISIS."

Holy fook ... we're just not worthy ... nooh (I mean it's so Moses/Red Sea. We are in the presence of greatness. Truly).

[Coffee Warning]
And, in the Hill (via DirectorBlue), we get: "President dines with foreign policy E X P E R T S, before speech .... Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Zbigniew Brzezinski."

We're (scratch/Tehran is) saved!

[Still got that coffee mug down? OK then ...] And now .... Barry Soetoro's telling us, what REAL men do (we don't even have to ask Reggie!). Ya know, Ray Rice (cuz we be both stupid and blind).

Hey Chucklehead, yeah you. Keep up the good work. We can't wait ... for your comments, on your new favorite, cable show [that you've already seen the last episode to (cuz you're so spayshul)].

Did I say keep up the good work? Right (check).

Real Men?

Real Men don't callously, carelessly murder Americans (as in plural, more than one). In Benghazi.

For mere political gain.

You F*cking Cockroach (let me say that again) ... YOU F*CKING COCKROACH (why yes, I duz feel beddah).

[In multiple parts. End part one. But (spelling) correction issued, previous post: Sandi Niccum. Not Sandy. And yeah, the least I can do. For the memory of that oh so brave soul. Also callously, carelessly murdered, by Supreme Leader/King Hussein]

3:52 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Part Two


Commandant Sitzpinkler's words, are worthless.

But, to our enemies. They are priceless.

Neverending ... printing the pages, to the playbook. Announcing operations, b e f o r e they begin.

Detailing minutes old, completed operations.

Insane (no, f*cking insane).

And when he isn't busy, passing the blueprints, to our enemies.

He's lying. To ... American's (quaint that).

See peeps, Taqiya and Hudna, aren't tangential facets, of Islam.

They are pillars.

So No One. Should Be Surprised.


That's all Buraq Hussein does, is lie. It's what Islamists do. In their sleep.

4:27 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Part Three

Let me know, if you want me to draw you a diagram? [I'ts the least I can do (hint: the virtual front page, of Saturday's, September 6 issue, USA Today. Should give you the GPS coordinates (pic: Obama, sitting next to PM Cameron, and plain as day. Flipping him the bird)].

If it looks like a proud member, of the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult.

Waddles like one.

Squawks like one.

Guess what b*tches?

IT IS !!!!!

4:39 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Part Four (down to business)


[Heck, get you a Colonel West tatt. Across the length of your whole forearm: Molon Labe (hint: Gerber 'Parang', $35, at the Walliemart (!). Most xln't ... for your midrange game, yeppers [though intertwine and add/double the run/thickness of the lanyard/paracord "D guard"])].

There is no retreat.

And there is NO F*CKING BOWING.


This is the time.
And Tuesday, November 4, is the day.

We ain't taking sh*t.

From anyone.

For any reason.

If you cannot lift an arm.
If you cannot raise the opprobrium.

Against these bugs, these insects, these vermin, these maggots swarming from Satan's outhouse.

If you cannot stand.
In defense of this Nation.
Against traitors.
In the White House.
In all levels of government.
At all media stations, outlets, and platforms.

Then don't froogin cry to me.
I won't see your tears.
When this nation disappears.

If you cannot even work up the spit.
For Satan.
Then I fear.
The L*rd will abandon us.

And darkness shall prevail.

Sorry, but this isn't politics (as usual).
It isn't a game.
And it isn't a (Harf Harf CuckPsaki) joke.

This is for everything.

Everything that ever was.

Or ever will be.

5:12 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Part Five [wrapping it up (trying to)]

The weight, the gravity, the force.

Too many just don't know. Cannot comprehend.

The weight, the gravity, the force.

Of the evil we face.

Sure, I take this sh*t personal (yeah I do). Am rather impatient, often testy.


Evil IS running loose.
Around the globe. E V E R Y W H E R E.
And has found solid purchase,
here at home.


It's what happens, in the darkness and vacuum, of empty space.

The United States of America.


And, in the presence of too many, simply not giving a fig [nor a flying leap (at a donut)].

Old bumper sticker (waay back ... in the late 80's, on an SL Roadster Coupe, tooling along Coast Village Road): "I don't care. I don't have to ... Montecito, Calif."

Safe. In the cocoons they have constructed.

Inure. Immune. Unaware.

Fookin ignant (oond yeah, back in the day, I thought Donna Brazile, sharp).

