Monday, April 13, 2015

We don't need your permission Mr. Kerry ... only your demise

How do we "earn the right," to criticize Rebel Commander Hussein?

Huh Mr. Kerry ...

Rape and murder a U.S. ambassador?
Give money, food, aid, and weapons to ISIS?
Give false testimony before Congress? (Calling American soldiers rapists, torturers, and murderers).

Ostracize and bludgeon, the ONLY free democratic nation ... in the entire Middle East? [Even jeopardizing their safety and security (by leaking classified top secret intel)].
Destroy the U.S. economy, and the financial well being of hundreds of millions?
Destroy the U.S. health care system, and the physical well being of hundreds of millions [they cancelled MY Obamacare, first of the year (now that I have no insurance, does this mean I go to jail?)].

Give aid and comfort (and cubic BILLIONS of dollars), to the world's largest state sponsor of terror? (Even a nuclear bomb).
Sugg da deek, of leaders of same? (And take Billions in kickbacks, from same).

By inciting/fueling racial hatred around the world? ("Apartheid State").
By inciting racial hatred here in America?
By creating open lawlessness?

By encouraging violence and murder against police, against whites, against Jews?
By destroying the sovereignty of the U.S.?
By wiping our *ss with the Constitution?

By f*cking G*d in the *ss?

Then we've "earned the right" ... then we can criticize you, and that Steaming Pile of Peeg Sheet?

You filth, you scum, you maggots are presiding over the destruction of this Nation. And the World. Unlike you, and Rebel Commander Hussein .... I AM AN AMERICAN.

I shall defecate on your grave.

And for that ... I don't need your permission ... only your demise.


9:30 a.m.

It was a dark and stormy night ( ... like all bad fiction)

AP/Pace (via Lucianne)

"Around Christmas, Hillary Clinton set off on her annual holiday vacation, at Oscar de la Renta's beachfront estate, in the Caribbean. It was a somber and serious time for Clinton."

Cue Kurtz (the horror ...)

And Hillary, calling herself Champion? Isn't that a horse's name? (Ed: dontcha mean horse's *ss?).


"France's top diplomat welcomes Clinton's prsidential bid" [Cue Joan Rivers, doing her (vintage) oh so pompous diphthong].


Iran suspends Hajj trips to Saudi Arabia, amid spat [other reports, have it the other way 'round (Saudi's doing the suspending, of inbound flights, from Iran). But of course, Russia unsuspends ..... shipment of highly advanced missile systems, to Iran (greatest president evah!)].

And, my dear readers, you have my sincere apology, for the following story (if you're not up to it ... then yes, p l e a s e do pass).

I heard it over the radio, yesterday. And was sickened. Floored. Crushed (think 1950's General Motors' body/fender stamping plant). And took a peek, at a second report, earlier this morn, with even more horrific details (you've been warned).


Philadelphia - Nyia Parler, left her 21 year old son, who is quadraplegic, and with cerebral palsy. Lying in leaves, and covered with a blanket, next to a wheelchair and Bible (on Easter Sunday). Before boarding a bus (on Monday), to visit her boyfriend, in another state.

She wheeled him into the woods. And just dumped him there. After five days, he was found. Several injuries/ailments/cuts/infections (eyes) says hospital.

Evil is here

Satan walks among us


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