Saturday, April 11, 2015

We will never pass this way again

It isn't just the goat f*ckers ... the members of The Baby Raping Moong*d Deathcult. Who are pitching the world into darkness. With blinding speed (don't blink mofo's ... DO NOT). It is a huge, wide swath of the Western world. And just too many now, really. It is open season on the world's Jewry (and in goatfookerville ... Africa/Asia/Middle East ... it's open season on Christians, as well).

In the U.S.? It's open season on whitey/rich (as well cops now, of course). Today, Walter Scott [AP: "light hearted," "gentle," "laid back," "he wouldn't hurt a fly" (but he WILL assault and batter a [AP: "rogue"] cop), "all of us looked up to him."]. Will be laid to rest/scratch .... will be given a Muslim State Funeral (though his casket is currently draped, in an American Flag).

Mein Fuhrer, Dear Leader, King Cockroach, Chucklehead Odorama, Commandant Sitzpinkler, Rebel Commander Hussein, F*ckface, Maggot, Scum of the Earth, Steamin' pile'o peeg sheet .... and all his jackboots. Will stage manage Slager's "trial." Start to finish. Every moment. Every single detail.


Stanky fascist filth, carefully placing/setting the plastic explosives. Unspooling/laying the detonation cord. And adjusting the (hair's breadth) trip wire.

In order to maximize the blast radius (no diff than Bergdahl). When any verdict is handed down. Selecting that one precise moment. To insure maximum destruction to this Nation.

And as this country, and the world whole ... slips into darkness. What do we get? A bunch of froogin turdmonkeys, (proudly) crapping on us. BY THEIR VERY CANDIDACY. Freekin dingleberries.

Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Lindseed Graham Crackers, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, and Scott Walker. Mass delusion [and yes, I do like Ben Carson, and Scott Walker (who doesn't?)].

If you guys can't see the forrest, for the candidacy? Then I don't want you. Period. I need a President with two eyes. That can see. And that ain't any'a ya mofo'ng blind bats (I hear playing pocket pool, can make you blind?).


Nuance baby (yes, of course ... Cruz, Cruz and only). Her candidacy, I believe, does serve the greater good. And, I believe her effort 100% unselfish. Least blind, of the rest. An asset, at the ready (should it be needed).

You *ssmonkeys tripping over yourselves (to announce/campaign/run). You wanna save the country ... do ya ... huh? ANNOUNCE YOUR SUPPORT OF TED CRUZ. And after endorsing, work your freekin lil fannies off, to get him elected (dang ... even Mittens managed to figure out the larger part, of current affairs!). A united front. Now. Today. This minute.

Must I paint you a picture?

OK ... I will. I still haven't figur'd out, where I'm gunna go (before the big doodie hits the big fan). Yeah, I have some ideas (nowhere S.W. U.S., and of course Israel). Nothing in stone, yet. But if Rand, or Jeb, or Marco (or any of the other dingalings) get the nomination.

I'm gone ... to the Negev ... 1, 2, 3 .... lickety split.

Put your d*cks back, in your pants. And stop jerking off. It's obscene. And doing it in public no less?

And yes (of course), same if PantsuitSackadoodie/Shrillary Rod'em (up the arse) Clinton. Somehow mounts a successful (billion dollar) election (fraud) enterprise. I'll be there, in the Negev (like yesterday).

I don't have the heart anymore. To watch.

The destruction of this Nation. And I won't.

Cruz is our only chance. Our last chance. P E R I O D.

Politics? Triangulation? Go f*ck yourselves. All pulling in different directions (when they ain't pulling their puds). It's all just more awful offal (out the mouths of Jeb, and Rand, and ...). I'll have none of it. I'll have none of you dead skunks in the middle of the (political) road. So hang up your magic x-ray specs, that tell you, you're The One (in 2016).


While Sec Def Ashton Kutcher, trots out some big words yesterdee, to impress (himself, and Dear Leader) .... "bunker buster."

I must say, *sshat ... I AM impressed. Truly. By how little time remains. Before it, America, goes up in smoke. Cuz of the likes of traitoroaches. Like you.

I am equally impressed, by the (nacho) Supremes. Upholding ACA .... AGAIN! With the Medicaid reimbursement ruling. And squattin' an' sh*ttin' on the 1st Ammendment, as well (Morgan Hill, t-shirts).

While Commandant Sitzpinkler, still farts rainbows! (On Twitter, of course). [From American Thinker (via Lucianne)]. And Gary Trudeau, gets his hate speech on. In truly fine style as well [as only goat f*ckers can do .... sh*tting on the dead (just like they do in Paris [toombstones, Jewish cemetaries])].

The rise of fascism, now global (Islamo or Commie). Like yesterday, at 4:00 p.m.,, up on the tele [live from Paris (flush twice)]. At the twenty minute mark, the chattering, in studio cathy's. Near wet themselves. Over the impending Hildabeast announce. It was creepy, how deliriously happy they were (you'da thunk they were giving out free trips to the moon). It ain't just Hollyweird, or the Reich Ministry (ding ding .... ten points for you. They ARE one and the same).

Next up, at 4:30 p.m., DW/German TV. Which was chilling, to the n'th degree. At the ten minute mark ... coverage of Pale's, being attacked, in Syria. But the "coverage" amounted to some UNRWA hack. Not in Syria. But in Jerusalem, no less. Taking the golden (German provided) opportunity, to trot out some hackneyed boosheet. Bout Israel/Pale's. You know ....


"Dispossession." "Six decade long exile." Jews. Being. The. Underlying. Cause.

Of ISIS, murdering Palestinians, in Syria.

It's all too much really. My head hurts.

Like scanning the obits, last coupla years. Seeing an American Flag, next to a Japanese surname. Men, displaced, sent to camps. Interred. Confined. During World War Two.

Who, upon release. Wasted not one f*cking single second.
To enlist.
To serve.
In the battle against fascism.

The Spirit of America

We will never pass this way again ... (Jeb, Rand, Marco, Linseed, Rick, Ben, and Scott are going to make sure of it).


Sunday, April 12, 2015, 5:00 a.m.

Hero's? Not many of em left really. Shame. But I know of at least one. The folks at the Conservative Treehouse. On the job. In the cellar deck. With an oar in both hands. Rowing like madmen. Yet again, even more spectacular work this morning (via Lucianne), reveals:


[The Beltway's a f*cking disease. Witness Jonah Goldberg's scribblin's, couple days ago. Wherein he runs together/colocates. And seemingly gestaltically conflates Tsarnaev with Slager! Real amateur shite .... the kind Glenn Beck pens. The Beltway's a f*cking disease.]

ISIS turns Nimrud into dust

You dont have to watch the vid (I didn't). Just look at the pic/screen cap. One picture. They. Really. Did (turn Nimrud, into dust).

Toronto Star (via RCP)

Oil prices tumble as supply hits 80-year record (!) [Thanks Barry, you da man. Best President Evah!!! (You steaming pile of pig sh*t)].


Uruguay - "Each of the six will soon have a home"

UNHCR will provide homes to six ex gitmo's (in addition to already provided $600 mo. stipend).

I'm in the wrong fookin biz (trying to save a country. Instead of destroying the world).

Independent UK

Libya - ISIS attacks Korean embassy, in Tripoli. With machine guns. [The JV team ain't doin' too bad, nooh. Kicking *ss, all over the world .... while Obama plays golf. All over the world (while attacking Christians, and Israel, and Conservatives).

Fun with headlines ...


'Sharpton expected to preach, attend shooting vigil in S.C.'


Sharpton to preach shooting (whites), at vigil in S.C.


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