Now. There. Is Just. A. Handful.

Of men, and women. Who still believe. In America. In something greater.

You saw a couple of them, over the weekend, on Fox/Baier, 13 Hours/Benghazi.

Yeah you did.

Still, the horror we face. Is all around. It is everywhere.

The Grand Ole Pussies, can't wait. To sell out the Country. Afraid of their own freakin shadows [oh no, don't criticize Obama. Nooh. It might get in the way, of our granting amnesty (... AND getting the credit [and that would really goof up our (deranged/hyper-moronic) 2016 plans])].

You know, same deelio. Same exact deelio .... don't call violent radical islamists .... terrorists. Cuz well ... that will make them mad(der).

And in turn, hatred against Jews.

Is their fault.

Last while, it was Chucklehead Odorama, and his Reich Ministry (CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC, Reuters, AP, NYT's, LAT's).

That controlled the vertical.

That controlled the horizontal.

That controlled the images, that you see.





Obama's legacies:

Breakdown, wanton destruction of the Constitutional Republic.

Rise of lawlessness (massive pumping of vaporized fuel, into the air .... this FAE may yet explode).

Rise of fascism.

Global Islamoterror pandemic.

Global Ebola pandemic.


Get a grip.
Get a clue.
Get ahold of yourselves.

And get ready.

Judgment Day approaches.

In 56 days.

6:41 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, September 19, 2014

The new iPhone is here! ... The new iPhone is here! ...

Another day passes, and I lose a little more. Of my religion [my belief in, my love of, this Country (and the glorious life given unto me, by her)].

As the professional chattering class, sits glued. To their 80" 4K Ultra's. Waiting. Watching. The results. Of the Scottish referendum. On whether or not to join, the NFL (but the joke is on the league, cuz rumour has it. Some of 'em bleat their fife's).

Or maybe, you were transfixed (what a bigot you are elmo!). Watchin' Ann Curry, service yet another 500 shii. On her knees, in Tehran. A...G...A...I...N. ( Wearing head to toe, all white this time (racist!).

And a fine, uber-luxurious wool abaya, it was too [Rouhani had that special (brass) gleam in his (pocket) eye].

(in many parts, end part one ...)

4:31 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Part Two ...

Dilettantes ... political hobbyists/tourists. Who treat the end of The United States of America. The survival of the species. As a parlor distraction. An elective pursuit ... a board game.

Largely purveying the same thoughts, opinions, across most all the same websites. Video channels. Across all the same print and radio frequencies. Zero/mono theism.

All the lambykins ... hand in hand.


To this Nation's slaughter.

Ya know, don't rock the (sinking) boat.

Cept the hull WILL be breached. In forty six days. This rudderless ship, WILL run aground, on the rocky shoals.

Whether we take the Senate or not.

For on the morning of Wednesday, November 5. No one will grasp the standard, and fly it aloft. No one will mount the charge.

No one will lead.

For they all too, have surrendered.


And though it is halal, they ... ISIS. Are laughing their f*cking heads off.

5:07 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Part three (return from breakfast interruptus)

All the chatter, all the waggin' tongues. All the fingers'a pointing.

How to defeat ISIS? [and from now on, we're just going to call 'em GISM (Global Islamic State Maniacs), so there]

Aside from all the (MiddleEast) tabletop milstrategery.

In order to defeat GISM?

We F I R S T have to capture, cage, or cripple their leader.

Buraq Hussein.

That IS job #1. And it is that simple.

Withouth whom, GISM would not now be a global force. And with King Hussein's direct help, and directed inaction. They grow stronger. By the day. By the minute (yeah, some particularly fine milstrategery there. Believe that mofo's. He IS their leader).

But we're powerless elmo .... we can't do anything.

F*ck you.

Sending $500M/cash/guns/ammo/rpg's/rockets/sam's/mortars.

To the same goat f*ckers, who first kidnapped, then sold Foley, Sotloff, Haines (and now #4/Mr Indoor Gallows), to GISM?

And that's your best plan?

Did I already say go f*ck yourselves?

And they (Boehner et al) are proud. Gitt' ta wear the "We supported the CIC" badge. Before the midterms.

That's some leadership there.

Last year, GISM was battling Assad. And wanted our help (what a difference a year makes). And Supreme Leader King Hussein was trying to figure out a way, to do so (Palliewood video/faux chem).

