Sunday, November 23, 2014

Complicity be thy Name

(Bet you think you know, what this blog post is about, aye little blog reader?)

Lottsa talk, bout how the Grand Ole Pussies, are complicit. In Buraq Insane da Membrane's (latest) anal rape, via the Southern border (I know ... Barry sez they're only here to clean the bedpans). Of the United States of America (and Michelle Bachmann, confirmed yesterday, as FACTUAL, as all too real. As in NOT imagined).

By their political jockeying (with blinders on/myopia), indifference, weakness. Staggering stupidity, sheer sloth ... greed. And now, their completely unmasked .... corruption [I already told you to start petition recall campaigns, on Jan 3, 2015 (Y E S. I. D I D)].

Though of course, some of 'em talked a pretty good game. Back when, b e f o r e the election. But now? The sound of .... slippity slap, monkey spank.


Do not even buy 5c worth. They won't impeach on January 3. And frankly, they cannot be trusted, to even try and repeal Obamacare. Fight ISIS. Or ... protect Israel.

No they can't (let me say that again NO THEY CANNOT).

This is some evil sh*t people. Truly f*cking evil. Darkness of a great majesty. That too many simply haven't the capacity, to comprehend its size and scope (don't go Gruber on us now elmo). Or even care. And this moment, can now only be described, as the begining, of the end.

Ferguson's short fuse, may finally (finally) be lit? In the next day or two (if Obama, Holder's, Johnson's, Rice's, Powers', Jarrett's, McDonnough's, the commies, the socialists, N.O.I.'s, and the Mooselimb Bros' endless meetings, and endless planning pays off?).

While Rebel Commander Hussein, now feverishly prepares his military victory (over Missouri) speech: Today, I, me, the Ppppppppresident (damn teleprompter) have finally triumphed over whitey. And over those damn stinky Joo's too! [Who really were too stupid, to vote for someone else (bwahahahahaha)]. And just wait until Kerry comes back, from Tehran, tomorrow. With Bibi's head in a bag! (wait a minute, hold on ... I'll be fine ... err ... just ... a little spontaneous emission there).

And yes, we all know that flash bang (no lil stun ... BEEG boom), just may reach the whole of this continent. Even your city or town. Some people aren't going to die. No.

They are going to be killed. Murdered.
Because of ...
the color of their skin.

Their white skin.

Umm ... what they call ... uh ... Hope and Change. Yeah, hope, and change.

But dear little blog reader, that ain't the point I'm driving home. No. See ... the fourth estate, is near equally complicit. In the (now nearly complete) destruction, of these United States (before our very eyes).

No, not the usual suspects/the fifth column: CBS, NBC, ABC, AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN, NPR, LAT's, or the NYT's.

But righty media. And the small circular sandbox ... of their elites. Who near as I can tell, spent a damnable large part of the last twelve months. Writing books. About their five, ten, or twenty YEAR plans, to save the country.

The country ...that's set to burn. Not five years from now, not ten years from now.

But tomorrow night.

And after completion said tome, they travel all about the country. Appearing on each other's cable show, or radio program, or sit for this or that print/net interview (that is ... between 1/2/or 3 spendy vacations per annum).

So, righty media elite 'A', appears on B, C's, D's, and E's television show (pimpin' their thirty dollar holler). And then a month later, 'B' appears on A's, C's, D, and E's show ... well, you get the idea (and well, it also helps maintain their all important Q ... uh huh).

And what exactly was accomplished, other than the obvious (well, at least one did in fact donate the proceeds to Abused Albino Chickens in Arkansas)?


Absof*ckinglutely nothing.

Oond now? We get a big uproar, complaining bout how the Grand Ole Pussies, have left town, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Like uh ... Rachel Maddow [oh wait .... maybe that's Ben Shapiro (I can never tell them two whiney beaches apart)].

But come spring break, y'all can go cruising. With Krauthammer, or Ben, and all the other top, righty big dawgs. On two different, luxury vacation cruises.

Yeah, that'll show Boehner and McConnell. You bet. And really, really (really) show Khalid Sheik Obama ...who's boss. Who is in charge. Don't mess with us b'yotch! [Or we'll throw our lil paper umbrellas, and lil plastic monkeys at you, yeah (if you don't back that sh*t right the fook up)].

And what 'xactly did you do elmo, huh?

I spent the last two years. In the cellar deck. With an oar in both hands. Rowing like a freakin' madman. I served. Believe that mofo's. But that I could have done more. Yeah.

How any of 'em can sleep ... while our beds are burnin' (S C R E A M it Mistah Garrett) ... I know not?

Mirror mirror on the wall ... Complicity be thy Name.


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