Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Praise G*d

At the risk of jinxing things (fingers crossed) ... I will indeed give Thanks.

No One Has Died.

Thank You L*rd. Thank You.

And, the Grand Jury actually suited up. Showed up, mounted up, and rode (though CBS/TV, morning/a.m., had a graph up. With their racial make up ... really).

And yes, appears fire brigades were fired upon. And [without checking (shoot me)], I believe I heard (radio), that one officer caught a bullet. But will recover.

Had a post in the can, bout Iran, but it'll keep.

Explosive events in America, now cemented. By the deranged, steaming piles of pig sh*t. In the IslamoCommieJunta (CNS.com/76 cops killed, and FIFTY THOUSAND assaulted, in 2013).

Chucklehead Odorama
Erica Holdress [coming to the insides of a prison near you (soon L*rd?)]
Sue Me (ya white trash bigots) Rice
Samanathema Power (when is Iran gunna nuke that sh*tty little country already, fer cryin' out loud?)
Hari Kerry [I'll loan you a sharp blade b*tch (yeah I will)]
Jay Johnson (but you can call me Jimmy, or you can call me ...)

Well ... anyway, back to whatever it is we're doing here (oh right, Ferguson ...). Around the ten or eleven o'clock hour (PST), last night, CNN/Stephanie Elam (very loose quotes): mostly peaceful protests ... well behaved [blah blah ... nothing much to report here (at the annual Ghandi's & Mother Theresa's convention)].

But, going just one channel over, on the cable lineup? Images of buildings fiercely burning, and a long row of firebombed cars, aflame. Crowds smashing windows, joyously looting.

While on the net at the same time? Auntie Beeb: Ferguson police chief reports 150 shots fired (by the peaceful protesters). And at the same time, Breit had: "heavy automatic gunfire."

All the fake news would be quite funny, if it weren't so utterly f*cking deranged.

And then, Herr Holder dribbles out his freakin' pie hole: we're not done raping Darren Wilson yet. No, you Black Supremacist freak, you're actually raping the whole country. The world entire (and doing it with glee).

Though certainly, we can expect the House and Senate 'leadership', to open up another can of whup*ss, on the President. Oh, sorry ... right ... my bad. Another can of whupair.

Round 3 a.m. (PST), lil, sweet propaganda queen, Stephanie Elam/CNN. Had a different face on, less bubbly, less effervescent. More sanguine: "no one in control" (exact quote). As if ... yeppers, was the pohlease's fault!

At five a.m., CBS was in full spank moe dee: "protesters were trying to stop others from commiting violence." Ummkay.


Ferguson police: "we fired zero shots last night." (yeah, put that in your pipe'n smoke it).

We ALL were Americans, once. But Khalid Sheik Obama, the king of the cockroaches. He fixed that.

Yes he did.

The way I was raised. The way everyone I knew, was raised. Now, seems so long ago. It WAS something to see L*rd.

It was something to see ...


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