But I, me [that's right little blog reader (with some help of course)], stopped him (... ain' thadda beach).

This year?

We have to stop GISM. Not Assad.

But .... we ain't gunna send no troops. Nooh. Nope. No way. No how.

Yeah, they're really, really scared now.

You betcha.

Pissin' themselves with laughter.

Now we're going to help "the Syrian rebels battling ISIS."

You can't make this sh*t up.

Sad, sick and deranged this clusterfroog be ... makes me laugh too.

And THAT is our military strategy!

8:41 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Part four ...

When filthy turdmonkey Chuck Hagel sez: "they (GISM) have grievances that need addressing."

Chuck, means there are still Jews living, on the planet.

To your face Chuckles? Anytime's convenient for me .... be sure to borry summa Bidensky's Pampers first (yeah, b*tch).

Supporting the CIC?

Normally, would make all the sense in the world.

These aren't normal times, people. And they aren't normal ... 'people'.

They A R E bugs.

And he isn't even President.

No atomic proof has ever been presented. Ever. Attesting to the whelp's birthright.

Sorry, but adding an itty bitty pencil mark, in the margin, yourself?

Doesn't count (though killing the records clerk, in a single passenger plane crash, was inking it in).

So, it would appear, far too many, are also tired. Fed up. Unable to carry on .... do their jobs.

Too weak to carry, even a single bucket'a water a week (but my latest book is available on Amazon).

Onward, ever thus, the charade is propagated.

That a real, foreign born, muslim traitor. Isn't President. Of the United States of America [go ahead .... keep calling him a 'Liberal' (f*ck me)].

9:26 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Part five ....

We're not going to Paradise Island

Nor pink sand beaches.

We're headed directly for the rocks. And we're going to get there, right quick. Yeah.

Not that anyone notices. Or cares (mebbe they can call their new iWatch, with their new iPhone, and find out what time it is?).

And what time is it elmo?

Aside from the hellish swirl, the infinite, deadly sulphurous clouds, gathering in the real world.

More darkness doth approach.

That's what time it is.

It isn't time for business as usual.

Tween the globally expanded GISM deabauchery [appears headless, sandy summer, desert holiday (in orange attire). Now to be a regular feature]. The ever expanding global community of eye bleeders/Ebola.

And the endless backroom deals Commandant Sitzpinkler's making willy nilly/pell mell (with A L L his goat buggering pals), to try and save his political bacon [Siddiqui might be on the trading block next (he's already sold out the Jews .... for a nickel)].

The world's economy becomes further imperiled. In jeopardy. Quite so.

It's all hair trigger now. Anything can happen.

And in forty six days. It just may be over.


Then, it will be one network, ONLY (you won't need a remote, to change the channel).

The Barking Spider Channel.

Non stop/24-7 ..... Jarrett, McDonough, Axelrod, Harf, CuckPsaki, Carney, Earnest (know what I mean Vern?). Power, Rice, Stephanopolous (and with McConnell/Boehner/Ryan for effluential consistency).

Interspersed with State sponsored musical (spirochete/earworm) ACA commercials .... Enrolllll tooooo daayeee ....

Y'all pray ... I'm wrong. Pray, like the dickens.

That I am,

just a boy,

crying (wolf).

10:14 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mail Online


"experts on the ground admit they have no idea what will happen"

"supermarkets take your temperature before permitting entry"

"one man had not even touched his children in three months 'because I love them so much' "

"what can we do, please G*d what can we do? .... 'I felt ashamed since I had no answer' "

4:43 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Dear Leader, King Hussein: Michael Brown's death 'stains the heart of all black children.'

So ... like ... uh the chillins ... they're crying. Sobbing inconsolably. Because they can't beat and rob people.

In the light of day.

Can't break a cop's face ... try to kill him.

Like oversized APEX PREDATOR Michael Brown?

And that ... somehow ... is emotionally scarring?

YOU obama,
are the evil.

The evil that destroys.

You are the darkness.

That is destroying our communities.

Destroying this Nation [and even some grain silos, in Syria this very morning (and the civilians killed there? Only Jews are guilty of that crime [dontcha know (stupid blogger)])].

You f*cking piece of filth.

You steaming pile of excrement.



Judement Day fast approaches lil cockroach.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah (s*ck it b*tch).

1:33 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm worried L*rd ....

