Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Marv Albertization of the Republican Party

You (frilly) pink lace panty wearing p*ssies, get the f*ck away from me [yeah, you Trey Gowdy (bbbut what about Krauthammer? Umm, that ship lost its rudder, a few millenia ago .... now forever adfrift. Will never again make landfall, or walk the shores of reality again.)].

Oh no .... don't impeach. It'll give Chucklehead a thrill. A rush, a rise. Narcissistic validation. It'll screw up 2016! And .... we'll only end up with Biden (sh*t, I won't even waste the time on that one).

Remember the law? Mr. Prosecutor ... huh? How bout the Constitution? The Country? How bout morality? Right from wrong? Any'a yah remember that cat .... umm what's his name .... G*d?

Y'all talked so tough .... B E F O R E the election (yeah you did). How you were gunna shove your boots, up Rebel Commander Hussein's arse (all the way). And, save the Country, at the same time.


Slurp, slurp, slurp. S*ck, s*ck, s*ck ... the mooselimb Traitor's d*ck.

I don't know what the Dark L*rd, has promised any of you Repub's (with the frilly fetish)? Hope it's worth it. Really. The Country now, in ever more jeopardy.

Because of YOU.

You now, are killing the Country.

You cowards. You filth.

But hey ..... really, really, really nice panties!

[Children, they oft learn, by observation. And well ... if Khalid Sheik Obama doesn't have to follow the law? Well why the fook should they, right? Impeach Obama (oh no elmo .... don't go there .... please ... we're begging!!). Do it for the children :-) ... ]


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