Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ft. Sumter, April 12, 1861 ... Ferguson, Missouri, March 11, 2015

And so it begins.

Foreign born/dog eating/Mooselimb Rebel Commander Hussein's goon squad (the Black Guerilla Family). Fire the first shots ... and draw blood. With more than one casualty.

In the Second American Civil War.

Raced over to Walliemart, at three a.m., to buy a Bluetooth keyboard. To use with my new Windows phone. But it won't pair. So we're manning up, and typing virtual! [And yeah, Windows phone, for web is indeed PURE CRAP (even the quad core 635 @ $49!)].

And, as I strolled through the big box, had to fight back the tears. The beginning, of the end, of my Country. Is at hand. Is now here.

And there will be nothing civil about it. No.

But then local tv/radio had some talking head commie scum/protestor, telling us that shooting cops, in uniform, in the face (in front of the police station). Isn't the way they usually roll (we assume ... in future, shooting 'em in the back will be the norm).

Mama, grab your babies. And hold'em near. Hold'em dear.
Papa? You'll need more lead. For insurance ... three different platforms, three different calibers. MOVE IT!

Avoid confrontation. At any cost. At all cost.

Beelzebub's walkin' his beat
He'll not be sated
Til rivers of blood
Flow in the streets

And did ya hear 'bout the sweet, dear kumbaya queen, who's "donning a hijab for lent"?

The Country 's lost its mind. And it won't recover.


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Mighty convenient aye?

Or maybe ... it depends ... on what your definition of "maybe" is? Sure it's possible, that Williams is THAT stupid. But he has a jacket, and sports gang ink (BGF?). And knew the lay of the immediate protest land (yes he did). And the attack was premeditated, in its entirety.

It's simply faaaaar too neat and tidy. Everyone seems to be positively overjoyed [even the brand spanking new police chief (sniff
/pescaromatic)]. At the concept. That he was only firing at an individual, in a crowd. In front of another crowd ... of police. In front of the police station (what a relief!).

Well either you take Einstein at his word (snarf)? Or you don't. What's the (warp speed Scotty) rush to promote the version the Reich Ministry prefers ... really?


The sense I get, is the new meme is perfect. Absolutely. And ... IS NORMAL! Nothing to see ... move along skeer'd lil pink bunny!

3:42 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Monday, March 16, 2015

The NEW new meme ... same as the old (new meme)!

5 a.m./KABC 7/lede ....

Two LAPD officers fired upon (in plain wrap vehicle, while on patrol) in South Central, Sunday evening. Injuries (extent unreported at this time).

Got that?

OK, let's continue ... shall we?

On scene reporter, Q. McCray: "the police weren't targeted."

F*ck me ...

6:05 AM  

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