Friday, March 27, 2015

And I heard Satan laughing

Had the battery transistor radio on, listening to the opening of Monsieur Le Vinn's broadcast (yesterday afternoon). He, informing us ... of darkness' descent upon the land. The gloom that gathers. That foreign born, dog eating, Rebel Commander Hussein. Had given the mullahs and ayatollahs, Israel's playbook (top secret, classified ICBM dossier). Just handed it to them. With pride. With glee.

And in the nausea that washed over me. I heard Satan laughing.

As everyone sits motionless. Hypnotized. Transfixed. Goo goo eyed. Clucking ... oooh  ... look at the pretty lights [2016/sweet 16/political brackets (alt: GermanWings A320)]. While Chucklehead Odorama, and the Reich Ministry, rape the Country, in the *ss. Over. And over. And over again. In the orgiastic throes of active treason [that is when Holder and Jarrett aren't orchestrating the multi-year grave dance/race war over Saint Tre Vaughn (yet again more spectacular work, by the Conservative Treehouse)].

I'd emplore y'all  ... just one more time  ... bout how much more damage. The toilet bugs shall do. To this Nation. It's Citizens. And the World.

But you're busy.

Looking at the pretty lights.


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