'Bout the slowing economy .... in Liberia. What with all that disinformation, and lies ... about Ebola.

So, I was thinking ... maybe Barry can go there, as a goodwill ambassador?

Hang out ... for a couple three weeks. Stay at the YMCA, or a youth hostel.

Ride the city buses. Grab a cuppa joe downtown, at MickeyD's. Take a taxi (to the golf course. And back). Even a train or two.


Why maybe ... even hangout, in the bus station proper. Pick up and read a used, discarded newspaper.

Show the whole entire world.

That you can't catch Ebola. From riding the bus. That you can't catch Ebola from someone not showing a fever.

That you can't catch it ... without having sex, or washing an infected corpse.

Whatever you can do for the Liberian economy, L*rd.

Thank You for Your consideration, Sincerely Elmo

12:14 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm Chevy Chase ... and you're not

Blood soaked gallows humor (from the arsehole running this blog):

I voted for Obama, and all I got was Ebola.

Rebel Commander Hussein, winner of the 2014 Pulitzer. For his truly epic tome (on our worrisome, troubled times):

"Why I Slept"

(and then played some golf. And then slept some more. And then played some more golf ...).

Ghostwritten by I see white people, and Jews!

(AP raw) • Rosie O'Donnel's motor convoy, crosses the border and finally arrives in Syria. On her mission of peace. And offers herself as a jihadi bride.

ISIS surrenders.

Rebel Commander Hussein, invites the Unknown Comic's father (al-Baghdadi), to the White House. For a beer summit.

[no punchline yet (endless possibles)/you can call it a caption contest).

And so it goes ....

6:35 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Of mice and men

It is time.

Time to go.

On offense.

Defense, leading from behind, Khalid Sheik Obama's behind?

Isn't working (I don't know how any'a can stand the smell).

The reasons, manifold.

Chief among them? The filthy, disgusting, cowardly rodents.

Heading the GOP.

Both elected politico's (and their consultants and strategists). And the unelected, seeking to become ... elected.

So, we won't call it a plan. That would indicate ... umm ... planning. And well, the idea just popped into muh head (bout five minutes ago).

But, It Is All I Got.

And it is yours:

Day One, of the newly seated Congress. Formal introduction of Articles of Impeachment [it makes no matter, the outcome. Success or failure (cloying cliche warning/alert ....... if you don't try, you've already failed)].

Any/all Grand Ole P*ssies, who obfuscate, delay, obstruct, or backstab this effort?


Every single lil rodent.

IMMEDIATELY begin a petition recall campaign.


Destroy these vermin.

Before they destroy us.

It is our last chance. Our only chance.

It Is Time To Pray. To Beg. For Our Very Survival.

6:42 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Devil's Advocate (our least favorite game)

(And this is not a new thought, neither) So, like uh ... if Dub were still Prez?

The sustained Ebola explosion, in West Africa [coming soon to a town near you (Sorry, the truth now, doesn't hurt. But the lies WILL kill)]. Now underway.

And well, we'll simply call it viral fusion [you know, like tabletop nuclear fusion ("free electricity")] .... oh, wait a minute. Maybe that's Obama's plan all along? Maybe he thinks he can generate all the world's electricity, from burning the bodies? .... (Soylent) Green Energy! [See's recent post, on organ harvesting (from the not yet dead)].

Well, Dub ... he'd be labelled a racist. For letting a hundred thousand Africans. Physically melt. And dissolve (while spending his E N T I R E f*cking administration ... playing golf).

Into a horrific misery ever so bloody. Over just the next few months alone (and yeah, millions a year, around the globe IS more than possible).

And, labelled racist, isn't actually accurate. Held down, and then carved, into his forehead. Be more like it.

Then again, Khalid Sheik Obama's Junta, is speckled with but a latte' or two/three. No mocha's.

(end part one)

2:10 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Part two ...

Remember the book (and of course subsequent movie) ... Black Like Me?

What if some young libwuhl, put on a (pricey, super pro, theatrical latex) white mask (like the bank robber last year, who then bragged on Facebook ... oops).

And then, walked down MLK Boulevard. Late, on a hot August, Friday night.

In Los Angeles, Chicago, or Detroit?

Emily Littella: Oh, never mind.

And, the Reich Ministry's now shifted into overdrive. Every platform now actively involved. In the rep rehab, of Thomas Duncan.

He now a hero (don't ya know).


