Friday, March 20, 2015

Some poptart in cashmere ......

You people just aren't feelin' me (no you ain't). You have no idea, how quickly this sh*t's gonna go down. Really.


People are going to die. They are going to be murdered. In the mayhem, unrest and anarchy. That grows, by leaps and bounds ... with each moment that passes. Perdition's arrived .... is now here. All that's left ... are the rivers of blood. Where you live? Will of course determine when. You come face to face. With pure evil.

Sorry ... would've been nice ... to have enjoyed the last of it it. Get out while you are able  ... while you still can. That means....


Near the whole of media are shouting ... for Jew blood.


And they will not be denied. No They Will Not. It's just so strange ... to lose a country. In the mere blink of an eye. The greatest gift ever known ... how we took it for granted [that a million or more American Soldiers, F R E E L Y gave their lives (so that we may)]. A million gallant souls, at rest, raped in the *ss. By foreign born, dog eating Rebel Commander Hussein. And all the traitors in our midst (merrily slurping his goat buggering meat). Nor did they give that most precious, their being, their all. Their everything. So that the six foot tall cockroach, could merely surrender  ... to Iran.

I'm no fascist, you are free to believe what you will. I've done my part (so there). I'm a man without a country now. Simply put, the filthy f*ckin' cockroaches didn't so much as break the fooker. As destroy it ... with rapacious glee. AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP [the deathcamps had their Kapo's, we have Jon Stewart (ANY ring in town,  ANY fookin' time maggot!)]. Six years, the Nation has endured this psychic (AND atomic) rape (I haven't worn my flag pin in public, for a while now. No longer safe/prudent to do so).

KNX 1070 (5 a.m. Lede, today): "The deadline for a deal that would prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, is fast approaching."

CNN [8:07 a.m., today (some poptart in winter cashmere, "reporting" from the W.H. [Bibi bad, veddy veddy bad. YouTube Pwezzidunce, good ... veddy veddy good])]:

"Iran's peaceful nuclear program."


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