Tuesday, November 18, 2014

F*ck 2016 ... you stupid *ssmonkeys!!

Yes, it is a long list (of stupid *ssmonkeys). Like Rubio and Ryan, liplocked, in the throes of liberalecstasy [(ACA) "repeal and replace" (Erickson)]. Get a freekin room already (we just need repeal, you stupid *ssmonkeys).

You bazooms wanna run for Prez? Then be men about it. Run as the open border/tax and spend Democrats you are [with endless/never ending campaigns to stay in office .... (Country be damned)].

I won't even list, the list. Of all the two dozen or so, Grand Ole Pussies, bespoke as possible candidates. And why they shouldn't even T H I N K about running. Cuz well, there's around a fifty percent chance (?), if we're lucky ... one of em will be Prez [fook me! (get your mentholated nose plugs ready)].

Though I am tempted. Sorely. Oh so.

There is so much that attention requires. So much work. And the Nation is supposed to lay fallow, while these fat f*cks prepare their talking points/platforms? While these sad sacks, ignore the work they have already been elected to do. They can go f*ck themselves. DO YOUR F*CKING JOBS YA FREAKS! Your job, is to do what we tell you to do. That's it (I know, far too complex).

OK then, let's get started.

Small stuff: Moscow on the Pacific (Santa Monica), just outlawed e-cigs ... well, just about everywhere (hint, sit on the bench, out front the Ocean Park library (sits on a tiny lil jut of L.A. County land), and proudly, longingly smoke a real one. While all the commies walk by, giving the dirtiest looks (even the motor officers!). It's fun.

Small stuff two: Berzerkely enacts legislation, to tax bottled soda and tea. A penny an ounce [forthwith, everyone is cured (cured I tell ya). Of disease (though it is in fact liberalism that rots your brain)].

Small stuff? That is ... until it comes to your town, Comrade. Only 17k voted for. Less than a third, of the amount of people. Who go to O N E Giants (I call sizist!) baseball game. And now, it is the law.

Small stuff three: CNN (this morn), coverage of the latest slaughter, in Jerusalem .... "Joo's fault" .... thank you Ben. And now, from our in studio commentator: "yep, Joo's fault, no doubt about it." Well, that concludes our coverage of Jewish lead waste/pollution, in land that isn't their's [I'm telling you ...they better remove the lead, before they bury 'em (on our land!)].

Ok, we've had our spotta tea/nicostick, let's get down to ... more business ...

Canada Free Press
Camp Lonestar - Cruel and unusual punishments, by Gary Hunt

Disturbing. Quite. A long read, tedious, dense, not much of any flow. But required. A pictograph. Of where we are now.

Living (as it were) in a fascist state.

Read it, and tell me no impeachment. To my face. Yeah.

The capitualtion lies before us. And on Jan 3, 2015, the surrender will be complete. And well, there really isn't much left anyway. We did try. Many toiled mightily. Some, without any regard their very own personal health and survival (here's a hankie forya elmo).

There are very few things now, that can be predicted, with any precision or accuracy. The one I can? Well ... milstrat and all that.

What happens next, here at home? I'd get out of Ferguson (if I were you). No, let me make that clearer ... I'd get the f*ck out of Ferguson.

Like yesterday.

Though yes, many suburbanites, are armed, and vigilant. Umm, is that code elmo (suburbanite) ?

Correct answer: No.

See, many blacks are in the St Lo burbs, and are armed, and vigilant. Though I can't help but feel somehow, they believe their houses/doors, are marked with a red swoosh. Praying. The sulphur cloud passes them over.

Like the signs posted, in windows, previous riots: "black owned."

Things are spinning out of control. The rotational speed is increasing. Each day, Obama rapes the Country in the *ss, again. Each time, he squeals with delight (like the deranged sexual predator he is). And each time, the Repubs exclaim: Thank You Barry, can I have another.

With first blood in Ferguson? Obama will be in mooselimb rapture (Hello Moe, Ham, and Ed ... pleased to meet you). [Check the CNS.com post, containing audio console/transcript, of Missouri Gov., unable to articulate who is in charge (an affirmation to me, that is Rebel Commander Hussein)].

I have no more faith, in any elected politico. That they will do the right thing. That they will even try. And my faith in a pert fair good chunk, of right media. Severely diminished as well.

What I do have ... are tears.
My G*d, look what they've done to my Country. Look what they've done.


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