And his girlfriend, now a vic (I'm guessing a crowdfunding avalanche's on its way).

Soon enough. Sans a societal, govt., or media reconnection.

With reality.

People will raise their hands.

In anger.

As night follows day.

For Der Fuhrer has now hammered. In stone. The word.


He will not. Transport. U.S. soldiers home (five hundred boots, are already on the ground, in Liberia).

If they contract Ebola.

But a secret (not anymore b*tches), HIGHLY illegal effort's well underway.

To IMMEDIATELY rush transport, a quantity of very specific, Ebola patients, to the U.S. (not even mentioning ... oh say NBC employees).

But the soldiers?

They will be quarantined, and treated. In the Liberian theater.

In field hospitals.

That pretty much sticks the knife.


Our troops' back. Our forces' morale.

This Nation, won't be able to fight its way. Out of a (Chinese) plastic bag.


EVIL IS HERE ... it is here now. It surrounds us.

Judgement day in ...... fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten, nine ....

Mercy on their souls?


3:27 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

IT ... IS ... LATER ... THAN ... YOU ... THINK

The lights are still on (for a little while anyway). Twelve more days, to be exact. T w e l v e.

Anything can happen.

Anything might.

Really (we call those clues).

With so much perfidy on parade.

From all quarters.

And no need to keep pointing fingers ... at the Grand Ole P*ssies.

Or even the lazy, indifferent, vain and pompous media elites (winner of four wet noodles!).

The hand we've been dealt.

Hold 'em? Fold 'em?

Bluff ... all in?

I know this ... what time it is.


For now, they O P E N L Y seek to erase.

The Star of David.

Openly Deny the Holocaust.

In this moment.

While Obama seeks to invigorate, the new one. And he is pretty far along [I'm guessing he'll also have to promise (and ship) a few delivery systems ... B-52's, some B1's. Even a couple B2's. To Iran. To get them so sign on, to Khalid Sheik Obama's phony accord (in addition to all the enriched urnaium, plutonium, beryllium, and infinite number of subterranean weapons labs. They will need. To destroy Israel [not to mention the ten billion dollars, he has already given them, and the ten or twenty billion he is right now in the process of turning over. This very minute])].

WTF are you yammerin' about elmo?

'How the world loved the Swastika - until Hitler stole it'

by Mukti Jain Campion, in Kiev

.... "Can the ancient sign ever shake off its evil association?"

They're tryin Mukti (and with your help ...).

Make no mistake peeps. It IS later than you think.

Anyone wants to take a millimeter?

Give 'em eight more.

10:03 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

We're safe now .... it's o.k. to go outside. Yes. (via Lucianne)

Samantha Power (in Liberia), demonstrates the Ebola Handshake [pic: touching elbows (only), with Liberia's head of state].

And well, throw in a few (well thought out/catchy) hashtags ... and it will all be over.

Finished bizness (yes, I resisted the temptation of using a D, instead of a Z).

Done deal.


[If ya blinked, ya missed it (the 17k already dead/dying? The tens of thousands more, in the next few months alone? Just remember the secret handshake, and all you libwuhl/s [shoppers at the AluminuMillinery]. Will be just fine [.... heck, go bowling, ride the subway, ride your bike. No worries, you're protected. You've got the Ebola handshake!])].

And henceforth, I, blogger elmo, nominate one Samantha Power, for the Nobel Peace Prize [Bbbbbut elmo, she'll donate the prize money to Hamas (ooops)].

Well, we've still got the handshake .... you betcha (does the handshake have a hashtag?).

elmo riddles,
while Ebola burns ....

9:56 AM  
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Blah blah blah .... yada yada

So, like uh ... a few days ago, I read/heard (no attribution/shoot me). Bout Chucklehead Odorama, doing the Vampire Sneeze.

Either in a televised PSA, or impromptu, from the podium (Teleprompter: insert your stupid f*ckface here, then blow).

Showing us uneducated, unwashed bazooms.

How to sneeze.

[One can only imagine what other PSA's, they've got in the pipeline (can you say Cheryl Crow, one square?)].

Which takes us, to yesterday.

And Assbammador Samanathema Power. And her lil PSA, from Liberia [on your freekin' tax dime (she even had her own CNN flunkie, following her around .... "reporting"!)].

And we all know what was in the Joohate Queen's PSA ... the Ebola Handshake.

