Monday, March 02, 2015

Peace(s of dead Jews) For Our Time

Yeah ... likely I wouldn't be quite so alarmed. Nooh ... if back when, I had gotten me large hook nose bobbed (and changed my name)? Like many of my high school classmates, in the burbs. Whom I'd bump into, now and again (back when) ... not recognizing them. And they'd effervesce: you don't recognize me do you? And then, they'd confess [course, the plastic surgeon, who sidled up to me. And handed me his card (at an after hours booger sugar party no less). Was a special treat].

See peeps .... IT IS ONLY A short MATTER OF TIME. Before Jews are attacked, stabbed, mowed down (vehicicide), or gunned down.

In the streets of America.

In the light of day (can you say Nemtsov ...).

This is the harvest yet to be. Soon. All too. Of (foreign born, dog eating) Rebel Commander Hussein, and his vast (far as the eye can see) boot licker army of leetle Reich Ministers [CNN, CBS (f*ck me .... what a gangrenous Anti-Semitic pustule Pelley is!), NBC, ABC, LAT'S, NYT'S, KNX 1070, KCET, Kerry, Rice, Harf (a brain), CuckPsaki, Feinstain (on humanity), and the Congressional Black Caucsucka's. Ad infinitum].

As night follows day. Darkness shall prevail. In our America. In our time.

While there will be no restoration, post whatever IS (in fact) coming down the pike (Sorry. Truly). There WILL be some measure of reformation. I.E. an unknown number (two through infinity) of autonomous regions. Hewing to the Constitution. The rule of law. The preservation of human life. Its sanctity, its dignity. And even an eye towards G*d (say it isn't so elmo!).

And these areas, will obviously be separate. Apart, away .... from active Obola zones [which are largely contiguous ... see the 2014 electoral map by county (where citizens will be unable to re-establish order. Among the chaos. Among the infected (with the Obola virus)].

That's the future. And yes, I am sorry [but of course, being a Jew. Tis all my fault (Jihadi John: that fookin Joobastid Elmo made me do it!)].

It is bizarre. Beyond any measure I have known. And I've done some living.

Though yes, I vividly remember, thirty years ago. Standing. Frozen. Motionless. Staring. At numbers. Crudely tattooed on a shop proprietor's forearm (was my first time). Till I caught myself. And came back. From whence those numbers had mometarily transported me.

Back in time. To ovens. Filled with human beings.

Buraq Hussein: Open sore/infection (Israel is ...)

Kerry: Apartheid State (Israel is ...)

Feinstein: Arrogant (hey why not go for greedy too?!)

CNN-24/7 (every f*cking minute, of every day now): Divisive, controversial [even Anthony Bourdain, last night, in a (set/long planned Palliewood) propaganda production . Gleefully gets out his freshly sharpened Solingen carving knife. And helps himself to a lil piece of future dead Jews. Yeah he did ... WITH PRIDE].

I don't recognize my country anymore. So much evil. And the world?

(Over and over again) Jewish gravestones toppled in Paris. While the Beeb has published a plane spotter's guide: How to tell if a Russian bomber is flying overhead.

And, I've lost track ... how many ... how high. The stack of souls. Fed into Moe, Ham, and Ed's wood chipper. This last week alone (just too f*cking many L*rd).

Or, even whether they had their heads chopped off, en masse. Or set ablaze, en masse (just wait .... they're working on their next bit, of sensational savagery/outdo the last/then outdo that). The world's now a killing field (ain' no movie b*tches, and it ain' no disco ...).

And, without a program, tis hard to tell who's killin' (which goat f*cker ... Sue Knee, or She Eye) who [well Christians and Jews would be near the top of their (and Obama's) target list]. And many folks are already numb, completely. To the genocide under way. Rerfusing to watch the news.

But Bibi is here ..... run away! Run away! OMG ... a Jew! (No one gave you permission to speak Kike!).

Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome? Six years. A nation beaten. Black and blued. Bloodied. Crushed. Torn. Discarded.

So now, rather than captor be?

Too many simply get down on their knees. And nuzzle Buraq the Magic Sparkle Pony's nethers. Retreating. From caring a wit. Retreating into their own small, tiny familiar/familial orbits. The world be damned (ed: that's what I been sayin' ... it already is).

Here in Cali? They now have Water Police. Yes ... they ... do. People are encouraged, over the airwaves. To drop a dime/rat out their neighbor. If they see their neighbor water the lawn. Or wash their car, in violation of stated limits/limitations.

And Zuckermaggot's Facebook, is now THE global platform of the Jihad. Its bible of Joohate.

Oh, I didn't mention, the f*cking filthy cockroaches have taken my beloved Dodgers, from me! [two words: Farhan Zaidi (give it time, and you will see ... yes you will [I however, won't wait. Finis])].

There will be no change in the behavior, of the deranged lunatic libturd nation, no (nor the Grand Ole P*ssies).

This runaway train's picking up speed. Oh yeah IT IS.

And has already blown past Every Single Last F*cking Failsafe.

If you'd been asleep the last six years? You might be wonderin' how da froog did this happen? How can one insect can damage so much grain?

Well, it's too late now aye.

YES IT IS, my friend .... Welcome to Balkansas!

Don't wait to make plans. Or prepare. You need to get ready NOW. Now mofo. Now.

That would be BEFORE you are trapped, in an Ebola zone (if making Aliyah, you will need a minimum of six months).

It is important to stay sharp. And not dull your blades. With their attributes. Dwelling in hate. Taking on their personna. Their raison d'etre. And become them. Living in darkness. Bathing in evil.

Survive as best you can. No it won't be easy. The death of this Nation. The hardest thing I have ever faced. But then ... maybe that's just me?

After 238 years of Liberty, we will never pass this way again. It is over. Some kind of Apocalypse IS here. Though it seems, the only ones showing up (to do battle)? Are the goat f*ckers! No one, nobody, nothin' ... to countervale [though do watch your back too, yes (Boehner and McConnell are swinging scythes like nobody's biz [while promising sunshine/lollipops/and rainbows (for the Grand Ole P*ssies)])].

Simply put, Obama and the IslamoCommieJunta's war on Bibi, Israel, and the Jews. Is a Global Beacon of hope.

To the jihadi's.

[Hillary: "(Obama) best friend Israel ever had" (just like .... check's in the mail ... computer's down ... you can keep your doctor/I was born in Hawaii, etc ad infinitum). The world so far out of balance. And well, parts of the U.S., are A L R E A D Y Mooselimb provinces.

And that nonsense 'bout ... you didn't build that? Well seems Chucklehead Odorama, was half right after all. Uh huh, he did in fact build himself something.

The Caliphate.

There's a hole, in my soul ... can you feel it .... can you feel it ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ed: Paragraph 36 (?), should of course read: Trapped in an Obola zone [and not Ebola. (Hey, what's one deadly virus from the bowels of Hell, among two ... right)].

And, I was trying to work Travolta, into the post, somehow (?). But it didn't happen ... oh well [round twenty five years ago, creep surreptitiously stared at me, for twenty straight minutes. From outside. Through the picture window, of a triathlon clothing store (across the street, from the then Scientology buiding, on the main drag, back in Santa Babylon). Til he finally figured out, me and the store owner was hep. To his creepiness, the entire time (don't remember if I was spandex attired at the time [snarf])].

blah blah blah ...

10:57 AM  

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