So, let me get this straight?

One day, Der Fuhrer tells us, to sneeze. Into our elbow.

The next?

Leni Riefenstahl tells us, to rub elbows. With e v e r y o n e we meet.

That cover it?

Oh yeah, we're safe from Ebola. Absof*ckinlutely nothing to worry about.

Nothing at all ...

10:18 AM  
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Dirty Laundry (yech) ...

Most of this post, scribbled a couple days ago. Some/couple minor touches/adds this morn. And, I see Dan's (Breit/the Conversation) got some largely similar thoughts/words (pyrrhic) ... already up [who ya gunna call (my alt title/my post: No Champagne at the Pyrrhic Victory Party! [before jetting off ... to (whichever) Riviera vacation])].

"I hope he fails."

Rushbo, somewhere round the 1st coronation. Of King Buraq/Magic Sparkle Pony [yeah, go ahead Rush ... pat yourself on the back (again). Six years ago. In internet time ...a millenium].

But here Sir, is what you cannot see.

He Has Already Succeeded.

10:51 AM  
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Part two

For he has a l r e a d y crushed. Already destroyed. All too much, of this Great Nation (and how easily ... more the crime/shame).

Oh sure, the buildings themselves, they are still standing (kinda like a neutron bomb). But buildings do not a country make. No. Sir.


These a nation make.

Tomorrow, we only will win the right. To try and save her.

What is left.

The right to remove the corpses. Decontaminate the site. That we may try again. Just once more. Our last chance. Our very last chance.

We won't have won sh*t.

This is no ideological wave. Merely a drive thru car wash .... Hotsy/water jetting off the filth and destruction of the last six years (everyone can see it, everyone can smell it).

Nothing more (well, yeah, it does indeed oft resemble a clown convention ... a Repub Clown Convention).

11:12 AM  
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Part three

The few hours, after the polls close, tommorow night. Will determine the path. Whence a tiny window opens (before the new Congress is seated).

And that window closes (slam bang), at the end of that first day, of the new Congress.

If actual, formal operations are not begun, that day. To remove the felonious, foreign born, muslim traitor ... the filthy murderer (at least a dozen Americans now, by premeditation aforethought).

We, and the world, Will pay a price ung*dly.



History is marching right by. Failure is still an option (I'm giving no odds).

But hey ... how bout that new pink, iPhone butt plug ... huh? I just read about it ... on my tech blog, while ensconced in my two story library, puffing a ceegar (big as my ego), wit my (ungrateful) designer cat.

All the NFL wives thinks it's da bomb (ringy dingy/buzz). Even Michael Sam's squeeze was all a'giggly [though we have yet to hear back, from (the Chief's) Abdullah's goat].

[Aww ... does elmo need a hug? No. I just want my f*cking country back. You Sir, can keep the buildings.]

11:43 AM  
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Part four

There is no negotiation.

No compromise.

Just flush the f*cking six foot cockroach already [yes, it is a very large bug. You may have to flush twice ... (warning: keep your hands and arms away from the bowl)].

Chucklehead Odorama.
Kommandant Sitzpinkler.
Buraq the Magic Sparkle Pony.
King Hussein.
Dear Leader.
That F*cking Cockroach (sez it all for me).

Has only just begun ... to lash out.

First, at the vulnerable.

The imperiled.

The Jews. Israel.

And via his insect army/supplicants (running cartoons at the CNN/MSNBC drive in): Poh, Southern White Trash.

Did I say he has only just begun?

As the flames of truth, of justice .... lap at his six legs. As the flames rise. As we get closer to squishing out, its yellah guts.

The vermin's anger will further out.

And at long last.

The world whole shall see it ... in all its glory.

Its cloven hooves .... its horns.

Should we fail?

Canada Free Press ... Some Post Election Advice, from Sun Tzu (by Jim ONeill).

Cameo/word up.

12:14 PM  
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An extra, heaping helping of crow, for Mein Fuhrer's breakfast: "I hear you."

Hey Khalid (Sheik Obama), we got some more for you to chow down on (suck it b'yatch).

Our boots [cept they won't be passing over your teeth and gums first, no (wink)].

And you filth monkeys McConnel, and Priebus?

You f*cking scum are next.

Oh yeah.

Storm the breach in the f*cking gates .... NOW!

No mercy.

No surrender.

There will be no other chances. To save this Nation.



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